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Dudley Dursley Saves the World

by loralee1 8 reviews

AU, No HBP, There are a few things Dudley is good at, this is one. One shot ficlet.

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Dudley Dursley Saves the World

By loralee

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit, just for fun

Dudley Dursley hesitated only a few seconds when the black robed freaks burst through the front door of number 4 Privet Drive. Conversation with his cousin Harry, earlier in the summer had made it very clear that there were only three choices fight, run or die. Dudley chose with two steps forward and a left to the gut of the pudgy freak followed by a huge right hand to the face. The freak's mask split down the middle and blood gushed. As number one hit the floor Dudley was moving two steps to the right, his big fist connecting and bouncing number two off the wall and into his fist again. He turned away before the freak hit the floor just in time to see a snake guy send his Dad to the floor with his stick thing. Dudley took a large step inside freaky snake's guard, shot a right to the chin and closed his left on the stick. When uglie's head snapped back he let go his stick and Dudley took the extra three seconds needed to snap the stick in two.

Dudley had a glimpse of Harry on the other side of the room lights flashing from his stick, dodging lights from the robed freaks sticks, freaks littering the floor and plaster falling from the walls and ceiling. Snake guy lifted his hand to point at Dudley so Dudley stomped on it and then kicked snaky in the ribs and again in the head each time he showed signs of moving. He looked around for another opponent however it seemed that all the dark robes were down or gone.

There was a pop near by and another freak was standing there but before Dudley could deck him Harry hollered that this was a friend. Snaky moved again so Dudley kicked him in the head once more. He was sure the freak deserved it and it made him feel better.

This new freak looked to be several years older than God, with long white hair and beard, he motioned Harry over and Dudley noticed that there were even more freaks picking up the black robed ones and leaving with them. The old guy told Harry it was time to do the spell, so Dudley moved away toward where his father was arguing with his Mum and another women that he was perfectly fine and to quit pestering him.

Harry and the old guy waved their sticks a few times and snaky turned to ashes, which the old guy gathered into a jar. Harry tuned toward Dudley with a grin and said,
"Hey Dudley, you're a going to be a hero in the Wizarding world they'll probably give you a medal." Beside him his father started to turn purple.
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