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Mikay {Mikey/Ray} High school

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Mikey Way's POV

Being new is never fun. No one knows your name. You're nicknamed New Kid.
You don't know where your classes are. No one wants to help. When someone does help, it's some AV nerd, so you get made fun of for that. Then eventually you get settled. Maybe make a few friends. If you're lucky. But not if you're me. Mikey Way is not lucky. In fact, I'm the exact opposite, times ten. But this time, I am not the new guy. I was a few months ago, but a new kid with, for lack of a better way to explain it, weird hair has spared me from my newness. He has like an afro thing. It's strange. But oddly cute.
He looks at his feet after walking into the classroom. Mrs. Byers looks at his schedule and points to the empty seat beside me.
The kid sits beside me, avoiding my eyes. I frown at his rudeness and get out a piece of papre and attempt to pass a note with him.

Hello. ^-^ I'm Mikey and I haven't the slightest clue what your name is...

Oh? Mikey? That's cute. So I'm guessing its actually Michael... I'm Ray...

Oh? Ray? That's cute aswell could it be short for Raymond?


Same too ya. Love your Mitfist Hoodie.

Really? Sweet! I didn't think anybody would like them here.

Me and my big bro do. And his friends...

Sweet! His friends? What about yours?

Hmm well they're a special type of friend... They're noexistant.


No, I'm a friendless loser.

Again I say, False.

Ok. Explainn?

Do I look like Chopped-Liver to you?

Am I vomitting?

Huh? No...?

Then no ya don't look like Chopped-liver

lol any ways, point being, I'm your friend...




Y not?

=) We better stop passing this b4 we're caught...

Yeah XD

Gerard, my annoying older sibling, walks over to me and Ray, sitting on a table, at lunch. Gerard assumes that as the older brother, he has the right to intervene in my life. He's pretty good at scaring off potential friends. Gerard is extremely pale and has jet-black hair. He is usually seen with his "Secret" crush Frank Iero. What's between the two of them is so obvious. I don't understand why they bother hiding it. Anyways, Frank and Gee are bestfriends. They have been for twelve years. As I mentioned, we moved here a few months ago. Frank uproots his parents when we move. I'm still not sure how he does it.
As expected, Frank the lost puppy walks up behind Gerard.

"Sup?" he asks Gerard.
"I'm just seeing what's up with my little brother."
I roll my eyes "I act older."
Gerard grins and looks over at Ray "Hey, sorry Michael is so rude. I'm Gerard, and this is Frank. What's your name?"
Ray looks from me, to Gerard, to frank.
"Cool. So how do you like hell so far?"
Gee nods.
"But its a Catholic school."
"That's what they want you to believe." I shrug.
Frank, Gee and I nod.
Ray laughs.
"So, The Antisocial Michael. It appears that you have a friend. Yay you?"
I roll my eyes.
A sandwhich hits the back of my head. I groan and look to see who the culprit is. Of course, its Bob Bryar. I bite my lip and get the peanut butter and jelly out of my hair. I bite my lip to hold back the tears welling up in my eyes. I can hear Bob's roar of laughter. Ray glares at him.
"That's fucked up, who is that guy?"
"Bob Bryar. Scarriest guy in hell."
"So, he's like Satan?"
Frank nods "Precisely."
"Well, its good I'm not afraid of Satan. HEY YOU!", Ray walks over to Bob.
I run after him and grab his arm.
"Are you crazy? Bob=Scary guy that can swallow you whole!"
"I don't give a damn!"
Bob walks over to us.
"What the fuck do you want New Kid?"
"For one, Bryar, My name is not New Kid. It's Ray Toro. And second, I want to know who the fuck you think you are throwing shit at people!"
Bob laughs "You relly think you intimidate me?"
"I didn't but why would you have to ask, if I didn't, in fact, intimidate you?"
Bob glares at him "Just shut your fucking mouth Toro."
Ray grins "Why don't ya get a ladder and make me?"
Bob glares at Ray.
"Fight! FIght! Fight! Fight!", a circle of people grow around us, chanting.
Bobn sfrowns "I-I can't get into anymore trouble at school. Just watch your back, Toro."
Ray laughs "MY back? How about just my ankles."
Bob storms away swearing.
I high-five Ray.
"That was fucking awesome! No one stands up to him like that!"
"Well, that changes now."
Gerard high-fives him too "That was fucking kick-ass!"
I grin and pull Ray into a tight hug.
"You are now officially, my best friend."
Ray grins "Really?"
I nod.
"You too!" he hugs back.
After just one day of knowing him, he's my bestfriend. I can't imagine what willl happen after just a few months.
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