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One night can change it all

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My mother always told me that I was destined for greatness. My mother also suffered from severe sarcasm, which completely contradicts what I just said. Never-the-less, I at least tried to reach said greatness. After the worst for years of my life (AKA high school), I decided I would rather not go to college and try and pursue a life that wouldn’t require a nine to five cubical. Though, after hopping from job to job, I sucked it up and went back to school, only to drop out a year later after the night that changed my life. Explaining to my mother that I had chosen to drop out after attending a concert with a friend was not easy, but after I had, I felt liberated. The concert had truly shown me the light, and even though it may have been at a small crappy venue in the middle of Chicago, I still came to the same conclusion. I would do anything and everything in my power to have a career revolving around the music business. That night, I made a vow to one day be what I considered the greatest thing in the world; a roadie.


March 2008

Two years after the concert that changed everything and I had managed to work myself up to a backstage manager, working various venues around the country for a variety of bands. This year, work was relatively quiet, but for the first time I was called to actually travel with one tour group for the entire time. Cobra Starship was headlining this time, and ironically enough I had supervised concerts where they were opening bands and had a repeated history of running into their lead singer Gabe. I only knew him on a first name basis, as I did many of the band members I somewhat catered to but out of the five or six times I had run into him and briefly talked, I wondered if he still remembered mine. I’ll tell you one thing though; if there was one man that could out charm Fabio it would be Mr. Starship himself.

“Aurélie,” I snapped my head up from my clipboard to see a familiar face, which was rare in my position at the back of the general admission area next to the sound booth. My fellow manager of the night by the name of Abigail Tucker seemed to have something fairly urgent to tell me by the look on her face as she neared closer to me.

“What is it?” I asked cautiously. Abigail just turned to stand next to me and tilted her head towards the backstage entrance.

“Is there anyway that you can cover backstage?” she paused and sighed, out of breath.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned. Abigail shook her head.

“Well, being that I’m back home, it seemed my sister had some sort of sixth sense shit happen and now she’s going into fucking labor,” she breathed, sounding a little bit irritated. “I’m pissed because for once a band I like is the band I happen to be backstage manager for and I have to go tend to my sister like I’m her fucking wet-nurse,”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her remark and nodded, agreeing to help her.

“I’m not up to much,” I found myself being interrupted by a loud uproar from the crowd as one of the opening bands took stage. I leaned over towards her ear. “Don’t worry, just go, I’ll take care of it,”

Me taking care of ‘it’ turned into me sitting on an amp that was obviously not being used, out of the way of everyone else. I had switched my clipboard for my blackberry, and was now faithfully updating my blog, shortly complaining to my followers that even though it appeared that I lived an exciting life, I had nothing to do. My time alone was cut short however when a body appeared in front of me, and upon looking up, recognized another member of the Cobra gang, Ryland staring at my clipboard.

“You seem important,” he paused to jot up his eyebrows. “Do you know where the food is? Nobody will tell me,”

I nodded once with a tight smile and jumped off the amp, shoving my phone in my pocket and exchanging it for my walkie-talkie instead. I raised it up to my mouth and pressed the side.

“Hey it’s Aurélie from out front, I’m covering Abigail…” I glanced up as Ryland tilted his head to the side. “Where’s the food?” I bluntly asked. I let go of the button and nodded once to myself as I got no response. Ryland seemed to pout.

“Does this mean there is no food?” he joked. I rolled my eyes and moved around him, glancing over my shoulder at him.

“No, we just have to find it,” I answered.

Ryland seemed to like this idea and began to follow me and would occasionally trail behind as he briefly chatted with passerby backstage. When I had finally managed to find the room where all the food was, I turned, only to find myself no longer being followed by Ryland and sighed out, annoyed I had been moved from my secluded spot for no reason at all. Figuring since I was here and that I might as well grab a bite, I turned back into the doorway only to bump into the chest of a person who obviously had a very high height advantage over me. Slowly looking up, I pursed my lips together innocently out of habit and slightly widened my eyes.

“Woah there cutie,”

Gabe. I raised an eyebrow as he grabbed my shoulders and gently moved the two of us out of the doorway and looked down at me for a moment. I looked back down at my clipboard, mentally laughing at the new strange run-into. Gabe offered a small smile before waving slightly and walking away, only to bump into Ryland who overlooked the food room and began to walk back from where they came. I too moved to walk to a different area of backstage but couldn’t help but glance up only to find Gabe staring back over his shoulder at me for a moment as he walked before turning the corner and disappearing. I sighed out to myself and shrugged, deciding I’d much rather go find another private spot then deal with anymore run-ins that night.


Even though I was back home in Chi-Town, I opted to stay in the hotel next to the venue with the rest of the crew for the two days we had off until the road trip to the next show. While everybody seemed to completely wiped out by the end of the night, I found myself the natural night owl, and decided I would drop off my things and then drift to the downstairs bar for a few drinks. I hardly drank beer to be casual, but for some strange reason, tonight was different, taking a seat at the bar, I took a deep breath and pushed back my hair while simultaneously adjusting the straps of my layered tank tops. I rested an elbow against the bar and placed my cheek in my hand only to be distracted in the opposite distraction as another patron took a seat at the bar right next to me. I was a little surprised when I saw Gabe yet again, focused on his sidekick as he typed something out. I turned back to the TVs that hung behind the beer and smiled lightly as a half-time show started for one of the many broadcasted sports.

“Can I get a beer?” I glanced slightly over at Gabe as he ordered and immediately caught his eye, him simultaneously looking over as well. “Hey,” he smiled and squinted slightly. “You work backstage?” he asked. I nodded once.

“Yeah,” I laughed lightly and stuck out my hand to be polite and Gabe quickly stuck his hand in mine. “I’m Aurélie,” he smiled at my name and nodded.

“Gabe,” he simply said back. I wrapped my hand around my beer and eyed the TV as the bartender handed Gabe his drink. “So, how long have you been working back stage?” he asked. I smirked at how obviously bad his memory was.

“Uh, all tour?” she somewhat asked and watched as Gabe choked a little on his alcohol. I laughed a little.

“How come I haven’t seen you?” he asked next, using a napkin to wipe a small amount of liquid off of his pants. I shrugged.

“I’m quiet, really, and I tend to stay out of the way of band members,” I smirked, remembering Ryland. “I let them ask me questions,”

“What if you want to talk to the band?” he offered and I blinked, finding his remarks getting even more comical.

“I do, from time to time,” I decided to just go ahead with it. “I’ve met you before, Gabe,” I paused as he raised an eyebrow. “A couple of times, actually,”

“What?” he asked and I nodded, simply watching as he slumped his shoulders and laughed at himself.

“Well there goes my chances,” he mumbled. I chuckled again and shook my head breezily.

“That’s another thing too,” I looked at Gabe as he took another sip. “Do you hit on all the girls you meet?”

“Only the ones that I like,” he perked up his eyebrows suggestively and I slightly turned away from him, waving my hand at him jokingly.

“You always complimented my figure,” I remembered suddenly and Gabe loudly laughed, bringing his beer up to his lips for the last few sips.

“Sounds like me,”

Much of the next hour was like this, the two of us sharing laughs about backstage antics from both of our point of views and downing a few beers. Around 2am, I decided it was time to retreat and when Gabe received a phone call, I silently excused myself and began walking towards the elevator. Once inside, I looked down at my phone and sighed as I saw no new messages from my mother greeting me home. Figuring it must have been because of the time, I rolled my eyes and shoved my phone in my pocket and sighed as the elevator doors refused to close. Just as I was about to press the close button however, a scampering was heard a frantic wait was heard. Gabe squeezed though the doors at the last minute and beamed as he saw me standing a little surprised.

“Hello,” I greeted again.

“You ditched me,” he mocked pouted and I rolled my eyes.

“I just think it’s time for me to go back to my room,” I mentioned and crossed my arms loosely across my chest as I glanced up at the ceiling. Gabe shifted closer and I eyed him suspiciously.

“About that,” he mumbled and leaned a little closer to my ear. “Can I come with you?” he whispered and I thought about whipping around and slapping him before realizing that it had been quite a while since I had gotten some. I quickly thought of the consequences of what he was insinuating but figured in my work position, it didn’t really matter what activities I chose to participate in with band members. It didn’t breach any contracts, except for maybe moral ones, but hell, I was twenty-one, had been drinking and was somewhat sexually deprived. Gabe looked at me expectantly as the doors opened at my floor and I stepped forward once before laughing softly.

“If you want,” I whispered.

I walked ahead and down the hall slowly, only to be bumped into a moment later, Gabe’s hands resting on my waist as he sped me up down the hall until I stopped in front of my hotel room and quickly unlocked it. Once inside, I almost instantly found myself pressed up against the door, Gabe’s tongue already making its way into my mouth. I closed my eyes at this point and moaned out slightly, raising my hands to his shoulders before standing up on my tippy-toes to wrap my arms around my neck. Gabe seemed to notice the height difference between us again and leaned down a little before breaking away to smile breathlessly at me. I wiped at my mouth slightly and offered a small grin.

“I’m so short,” I spoke. Gabe smirked.

“I still like you,”

Gabe grabbed my sides again and we both met somewhere in the middle for another kiss before moving one-another towards the bed that was fairly close to the door. I laughed out as I fell back onto the bed as my knees hit the edge, but was silenced the moment Gabe crawled over me and placed his mouth tightly to mine. I breathed out as he broke away and adjusted myself properly on the mattress as he shrugged off his hoodie and almost as quickly his shirt. He seemed amused for a moment but shook off the emotion, concentrating more on unbuckling my belt before tackling the button of my jeans. I closed my eyes momentarily and didn’t open them again until Gabe was laying over me again, both of our jeans now scattered on the ground in front of the bed. I arched up as he kissed my chest lightly and let his hands wrap around my waist so that he could easily slide up the fabric of my shirt. Once it was over my head, things kicked into high gear and I couldn’t help but laugh internally at the fact that this was happening. My mental notes were cut short however when he leaned away from kissing my neck to lower his lips to my ear.

“You have protection?” he breathed. I nodded and raised my hands to his arms.

“Birth control, don’t worry,” I answered back.

Gabe nodded before moving to grab my hand and bring it above my head, leaning down a little to kiss me again as he entered, breathing out into my mouth as he did so. I let a low moan go as well and brought my bottom lip into my mouth as he pulled out again slowly before pushing in, this time a little faster and harder than before. I tightened the grip I had on his hand and almost instantly he sped up, forcing me to arch up further to meet his thrusts. I threw my head back as our session got more heated and dug my hands into the sheets as he grabbed my hips, leaning back on his knees to pump even harder. Soon though, he was back hovering over me, kissing various places on my face and neck and chest before settling on clamping his mouth down on mine as he hit his end, me following a split second after him. I couldn’t help but shudder at the feeling of him pulling out and sighed out as he landed next to me, a breathless smile on his face. I shared the same look with him and brought up the sheets a little high, covering my chest while kicking the sheets to air out my legs. Gabe copied but found myself being dragged closer to him again.

“What? Round two?” I questioned. Gabe shook his head and wrapped his arm a little tighter around my waist as our heated bodies pressed against each other again, a thin sheet separating our flesh from touching.

“I’m sorry, but I like to cuddle after great sex,”

I felt my eyebrows perk up but let his remark slide, feeling even more exhausted than I may have felt earlier. I closed my eyes, and let sleep overcome me.


There was a small note on my pillow when I awoke the next morning. I kind of figured Gabe wouldn’t have stayed, but didn’t think he would have left a phone number. I shrugged to myself and cuddled back into the sheets, and grabbed my phone, only to see I had a few missed calls from within the hour. I checked the number and instantly freaked out, noticing it was my supervisor. I quickly called back.

“Aurélie,” I hummed in response and heard a sigh. “Ok, well, here’s the deal,”

“What?” I asked and sat up, holding the sheet around me still to prevent the cool of the room. “What’s going on?”

“Well, we really like the way you organize backstages and we want to transfer you to a different tour with more high-profile bands where you’ll be more hands on with every crew member,”

I smirked to myself but then realized what she was getting at.

“Am I being promoted?” I questioned. My supervisor laughed lightly.

“Yeah,” she paused. “When can you be ready to leave?” she asked. I looked to the digital clock on the nightstand and smiled to myself.

“Anytime today, just tell me where I’m going and I’ll get there,”

After a few more minutes of directional conversation, I hung up and slightly squealed before looking down at Gabe’s phone number and skewing my mouth to one side. To me, at least, last night was some sort of one-night stand. If I left now, it’s not like he would be bent on me, right? Wrong.

Who would’ve known that what happened that night would come back and bite me in the ass? Not me.


Ok, so I got this story idea during the Believers Never Die part Duex concert (Arizona was opening show!!!!!!) and as soon as I got home wrote this up. It was mainly based off the fact I met 3/5 of Cobra (Ryland, Vicky and then Gabe, who've I've met quite a lot, really) and the strange ways in which I met the three of them seperately. :] Yes, and I know what you are thinking; "What the hell is Evie doing writing a Cobra story for?" Well, never fear. FOB is still very much present here, but alas... I realized tonight that I love Gabe and decided to write a story with him as the boy. Never fear though, it's still going to be fucking amazing.
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