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Grocery Run

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Buying cookies has never been this fun.

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Author's Note: The Tale of Despereaux was an adorable movie. I recommend that you check it out if you haven't already.


somethingorother: lol. If you're using that many exclamation points, I must be doing something right.

doyleangel: Jack will find out eventually. But it'll be anything but clean.

Tissamy: See above for what will happen when Jack finds out. haha.

For now, our darling Jack is out of the picture, so I'll let the cuteness commence...

Grocery run.

“Babe, you’re out of milanos,” Alex called from the kitchen.
“That’s because you ate all of them,” I replied, sitting on the couch.
“But I’m hungry,” he pouted.
“There’s a lot of food in the apartment. You’re bound to find something else just as edible.”
“But nothing would be will be as delicious…”

With a look of extreme disappointment, he sighed and took a seat next to me.

“Do cookies really mean that much to you?” I asked, confused.
“Well, yeah.”

With a sigh, I turned off the television and turned toward my overdramatic boyfriend.

“I guess a trip to the grocery store is in order.”

Once the words left my lips, his eyes lit up like a kid’s would at Christmas.

“Chloe, you are the best girlfriend EVER.”

After kissing my cheek, he excitedly pulled me off the couch. He quickly grabbed a pair of my Chucks and tossed them toward my feet, then pulled on his own shoes. With the way he was acting, you’d think that milanos would cease to exist if we didn’t leave right then.

When we reached Jewel, he quickly grabbed a shopping cart and zoomed off toward the
candy aisle.

“I thought you wanted those cookies.” I chuckled as he climbed the shelves in order to reach the king-sized display of Butterfingers.
“Well, you didn’t have any Butterfingers at your apartment, either,” he explained. After tossing a few into the cart, he directed me to hop inside. And once I did, he started running full speed.

“Holy crud!” I yelled as we sailed past the cereal aisle. Alex laughed as we coasted our way to the frozen foods. Once in front of the ice cream, he brought the cart to an abrupt stop.

“Mint chocolate chip or rocky road?” he asked.
“Rocky road. It goes better with pancakes.”
“But green looks so much cooler.”
“Broccoli is green, too.”
“Good point.”

He reached into the very back of the freezer and pulled out a half-gallon of rocky road, then we were zooming off once again. After making stops for orange juice, Red Bull, lemons, and jell-O, I was feeling a bit cramped. Alex, being the gentleman that he is, lifted me out of the metal confines. Then we made our way toward our original destination.

After placing a package of “the best cookies on the face of the fucking planet” into the cart, he wrapped me in a hug from behind and kissed the back of my head.

“What are you doing?” I asked, chuckling. Although it was sweet, I was caught off guard by his sudden display of affection.
“Thanking you,” he replied, still holding onto me. “No one’s ever agreed to go on a milano run with me.”
“Really?” I asked, turning around in his arms.
“Well I guess this’ll be our thing.”

A goofy grin spread across his face before he pressed his lips against mine. The sound of something falling, however, caused us to break apart.

We looked toward the sound of the noise and our eyes went wide. Zack was at the end of the aisle, mouth hanging open while a box of cereal laid at his feet.

“Uhh, we can explain,” Alex said, pulling away as if he’d been electrocuted.
“I’m pretty sure I’ve got the picture,” he said. “But Jack doesn’t know, does he?”
“Not exactly…”
“Well you guys don’t have to worry about me saying anything,” he said, picking up his box of Cheerios. Alex and I both sighed in relief. “But if you keep making out like that, I think he’s gonna catch on.”
“Cut down on the PDA. I think we can do that,” I said.
“Yeah,” Alex nodded in agreement.
“You’re aware that you’re holding hands, right?” Zack said.
“Looks like we need to work on this,” I commented, untangling my fingers from his.
“Well while you two do that, I’m gonna buy some food then wash my eyes with holy water.”
“Alright. See ya, Zack,” Alex chuckled.
“Bye, Zack.”
“Bye.” He awkwardly waved, then disappeared into the next aisle.

“I can’t believe that just happened…” I said, running a hand through my hair.
“Did you see the look on his face?” he asked, wrapping his arms around me. “It was fucking priceless.”
“I thought we were supposed to be working on this,” I teased.
“We can start that tomorrow… or the day after that.”
“Sounds like a plan.”

He pressed his lips against mine once again, and I realized that cutting down on PDA would be a lot tougher than I thought.

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