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Are you thinking of me? Like im thinking of you... [Frikey One Shot]

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Mikey and Frank have been best friends for years, and though Mikey does not know it, Frank has been in love with him for alot of that time. When Mikey turns up on his doorstep one night will Frank'...

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There was a knock at the door and Frank stood up to answer it. The door opened to reveal Mikey standing in the rain outside

"Whoa! What happened to you? Why are you out in the rain?" asked Frank pulling the man inside

"I just need to get away from Chloe for a while... Can i stay here tonight?" replied Mikey who's teeth had began chattering loudly

"Anytime" said Frank practically throwing a blanket at Mikey "Put this on, it'll keep you warm"

"Thanks Frankie" smiled Mikey and Frank began to blush and started nervously mumbling offers like "Do you wan some coffee? Do you wanna watch a movie? Do you wanna change into some dry clothes?" which just made Mikey laugh

"Yeah coffee would be great and a change of clothes would be too" and he followed Frank to his room where he was given a pair of pants that only went down to his ankles and a shirt that hung limply off his thin body

"Thanx Frank! Your the shit" Mikey grinned giving Frank a breif hug 'And your the sex Mikey' Frank thought to himself. The two of them sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and began to talk

"So... What happened with Chloe?" asked Frank gently

"Oh she is jealous cause she thinks im attracted to you" laughed Mikey and Frank looked at the floor sorrowfully

"Hahahaaa Thats stupid" he said forcing a laugh

"Whats up Frankie?" asked Mikey suddenly

"Oh nothing" whispered Frank

"Dude we've been best friends for, what, ten years? I can tell when your upset" said Mikey, moving closer "If you dont want me to be here I can go...?" he said slowly

"No please stay with me" blurted out Frank, immediately regretting his choice of words

"What is is Frankie? Are you okay?" asked Mikey really beginning to sound worried

"I... I..." the front door flung open and Chloe stormed in

"MICHAEL!!" she screeched "COME HOME NOW!!"

"No!!" he yelled back "My best friend in the whole world is unhappy and im not leaving until he is genuinely happy deal with it Chloe!"

"I cannot trust you to be here Michael!! I have no idea what you two get upto behind closed doors!! I dont think i can trust you anymore Michael!!"

"DONT CALL ME THAT!!" Mikey yelled

"Come home with me now Michael!! You can make other friends!!" she yelled back

"Iam not leaving Frank!! And i never, ever will!!"

"You are just being pathetic now Michael!"

"Just shut the fuck up Chloe!!" yelled Frank getting up onto his feet "He's totally capable of taking care of himself!!"

"What do you know of that Frank? You have my Mikey come here all the time!! Why can't you just take care of yourself?" she spat

"I come here to get away from you!" yelled Mikey

"I call him here because I love him!! Okay? There yo go Chloe! Happy now? Im in love with Michael James Way!!" Frank yelled. The room went quiet and Chloe just stood there, her jaw dropped and Mikey just looked at Frank in shock

"Are you serious Frank?" asked Mikey quietly

"Yes i am... Im sorry Mikey..." Frank whispered, unable to look at Mikey. The room was quiet again and everyone just stood there awkwardly until Chloe spoke

"Come on Mikes lets leave i wanna go home now" she said walking over and taking his hand, but he pulled away and just looked at her in shock

"You honestly think im going to come with you?" he said with a disgusted look on his face "After you said stuff like that to Frank? My Frankie?"

"Fine! If you arnt gonna come with me its over Michael!!" she cried with a triumphant look on her face

"Okay" Mikey said, smiling

"What?" she asked

"Im not coming with you" he said, looking at Frank, who was looking shocked that Mikey still liked him "Im happy here with Frankie. I like him more that i like you, Chloe"

"But!" she sqealed, shocked "But he's a homo!!"

"Who gives a fuck?! Id prefer to make out with him than with you anyday!!" Mikey laughed, walking over and helping Frank up. Chloe shreiked in her rage and stormed out of the house. Mikey burst out lauging

"Nice one Frankie!! She actually beleived that you loved me!!" he said grinning and Frank burst into tears

"Mikey! I do!! I do love you!!" he cried

"Are you serious?" asked Mikey slowly "Really? Do you mean it?"

"Yes!!" Frank almost yelled, and Mikey held his friend around the waist, hugging him tightly

"Good" he whispered in Franks ear, and run his hand up Franks spine, making him shiver and then pressing his lips to Franks

"I Love You Frank" he whispered when they broke apart "I love you more than anything in the world and i've wanted you to know that for a long time..."


Frank woke up and looked around the room seeing no one else there... The house was empty other than him. Tears silently rolled down his cheaks... Mikey would never love him. All he could do is dream...
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