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My cute little characters meet. And then well, it all starts to get fun :) man x man slash. I suck at summaries xP And rating...hehe.

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Dear reader,

It is of no concern to me as to how you came to read this, all I need to know is that you are reading this and it is not the workings of my over-active, imaginative and slightly warped mind.

You will of course be curious; I like that in a person. So be as curious as you please – although I cannot guarantee answers of any truth or significance to the workings of the universe. For now, only one question can be answered.

What is this? The answer to that, dearest reader, is simple. This is my story; it is not brilliantly imaginative like my mind. In fact, I would go as far as to call it mundane. But, perhaps to you it shall hold some interest. I don't consider my life normal, though I have no consistent representation of ‘normal’ to compare it to – normal to me means having lived in only one or two countries, having a sane twin sister and being completely certain of ones sexual orientation (this list could go on and on, so I cut it down for your benefit, oh dearest reader).

I have lived in many countries (at the last count it was 6), my sister is not considered ‘sane’, I only become sure of my sexual orientation a matter of months ago and then there is the fact that in any group myself and my twin are always the outsiders – unwanted and often despised we have forged out own way through life, and so we shall continue.

I cannot promise anything. I don't know what shall happen when I once again set my fingers to this keyboard and let them spew out my memories. Frankie doesn't know either, although he generally has a better grasp on life than me and whatever memories he adds will be coherent. Mine will be distorted in every possible meaning of the word.

For now I shall leave you guessing. Who is Frankie? Who am I? Who is my insane twin sister? Where is my ice cream? How are all these questions relevant to one another, particularly the one about the ice cream?

Curiosity is beauty dear reader.

J. Totoro

PS. I shall give you one answer to ease your restless minds. My ice cream has been consumed some time ago, yours is no doubt in your freezer. I always check there first.

J. Totoro.

A/N : Okay! I swear this is the last time I'll re-write this crazy shit. I haven't written for months, no inspiration or anything (hugely annoying and depressing). Instead I've been going over my characters and deciding a few more things. So this will be the final piece (hopefully) and I'm getting on okay with this new writing style.

So this final shit should be damn good. I'm not expecting anything awesome, so neither should you. Review and stuff if you wanna - but I guess this is more for my benefit that for reading purposes xD If you like it tell me though :) And if you don't tell me why :) I don't bite y'know :)

With cookies & ice cream love,
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