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Chapter 001: Time Goes By

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Chapter 001: Time Goes By

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Hi. Do you know what this is? Yes, my friend, it is a sequel. To what? Well, if you have to ask that question, I believe you must read this fanfic's predecessor, "Learning to Trust". In not reading LtT, I assure you to every being God has created, you will be lost within the first two paragraphs and you'll have some nasty spoilers.

Anywho, now that those who have not read the first part have gone, I'd like to re-welcome my faithful readers, reviewers and non- reviewers alike. We left off with Frank breaking up with Mina did we not? Yes, alright then, many had questions as to why he did it. Well, you see, Frank fully believed that it was solely himself who caused the miscarriage and Mina her mortal pains. Our dearest Frank did not want his beloved to be subject to all his faults and short-commings as a boyfriend, therefore, he sought out the best solution in the form of a permanent separation...right?

Oh how wrong we were, my friends, oh how terribly wrong we were.



Chapter 001: Time Goes By

Mina gave her class a cheerful grin as she drew her speech to a close. "...And so, my fellow classmates, I wish you all the very best for you bright futures that lie ahead. Congratulations everyone, let's rock!" Her final salute in the universal rock hand symbol earned her hoots and hollers of joy as she, along with her class, threw their caps into the air. With one final handshake from the dean and various other important people, Mina flew into her proud cousin's arms.

"Hey there, grad-girl!" Bert said as he twirled Mina about in a full circle like when they were much younger.

She did not have time to respond to Bert's salutation as she was enveloped into a huge group hug by Jepha, Quinn, and Branden, her surrogate borthers.

"Grad-woman, geeze, man, get it right!" Quinn admonished in a mock annoyed tone, handing over a morbid looking teddy bear.

"Thank you, thank you." Mina curtseyed slightly, letting Jepha ruffle her hair.

"Hey, what about me?" she turned to see Pete standing behind her, tapping his foot in an impatient manner.

"Peter Wentz!" Mina squealed before she pounced excitedly upon her boyfriend.

Soon after Bobby's release, he was sent back to prison. Trying to escape his trial's preceedings, Mr. Bergins attempted to flee from his cell and was shot and killed by the warden himself. During this time Pete was undergoing simple physical therapy in order to regain the stage he entertained on. Mina, in turn, had taken back to therapy and both graduated from their treatments by her nineteenth birthday. It was only a year later, at a concert benefit, when it was drunkenly revealed to Bert by Joe Trohman that Pete had something of a liking for Mina. As luck would have it, the news was leaked to Mina and surprisingly, with the seal of Bert's approval, the pair had gotten together by the fall of her senior year.

"You lied! You told me you had to be in London today." she teased as they hugged.

"I managed to wiggle out for your graduation." Pete winked as he was clapped on that back in greeting by the other men. "Besides, I wanted you to come with me."

"I don't know..." Mina began slowly before Jepha interrupted.

"Uh-uh, none of this, 'I don't know' crap, Mina. You're going." he said crossing his arms in a fianl matter.


"No buts, Jeph's right." Bert agreed, "You just graduated, let loose."

"Yeah, seriously, the last time you went to a concert was on your spring break." added Branden, referencing their latest tour which Mina had gone to in their hometown.

"So, Pete, take care of her and have fun in London." Quinn concluded, smirking triumphantly.

"Hello, I have a job." Mina reminded the group at large, "As a VJ for MTV."

"Which you won't start until a week from now, so bully for you. Take a vacation." Bert quipped.

'These boys are getting too smart for their own good.' Mina mused before assenting to the truth. (Her credibility as a learned journalist, through her summer internships at various magazines, had shone through on her application to become MTV's newest VJ and was instantly chosen for the position.) "Alright, alright, you guys got me." she held her hands up in a mock surrender and turned to Pete, "When are we leaving?"


"Feeling okay?" Pete inquired of his girlfriend as they settled into their first class plane seats.

Mina remained unmoving, staring out the window as though she had not heard him.

"Babe?" he took up her hand which lay on the arm rest between them, only then did she peel her eyes away from the activities outside.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

Pete merely shook his head and continued to hold her hand as she smiled and gazed out the window. 'It looks like you're thinking about him again.' was what he wanted to say to her. But he did not bring up Frank's case with her; not that she ever said she didn't want to talk about it. It was just the fact that no one, not even Bert, could get the truth out of her. When anyone would question her about it, she would get a far off look in her eyes, as though she was somewhere else. It was at these times, everyone knew, that her mind was on Frank who had left her in quite the predicament.


After they had broken up, Mina proceeded to hole herself up in her hospital room, refusing to eat. This resulted in force feeding via tube and many more weeks under heavy observation. Slowly, however, with the help of a therapist and many monitored anti-depressants, she regained her healthy glow. Yet, medication could not erase what the whole ordeal had done to Mina as it had taken her an even longer period of time to be able to communicate with anyone properly again.

Frank, on the other hand, appeared to get over the separation far quicker than Mina as he was burning though girlfriends left and right. Such an act threw Bert and company into bouts of rage which led to the cancellation of their joint tour with My Chemical Romance. Both bands, however stayed close friends in spite of Frank's idiocity.


In their relationship, Pete knew he was giving his all, but he couldn't say the same for Mina for there were moments in which it seemed as though that she did not belong to him, as his girlfriend. He would have liked to voice his opinion if it weren't for the counter-moments where he appeared to be the apple of her eye.

He watched Mina fall asleep against him, his arm around her now, thinking, 'I love you and, with time, I hope you can say these words back to me without thinking about Frank.'

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