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My Heart.

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Happy Birthday Gerard(:

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Just a little oneshot about Gerard's "birthday week". I know that it's April 10th, but I actually started writing this at 11PM on April 9th, Gerard's actual birthday, so pshh. xD

I honestly can't say when the next chapter of 'Cause Everyone Hates You will be up because I have MASSIVE writer's block for that one. I think writing this cleared it a bit, so I MIGHT have it up tomorrow. No promises, though. I'll try to get it before Easter. Anyways, enjoy!


Gerard’s birthday was approaching and he was getting happier and happier as the day got closer. The Monday before his birthday, though, Gerard was very bored. He had nothing to do. He sat on the couch, trying to find something to watch. He channel surfed for a while, then settled on a cartoon that he didn’t know the name of. He watched it for the 30 minute period that it was on for, then got super bored all over again. He decided to call Frankie and see if he could come over.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Hey, it’s Frank. I’m obviously not here so leave me a message.

Gerard was afraid that he would draw out the message and make it long and awkward so he hung up before he stalled long enough that he had to leave a message.

“Hmm..” He thought, “Frankie always answers my calls." Gerard was slightly confused but decided not to make much of it. He went back to watching boring shows on TV until he heard his stomach grumbling. He went into the kitchen to get a snack. He got himself a sandwich, and ate it while watching more TV. After he finished the sandwich, Mikey came rushing through the door and was obviously surprised to see Gerard in the living room.

“Hey Gerard.. What’re you doing here?” Mikey asked quizzically.
“I, ya know, kinda live here?”
“Right.. Well bye.” Mikey said quickly before hopping up the stairs two at a time.

“What the fuck?” Gerard said aloud once he heard Mikey’s door slam shut. He tried to call Frank once again, because he couldn’t think of anything better to do.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Hey, it’s Frank. I’m obviously not here so leave me a message.

Gerard swiftly closed the phone because leaving a voice mail would make him feel weird. He was really fucking bored now, and didn’t know anything to do. So to pass the time quickly, he decided to take a nap. He nestled into a comfortable napping position on the couch and drifted slowly into a dream.. Err.. Nightmare-filled sleep.

He woke with a start, breathing heavily.

“What’s with you?” Mikey asked.
“Just a strange dream I had.”
“What was it?”
“Well.. Don’t get creeped out..” At that Mikey’s eye got as big as saucers, but he continued to listen. “the dream was that Frank was cheating on me.. With you. And as soon as I was going to be all “FRANK! You’re cheating on me!!!!!” I woke up.”
“What the fuck? What would even make you think that?! You have problems, dude. Get some help.” Mikey said dramatically before once again going up the stairs and slamming his door shut.

“What the fuck?” Gerard said to himself before turning the TV back on and watching a nice hour long episode of George Lopez. After that was over, it was the news which bored him even more so he turned the TV off and whistled a little. After a bit he saw Mikey running down the stairs with something bulging by his pocket. Soon he was out the door and gone. Gerard crumpled his face into a confused expression and shook his head oddly at where his brother had just stood. He decided to try Frank once more because he was bored enough to call one person 3 times in the span of a few hours.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Rin-
“Hey, Gerard.” Frank answered quickly.
“What’s up?”
“Uh, nothing. Nothing. Why?” He said defensively.
“Just wondering…” Gerard said slowly.
“Kay, I’m gonna go.” Silence.

“That’s strange,” Gerard thought “Frankie usually at least says goodbye..” Gerard shook his head to remove any negative thoughts. He felt sort of rejected, and pretty lonely so he thought that he would call Bob and Ray. He dialed Ray’s number first.

Ring. Ring. Ring. R-

“Hey.” Ray answered.
“Whats up?”
“Okay.. Wanna hang out?
“No. Well, yeah but no, I can’t. Gotta g-” Dial tone.


Gerard now tried Bob.

Ring. Ring. Ri-

“Whats up?” Bob said.
“Bored. Wanna h-”
“No. I have to g-” Nothing.

Gerard felt even worse now so he decided that he should go down to his dark room and draw. He drew many grotesque creatures and scenery before he heard Mikey finally walk through the door, along with another set of feet. Gerard decide to spy on them because he thought that that could actually be fun.. Or at least mildly entertaining. He slowly and stealthily crawled up the stairs and peered his head through the opened door. He couldn’t see much since they were on the couch and the couch was turned so that the back faced Gerard. After a little while he saw that Mikey had laid down because he could see his caramel colored hair on the arm rest, and the stranger was obviously on top of him because he could see their.. BLACK!? Was that black hair? Short black hair??!

“Oh my God! Oh my FUCKING God!” Gerard thought. He let out a soft gasp which later turned into a round of sobs once he reached the sanctuary of his large, soft bed. He cried for what seemed like hours before finally falling asleep. He woke to a wet pillow and tear stained cheeks. He had hoped that it was all a horrible nightmare, but this was proof that it clearly wasn’t.

Gerard didn’t want to leave his room for that whole Wednesday, but he eventually got hungry, of course. So he went upstairs once he thought Mikey was gone. He got himself some popcorn, a sandwich, and a soda. He had just taken the first bite of the sandwich when Mikey came through the door with another bulge by his pocket. Gerard’s mind clicked at this moment; Mikey had a boner because he was just with Frank. He had a boner before because he was going to see Frank. Bob and Ray had been acting so weird because they didn’t want to let the word slip that Frank was cheating on me with my brother.. It was all to much for Gerard to handle at once, and he started gagging on his sandwich at the thoughts. Mikey ran up behind him to attempt the Heimlich maneuver, but Gerard rejected.

“Nnnnnn!! NNNNNN!!” Gerard yelled, or tried to yell. He wriggled from Mikey’s weak grasp and scurried back down to his room, opening his soda on the way down. He took a swig and found that even after the food had evacuated his throat, he was still gagging. The images of his boyfriend and his brother were flooding his brain and causing him to gag even more. He rushed into his personal bathroom and puked. Threw up all the disgust he held inside of him, and some of his sandwich, too. In his medicine cabinet, Gerard grabbed something that would make him feel better. His eyeliner sharpener. He used it to sharpen his favorite charcoal pencil, and then he laid down with his sketchbook in his lap. He drew a big picture of Frank’s face and then scribbled violently all over it, causing it to tear in some places. He then drew a heart, an actual heart, then ripped up the picture and threw it into the garbage bin. This caused him to cry some more, then he curled up into a ball and slept the rest of the day away.

This day was his birthday and he wasn’t feeling happy at all.

“I should be happy, damn it! It’s my birthday! Why can’t I be happy?!” Gerard thought. He sat in his room and felt tears well up whenever he thought about all of the horrible things he saw; which included images from his nightmares. At around noon he received a text from Frank.

“Hey. Come to my house?”
“Then come.”
“Fine. Bye.”

Gerard shut his phone off and got ready. He took a slow, hot shower, got dressed, brushed his teeth and the whole shebang. He drove to Frank’s house, still weary about this. He arrived at Frank’s house at about a quarter to 2PM and knocked on the door. No one answered.

“Go figure.” Gerard thought sadly. He slowly turned the knob, regretting the decision to come at all because he didn't think he could stand to look at Frank's face.

“SURPRISE!” Shouted Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Bob. Gerard’s expression was unreadable. His eyes looked glassy as though he were about to cry, and they held a sadness that could make the most bitter person in the world sympathize for him, but there was a small smiling that was begging to be shown, though it was evident that he was trying hard to hide it.

“Gee?” Frank said, coming up to him.
“Yes?” Gerard said, his voice cracking from trying to not cry.
“Are you okay?”
“I’d be better if I didn’t have a cheater as my boyfriend!”
“What?!” Frank said, obviously taken aback by Gerard’s accusation.
“You heard me. I caught you and Mikey making out!”
“Gee.. I think that was your dream.” Mikey said, staring at Gerard weirdly.
“No! On Tuesday, on the couch. You and some ‘black haired stranger’ were making out on the couch!” Gerard used air quotes around black haired stranger.
“You mean my girlfriend, Alicia?”
“Yeah, you idiot. Why would I want to make out with Frank?”
Frank showed a look of playful sadness, “Hey!”
“BECAUSE for one, I’m straight and for two, Frank’s yours, Gee.”

“Well what about everyone being so mean and suspicious?”
“We were planning this surprise party!” Ray said in a ‘duh’tone.
“Well what about your pants, Mikey?” Gerard said, gesturing towards the tight material around Mikey’s small legs.
“What about them?”
“Before.. There was a bulge by your pocket..”
“Oh, I kept the small decorations in there so I could come in and out of the house without you seeing them!”

Gerard was speechless, he hugged and apologized to everyone.

Later that night Frank pulled Gerard aside.

“Babe, you know that I could never cheat on you.”
“Well, I just thought that you being so mean and secretive and stuff then seeing the black haired person on the couch and all these things that made sense.. I just thought..”
“You thought wrong. My heart’s yours and only yours. I love you.”
“I love you, too, Frankie.”
They pressed their lips together briefly before locking hands and walking back to where everyone else was. Gerard spent his birthday happily, just as he hoped he would.


Yeah, I know, it was long and probably way too detailed and there wasn’t much Frerard and there was a lot of misleading things, but that was on purpose, and I don’t know how good this was but I had to write it three times because my internet kept crashing. Anyways, review or not, whatever. Happy Birthday Gerard! Thirty two -good to be true! (:
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