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If you read my stories (including Just a Small Town Girl, Manthem, I'm Not Okay [I'm Confused]) OPEN THIS!!!

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Author's Note from Nikki, author of Just a Small Town Girl, Manthem, and I'm Not Okay (I'm Confused):

I'm a terribly sorry that I have not updated in a while. And, truth be told, I will not be updating in a while because of personal reasons. Hell, you guys are obviously my fans so I feel that I can share this with you: I live with my Mom... we just got evicted.

So, there you have it. That's why I haven't updated any of my stories. I've been a little too preoccupied with trying to find somewhere to live; I've just gotten two full-time jobs (not including full-time high-school everyday); making sure my sister, my brother, and my mom have something to eat, ect. I hope you all understand why I won't be updating in a while.

I have the next three chapters of "Manthem" already written on my laptop, so they should be up when things get a little more... stable. The next chapter of "Just a Small Town Girl" is also saved to my laptop-- and it is fucking brilliant! And, I regret to say, I will not be updating "I'm Not Okay (I'm Confused)" at all... ever again... ever. I like the ending where it's at. Sorry.

Hope you understand!
xoxox -Nikki
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