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Farewell For A Friend

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A poem I wrote a couple months. your opinions would be appreciated

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Farewell For a Friend

And to you I bode thee farewell
I sit in sorrow that will forever dwell
I suppose I’m glad you’ll never get to see
Over time what’s become of me
I let go of you to soon I know
Another hebetudinous decision made so long ago
And slowly I come to the realization
That I’ve forfeited all hope and inspiration
That sorry isn’t adequate enough anymore
Those choices I made, I remorsefully abhor
I struggle to do right, what’s been wrong
Swimming through deep tribulation for far to long
It would appear that time does nothing for a broken heart
Except make me lack the remembrance of how we fell apart
Memories once mirthful, now bring melancholy gloom
Life without you brings upon me impending doom
A bit dramatic, undoubtedly I concur
But the absence of your presence makes life seem a blur
An allegiant friend forever you were
But to you, perfidious I was, and always will be
I promised not to leave, but that’s what I did indeed
The iniquity that I feel, no one can deduce
I’ve beaten myself incongruous with psychological abuse
But the gargantuan words in this poem that I use
Will never form a sagacious nor sensible excuse
As to why I decided to abandon you
An asinine reason, like being mentally askew
But time has moved onward, and I’m still stuck in the past
Merely because I know these feelings won’t ever be surpassed
One day I’ll aspire that my afflictions may end
That’ll I’ll learn from my blunder and won’t hurt a friend
And I’ll still hope we can be together again
But until then, I sit in sorrow that forever dwells
But right now though it stings, I must bid thee farewell
Goodbye dear friend, with all entirety I wish you well.
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