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Chapter 11

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Gerard's POV

Hours later, I still couldn't sleep, I'd heard the guys come to bed hours ago and knew the front of the bus would now be empty apart from Worm who had chosen to drive the bus for our first week. He would probably be smoking something with his Ipod on behind the separating curtain anyway.

I climbed out of my bunk quietly trying my best not to wake Kat or Ray. I pulled the curtain back over and walked through to the front of the bus. I found the coffee machine in the dark and got a mug from the drainer and ran it under the tap. I poured myself some coffee and went to sit on the diner bench. Someone had forgot to draw across the curtain and I could see the road passing us quickly, getting further and further away from LA.

Kat's POV

Gerard was out of bed. I'd heard him swing the curtain of his bunk shut and his steps as he'd walked through to the living area. I removed my headphones and climbed out of bed.

He was sat at the diner looking out the window, when I walked through the curtain he looked up at me and smiled, “Can't sleep?” I shook my head and sat beside him, “You neither right?” He smiled and held up his mug, I took it and saw coffee dregs swish in the bottom. “4oClock in the morning and your drinking coffee?”
“It helps me think, I was about to get some more, you want some?” I slid out from the bench to let him up and grabbed my own mug from earlier and placed it beside his. He brewed the coffee machine and I slid into the bench to where Gee had been sat. He grabbed the now full mugs and handed me mine, “Thanks,”
He sat down beside me and I felt his arm brush mine, he didn't have a shirt on and was sat in his boxers. “Your freezing,” I stated,
“Your not, you must be boiling,” He pulled me towards him and wrapped his arms around me, just below my chest. We sat drinking our coffee and looking out the window, stars scattered the sky and the moon was hung high lighting the road beneath. It was silent on the bus apart from the slight snores from Ray that I knew were much louder behind the curtain. I snuggled deeper into Gerard's arms and felt his hand brush my chest gently. “Sorry,”
“S'kay” I turned and smiled to him, “Is Mikey OK?” Mikey was the only one I hadn't seen or spoken to much, he seemed to be preoccupied by something. Gerard sat thinking for a long time before answering me. He brushed my hair gently playing with the curls that the rain earlier had created. “Your hairs really pretty Y' Know? It suits you.”
“Gerard?” I raised an eyebrow something I had always tried to do but never had cus I found it really difficult to move the one but not the other so I did a little celebration dancing in my head. “You didn't answer my question.”
“Him and Alicia have a couple of problems they're trying to deal with and the guys are doing their best to be supportive but he's determined they can see it out alone.”
“Are they going to split?” I asked looking into Gerard's eyes, he looked like he could cry at any minute and I rubbed away any tears that accidentally came. “It's not that kind of problem, Alicia doesn't think she can have any children. They'd always wanted a really big family, everybody knew that and this has hit them really hard, Mikey and Alicia were born to be parents that's why they're so good with the dogs.” He looked really sad and took my hand in his before holding it to his lips, kissing it like he had earlier yesterday evening. “The others think they'll make it through but Mikey's Bipolar so something like this could push him over the edge again, I can't loose him. I'm nothing without him.” Gee was weeping now and I held him close, his chest a freezing block like a mortuary slab. “Its going to be OK Gerard, I'm here.” I rubbed my hand over his back gently, comforting him the best that I could while hiding the fact I had heard Mikey sobbing earlier in his bunk. “C'mon lets go back to bed. You need to sleep.” I pulled him up from the bench, brushed away any other tears and took his hand. I led him back to his bunk where he drew across the curtain and turned again to me. He lent forward, taking my arms in his grasp and kissed me lightly on the forehead. He turned wordlessly and climbed into his bunk. I did the same and again found myself unable to sleep.

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