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Forever Loved

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She was always alone.Meeting Sesshomaru changed her life.She travels with him and loves him.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Rin,Sesshoumaru - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2009-04-12 - Updated: 2009-04-12 - 375 words

"AHHHH!"the demoness angel rolled down the hill and hit a rock.Her luck was very Poor[//].She sat up and groaned in pain,she looked at the deep wound in her right arm and sighed.
"My luck.First I get cheated on,second I get attacted,third I fall down a hill!What else?!"she said,wanting to cry.Her gold-amber eye's filled with regret then changed to cheerfullness.The wind blew her siler hair out of her pale colored face.A sigh escaped her lips.
"Men.Demons.Luck."she growled,she reached up on her head and touched the Eastern marking,it was a pale blue sun.She inhaled the air and smelt..Sesshomaru and another scent.A human.She got up only to find out her ankle was twisted,she fell and let out a cry of pain.She held back the tears.Her wound had healed but the ankle would be a couple weeks.Without warning a young mortal girl came out.
"Lord Jaken,Lord Sesshomaru look!"the girl called.
"Please no more men..."she groaned under breathe.Sitting up,the demoness cried out in pain again.She put her hands to her ankle and bit her lips,her fangs ctting through the tender flesh.Sesshomaru walked out,followed by an imp,his eye's widen in shocked at the girl infront of him.

She had a the Eastern kimono on,it was a light blue and it had the sun on it with rose petals twirling around it.Her pale face had pain writtened on it,the sun on her head and the trhe iangle stripes on each cheek,pale blue.Silver hair,gold-amber eye's.She had curves,aswell.Sesshomaru knew her,she was the Eastern Lady and Princess of Angels by her mother,Mistukia,Eastern lady by her father,Kiyou,and Mistukia.She was,ShaiIriai.
"ShaiIriai?"Sesshomaru asked,surprised to find her like this[//].
"Yeah..Huh?You can tell..What do you want Sesshomaru?Can't you see I'm dying here?"the imp snapped at her.
"How dare you-"
"What?,"asked the demoness"say 'Sesshomaru' without the 'Lord?Feh,whatever."she turned her head and tried to stand but failed,she fell back down.ShaiIriai smiled,sheepishly
"Uh..Can you help?"
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