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Farewell to Fluffy

by Quillian 1 review

One-shot! Ever wonder what happened to Hagrid's pet monster dog Fluffy after the events of the first HP book?

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter, etc.; J.K. Rowling and lots of other people do.

/Farewell to Fluffy/

By Quillian

(originally named Kraeg001)

SUMMARY: Yes indeed, this is yet another one of my B-t-S fics ("behind the scenes"). It actually explores a thought I've been dwelling on for a while. After the events of Harry's first year at Hogwarts, what happened to Fluffy?

Errat/ et aiecta Cerberus ipse sera./ And Cerberus himself casts off his chains and wanders. -Propertius, Elegiae (4.7.90)

Hagrid waved as the Hogwarts Express disappeared behind a mountain and from his sight. He couldn't wait to see Harry again in another couple of months. Hagrid also honestly hoped that the reminder of the "pigtail-on-Dudley" incident would serve as further incentive for his relatives not to treat him that way.

Sadly, Hagrid returned to the castle to say good-bye to another friend he'd come to know and love over the course of this past year: Fluffy.

Hagrid's three-headed dog, part of a breed of magical dogs known as Cerberus (very aptly named after the three-headed hellhound that guarded the Underworld in Greek mythology), was employed this past year as one of several defenses to guard the Sorcerer's Stone. With that accomplished and the Stone itself destroyed, there was not much else of a need or use for Fluffy. And Hagrid knew full well that some panicky parent would owl Dumbledore about whether or not it would be safe to keep a Cerberus in the school like that with all the children.

So, there was one viable option left: Hagrid had to let Fluffy go.

After Hagrid prepared one last huge cow steak for Fluffy (triple-sized, of course), he petted his three-headed pooch, crying a little. Despite his intimidating physique and his sometimes quick temper, the half-giant was very loving at heart.

Fluffy knew what was going on too, being surprisingly intelligent; he knew he had to leave after reading and understanding all of Hagrid's sobs, gestures towards the castle and the forest, and the parting gifts of the food which the Cerberus liked.

Hagrid already informed the centaurs and acromantulas of the Cerberus that would soon share the forest with them. Now, tearfully, he petted Fluffy good-bye, and with three appreciative whimpers, the dog parted.

Hagrid took out his handkerchief and sobbed a little, but when Fluffy was only so far into the forest, it suddenly turned around and barked happily, as if to say, "Come on, you can always visit me sometime!"

The Hogwarts gamekeeper cracked a grin and waved as if to say, "You're right! What was I thinking?" With that, Fluffy vanished from sight, going deeper into the woods to find a home for itself.

Suddenly feeling happier, Hagrid got back to work. After all, Dumbledore trusted him to do his job!

Taking a gigantic rake, Hagrid trotted over to the school gardens and got to work. To lighten his mood, he whistled and hummed some songs as he worked.

And unless Hagrid's imagination was deceiving him, some canine sounds from deep within the forest were responding to his songs.


A/N: So, was this sweet or anything? I know, it was kind of cheesy... but hey, Hagrid's sentimental about these things, right?

Besides, I also wrote this because this website seems to have a rather low number of Hagrid fics... (wink wink)
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