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Atleast we got eachother, [frerard]

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It's hard to summarise. Frankie's lifes shit, he finds Gee. Love. Frerard.. trust me, the read'll be worth it. Thankyou! x3

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My first fanfic everr! Hope it's good enough to get atleast one review! x3
If you're gonna read it, then review it! Thanks! From, Christie,.. xOx

Frank's POV
Damn, I hate Jersey so bad. With a fuck-up of a family, a shit-hole of a school and a freak of a kid.. my life's pretty messed up. I've lived here all my long, long life and now that I am officially 17 it hasn't gotten better. Infact, recently, it's gotten worse. My father has been going over the line with alcohol a lot lately. And my mother still tends to go out and sell her body for money she spends on drugs. And that's just the beggining. Yesterday was the greatest and worst day of my life. Let me explain, it was a normal day at school, getting made fun of, stuff thrown at me and haveing my stuff stolen. Then, just when I was settling into the atmosphere..

Gerard's POV
I hate this new school, nearly as much as my last ones. Bunch of homophobes here too. Expecially this one kid. So I went into the school as I do into every new place.. office.. then homeroom. So I go into home room and then the teacher instructs me to go sit in this seat next to a kid who looked like he was seriously worried. He looked up at me then fidgetted and looked down. So I sat by him, and then I tried saying hi to him and he just shuddered and ignored me. I asked him his name and he looked in my general direction and murmered 'Fra-ank'.
"I'm Gerard, What's up Frank" I asked him. Because everytime I talked his face screwed up like he was in pain.

"Uh. Nothing. Your new?" He said in a really strained voice,

"I'm new, yeah. Seriously, what's wrong? You look, in pain."

He looked around then said " I, uh.. it's just at home.." then screwed his face up to try and hide something. Then the stupid teacher told us all to shut up. I sat next to him for pretty much all my lessons afterwards and all I got from him was the same thing. So, not really looking forward to another lunch being ridiculed I asked him if I could join his friends for lunch.

"What friends? Oh yeah. Your new." He said, for the first time looking up at my eyes while he talked.

"You mean, you have no friends?" I worried I hadn't offended him.

"No. I, uh, don't. If you want to stay away from me too, It'de be fine." He said looking at his feet again.

"No. I like you kid. You're really interesting." I said trying to get him to relaxe a bit, man that kid looked nervous.

"Aren't you going to try and like, fit in like the other kids?" He said looking over at the wall, staring at it like it might fall down on him.

"No, I never really do fit in anyway, due to my um, circumstances." I was angry at myself, why was I attempting to let this Frank in on my secrets?

"What, circumstances?" He asked looking up at my eyes again. Man, he had nice eyes, they were a dark hazel and sparkled in the cafeteria lights.

"My, sexuality." I said, almost punching myself for mentioning this so easily. I'de lost this friend for sure. "You're not a homophobe, right?" He looked away from my face again and looked around like he was scared of someone, or something.

"Uh. No. I don't think so. I'm straight" He said, I think he said. It was all so fast, like he had crushed all the words into one long mumbled word.

"Oh, good. Homophobes are all pathetic." I added. A little over-protectivaly.

"Yeah." He said. I touched his arm,

"You sure you're okay? You look kind of ill.. " I added, trying to talk as friendly as I could.

"Family problems." He snapped. Then looked down at his feet again.

"You haveing anything to eat?" I asked, trying to attempt to get him to look up so I could marvel at his eyes once more.

"Uh, no, food here's like crap." He said rather blandly.

"Then let's go somwhere else?" I said, as challenging as I could. He didn't look like the kind of kid who'de ditched class before and I really wanted to go get something to eat. And somehow I didn't want to leave this guys side.

"Oh, yeah sure. I know the best way to get outta this hell." He said looking towards the cafeteria door. Atleast I could sort of see his eyes.

"Then let's go." I said, trying to sound like ditching school was really fun for me. When really it was something I did a lot in my old schools. For the first time he grinned, only with the side of his mouth.. but man did he look cute. I smiled too and he turned and looked at me, saw me smiling then went bright red. I guess he found my presence intimidating. I got up and he got up just after me, "Lead the way Frankie." I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Alrighty." He said with a small hint of a smile still on his lips. I noticed his lip ring for the first time. Then I noticed his hair, dark and fell over one side of his face, yet It was shaved at the back. He looked amazing. He looked and saw me eyeing his Black Flag tee and looked away quickly. Damn, I thought. He must've been super freaked, and he must've been a super homophobe. He walked away really fast and I had to walk pretty fast to keep up with him.

"You like Black Flag?" I called after him, trying to make conversation.

"Love them." He said.

"Oh, me too, great band!" I called struggling to keep up with him, "You trying to run away, or what?" I muttered as I almost jogged to keep up.

"Sorry sorry. Gerard." He said loudly and slowed down to a walking pace. I was shocked he heard me atall.

"Thanks, Frankie." I said and grinned at him again. He saw my smile and pulled a face, he looked like he was in pain again. "Seriously, man, what's wrong?" He said something under his breath but I couldn't make it out. "I know you don't know me yet Frank, but you can talk to me if something's up, seriously." I added. He looked up at my eyes testingly.

"Promise?" He whispered.

"I promise Frank." I said back softly. He smiled at me, a true smile and his eyes sparkled again. I felt my insides melt. I smiled back.

"Here's the gateway out." He said, gesturing his hands towards a small gate, that seemed to lead into a forest.

"Wow. I was expecting something more.. High schooly" I said, laughing after I said it to show it was ment to be a joke. He giggle quietly, it sounded so musical. "Let's get outta here then." I suggested and he opened the gate and smiled,

"You first, Gerard." I couldn't help but smile back. Mabye he wasn't so bad after all.

Whatcha think? Thanks for your time, after the first review I will post the next chapter! (: Christie,.. xOx
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