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Please help us.

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Alissa gets an unexpected suprise.

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At 5:30 am my alarm blared it's ever annoying beeping and with a lazy hand I slapped the off button and the sound stopped. Just as I was laying my head back down I remembered my test was today.
"Damn it." I muttered. Through the night I had some troubles sleeping. The dream made me emotionally a nervous wreck. I put my fists to my eyes and rubbed them so I could see properly and yawned. I put my hand to the side of me,only to find the space empty. The aroma of hazelnut coffee filled the air and I smiled at the scent, coffee could always make feel better atleast. I walked to the kitchen to find Bob drinking his own cup and reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek where he smiled.

"Good morning." he said softly.
"Good morning." I said back to him and went to grab my own cup out of the cupboard. I took a sip of the precious liquid and let the warmness slide down my throat; waking me up even more. Calico pranced into view from his condo and his paw tapped the empty bowl signaling me to feed him. I reached for the cat food and poured it into the bowl where he immediately began to eat the kibbles and I refilled his water dish. I wrote a mental note to get him some more. I leaned against the counter and finished sipping my coffee and as if cue,my mind traced back to the dream where I began to have the feeling of my stomach knot. The more I tried to think about something else,the more it popped up. I just wanted to forget it and let it go but something would not let me. Why? I asked a thousand times in my mind. I shook my head.

It was feeling of hot breath on my neck that pulled me out of my trance. I turned around quickly and breathed hard as I came face to face with Bob where his eyes were filled with
confusion and curiousity.
"Are you okay?" he said softly. I put on a fake smile and nodded.
"Yeah I'm fine just nervous about my test." lie I could see he wasn't convinced. I tried my best not to show how nervous I really was. Last night was dreadful and I'm eternally grateful that Bob was not awake to witness it.
"Are you sure? you seem really bugged about something." true indeed.
"No really,i'm fine." lie I said softly and smiled. Bob nodded and kissed me on the cheek as he walked to the bathroom and when I heard the shower go on I rolled my eyes and sighed. I hated lying to Bob. I walked to the bedroom and made the bed and grabbed my skinny jeans, a teal dress top,a black sweater and matching flats. I applied my makeup and blushed as Bob came back in with a towel wrapped around his waist. I tried hard not to stare
at the beautiful person next to me while his sandy hair was still moist. Bob took notice and winked and I laughed and went into the bathroom where I brushed my hair into a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my white earrings and walked back out to find Bob fully dressed as well. Man does he get ready fast. He wore black pants with an old blink 182 shirt with a black hoodie. I grabbed an apple and glanced at the clock where I still had 10 minutes before having to leave. I sat down at the counter where I studied one last time before Bob joined me at the counter and was organizing his bag that had his teching equiptment and his drums.

"Still on for band practice today?" I said biting my apple.
"No, Gerard called me not to long ago and wants to reschedule for tomorrow because his boss called him into today to work late shift. But I still get to use my drumsticks." he grinned. I giggled.
"Still on for tonight?" he raised his eyebrows twice. I laughed and nodded.
"Depends. What do you have in mind?" I teased.

"Well....I was thinking maybe we could do movie and a dinner and then........" he moved closer to me and whispered in my ear
"We'll go from there." he said seductively and I bit my lip to fight the urge inside me.
"Ofcourse." I said softly and he kissed me on the lips and I smiled into it and kissed back. I let a small moan out, and then he pulled back and I whimpered at the lost of contact. He gave me a teasing smile.
"Sorry,I have to go now." he kissed me one last time before grabbing his bag and ruffling Calico's fur and grabbed his keys and was walking to the door when he looked back at me.
"I love you." he called to me I smiled.
"I love you too." and he shut the door behind him. Calico meowed again and hopped on the kitchen counter where his head rubbed against my hand. I giggled.
"You think you're so cute don't you? You're right." I smiled and pet his soft fur while he purred. I kissed on the head and picked him up and put him on the floor where he walked to his water dish and lapped the liquid in fast motion. I put my notes back in my bag and grabbed my keys and shut the lights off.
"Bye Calico,be good." he didn't even acknowledge me as I shut and locked the door. I got in my civic and turned the ignition where 'Poker Face' played through the speakers.

"I won't tell you that I love you. Kiss or hug you.
Cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin. I'm not lying
I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunning.
Just like a chick in the casino. Take your bank
before I pay you out. I promise this, promise this.
Check this hand,cause I'm marvelous.

I cursed under breath as traffic began to build up and I was gonna be late, if this didn't get moving. I broke free from the construction mess and pulled into my school parking lot and
walked to my class where I made it on time. After a 5 minute lecture, Dr.Hugh handed us our tests and I sighed as I tried to get my brain in gear since Poker Face was still in my head Grr.
"Remember to go over your questions carefully. You may begin." he said sitting back down at his desk. I breathed and grabbed my pencil. here we go. I thought.
I exhaled in relief when class was over and quickly handed my test into the basket. I think I did fairly well,I hope. I walked back to my car happy I was done with it all and I felt my phone vibrate,I pulled it out of my bag and it read '1 new message,1 missed call.' I checked the text first and it was Bob saying he would home at 2:00 and to not forget to get more
cat food for fatty-I mean Calico. Which was a good thing cause I honestly would've forgotten it.I checked the one missed call and ofcourse it was an unrecognizable number. I sighed as It was now time to go to Reprise. I turned in the other direction and 10 minutes later I was there at the big silver building. I checked in and went to my cubicle where my boss John walked in and handed me a list of my things to do. I gave a fake smile.

3 hours later i had scheduled 3 interviews for Estelle,tour dates for Flyleaf,and album covers for unknown bands. It was pretty awesome doing the dates for Flyleaf, I happen to like they're music very much and proud to their touring. I had decided to skip lunch since I wasn't very hungry. The nervous knotting came back but not so strong this time but still making me wanna pull my hair. I finished small projects including one for my best friend Katie, who was out this week because of her Grandmother's death and I covered everything for her because she did so much for me when I needed it. I smiled as it was 2:00 and I happily walked out of the doors and got in my car yet again, this time stopping at the store for Calico's personal brand of cat food,which was Kit 'n' Kaboodles. I don't know how I ended up with such a picky cat but that's right....he belongs to Bob; Go figure.

But I also decided to grab some more drinks and candy cause I really wanted Nerds for unknown reasons and as I drove home, the nervous feeling came back this time making me wanna scream. It was making me wonder if something was gonna happen. Good? bad? i had no idea. I wished it was just go away. My stomach felt like a snake wrapping itself in positions that were not normal. I put on the radio where 'Fully Alive' played and I put it louder to block out the irritating sensations. It helped just alittle. I finally reached home where I embraced the feeling of coming home. Calico was sleeping on the couch with his head tucked between his paws and his paws twitched. I put the drinks in the fridge and decided to get in the shower for tonight. I felt hot and a cool shower would be extremely nice. I also noticed Bob wasn't home yet. I tossed my clothes into the hampster and got in letting the cool water wash over me and I relaxed some more. I was in for 10 minutes before stepping out and wrapping a towel around myself. I plugged my flat iron in and dried myself off and walked to the closet where I decided to put back on my outfit but this time with black leggings. I heard Bob come in and say hello to Calico and come into the room where he bit his lip at the fact that i'm still in my towel. It was his turn to be teased now. I winked like he did and walked back to the bathroom where I blowed dried my hair and then straightened it and parted it to the right side. I slipped back on my leggings and my teal dress and re-applied my make up and brushed my teeth again. Bob changed his hoodie to his favorite black jacket and his black converse.
"Movie or dinner first?" he asked me while fluffing his hair.
"Don't matter." I smiled.

"Well adventureland starts at 7:30, we could eat first." he suggested and I nodded.
"Sounds good." I agreed, grabbing my purse and looked at my phone and it was 3:45. Me and Bob decided to drive to our favorite Japanese restaurant. that was 30 minutes away but it was extremely worth it.
Me and Bob finished eating and it was remarkably delicious and went to go see Adventureland which was pretty cool. I know Bob liked it cause he laughed at everything,which was pretty funny. It was already 9:30 and we were tired. I smiled as Bob held my hand while we drove home. But while we were driving that feeling came back like an alley cat wanting more milk.

When we got in I put my purse down and gasped when I was pushed against the wall. Bob's lips locked with mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck where he put his hands under my bottom and held me up against the cold surface. My legs wrapped around his waist and I moaned as his mouth went to my neck. My hands went through his hair as he sucked on one particular spot and he carried me to the bedroom where he laid me down on the bed and I kissed him full force. I ripped his jacket and shirt off where I lapped at his chest. He pulled my leggings off leaving me in just my dress where he smirked as his large hands made a trail up my legs to under my dress and I whimpered from his touch. He went back to my neck where I ended up moaning from his hands that rubbed my inner thighs. As Bob's hand pulled at the rim of my panties, a knock on the door snapped us out of the heaven we were both in. I looked at him and he looked pissed off,and I tried my hardest not to laugh. "Who would be knocking at this time?" he said as another soft knock came. Bob rolled his eyes while putting his shirt back on and he went to go get it while I waited for him to come back. After a minute Bob came back with a confused look at his face. "Bob who is it?" I asked him and he looked at me and rubbed his ear. "Umm Liss,it's for you." he said. Me? who wants to see me? "Who?" I said in a nervous tone.

"Just go." he said calmly. I looked at him with wide eyes and he just nodded his head. I went to the door where I stood there shocked. Two little girls were at my door and they looked at me with fear plainly in there eyes. They were my sisters..........My sisters who I haven't seen in 3 years,here they are standing right in front of me.

"Aimee?! Anaiah?! what are you doing here?!" i asked in complete suprise. They both ran to me and wrapped themselves around me and held on to me tight.

"Lissa please help us." Aimee said in a scared tone as they both clung to me. I hugged them both as that nervous feeling finally revealed it's reason for it's haunting. As I looked down at Aimee I saw the bruises on her arm and silent tears ran down my face as everything came back
to me.
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