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Chapter 5

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okay short short short chapter. it's been in my head i'm just getting it out. i will post next chapter soon

"sophie! jackie! we need to talk," bam said in an all serious tone when we sat down next to them.

"what are you talking about?" i said laying my head down.

"aww sophie what's wrong?" jackie asked.

"killer hangover," i mumbled. "where did you and frank go last night?" i said with a playful tone.

"oh! you noticed we were gone? well haha... we went back to his bunk and..." she bent over and whispered in my ear.

"oh my god jackie! haha i didn't know you were so dirty!" i said lifting my head.

"that is what i'm talking about! we need to talk," bam said.

"why do we need to talk?" i asked.

"because neither you or jackie came back to the tour bus last night and we were worried," bam said.

"oh i think you were a little more than worried, i think you were frustrated," jeph said.

"what what, what are you talking about," bam said turning red.

"umm yeah.. what are you talking about?" i asked.

"well i don't think you remember, you were trashed and jackie wasn't there but they said they needed you last night," jeph said. "that's why you woke up on our bus, i didn't want you on yours because i didn't know what they had planned for you."

"oh, oh my god, oh god i refuse to get back on that bus!" i said. "jackie i don't know about you but i can't sleep there anymore!"

"me either! oh god! can we like get a different bus or something? someone please say yes!" jackie said.

"oh god... i never thought that you guys were like that.. ecspecially you!" i said pointing at bam. "oh god, i can't stay in that bus."

"you can stay on our bus if you want, i've already talked to the guys they don't mind," jeph said to me.

"oh god really? o geez jeph you are fucking awesome!" i exclaimed hugging him.

"hey jackie you can stay on our bus," frank said.

"oh frankie i love you! thank you so much!"

lol you like?

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