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little Island.

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Take me away to your island
I want to live there; all I would need is a drink and a chair
I want to be brainwashed and forget all I know
Know nothing of theatre, know nothing of men,
Know nothing that I ever loved again

Come on Xena the Warrior Princess,
Alice in Wonderland,
Peter Pan, the lost boys
Kimberly Akimbo,
Humbert Humbert,
Dorothy and crew,
lets go

we can go Out with a bang
Come in with a shot
All the memories we’ll gather up in a pile
And burn them with wood that would rot,
dance around naked
And hope we’ll get caught

Love will be outlawed,
death will not come,
It won’t be flawed, we’ll ring out like a drum
Take me away to your island, a euphoric kingdom

But don’t let me forget that i ever had a life other than what i will know
i can never realize happiness when i see it
And then, I’ll just want to go.
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