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Blank Walls

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Filler. Sorry for the shortness! Next one will be longer, promise.

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I woke up in a semi-bright room. The faint smell of freesia's. The overpowering smell of blueberry pancakes by my feet. Something was weird; I couldn't remember a damn thing about what happened last night. Except for touching a flower...

"Rose Petal?" Frank's head popped into my line of vision, a huge pout on his lips. "Are you alright, Rose? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to knock you over last night--"

"He gets a little too excited whenever we play Mansion Wars." Ray laughed, scratching his neck. "Yeah. Sorry about that, Rose. We'll have to reschedule another game for you."

I smiled. "It's alright. I can't remember much of it anyway. All I remember is touching some flower."

Frank and Ray exchanged glances, eyebrows raised.

"You touched a flower?" asked Frank.

"Yeah," I nodded. "It's werid, though. I can't remember anything before or after that. Just Gerard."

Ray's mouth twisted, revealing his teeth again, and began walking towards the door, muttering something about having a talk with Gerard. Frank stayed with me and sat at the end of my bed, pushing the pancakes towards me. I nibbled on one and watched Frank twitch beside me, flinching every now and then. Almost like he was nervous.

"You okay, Frank?"

He nodded, staring at the floor. "Yeah. It's nothing. Just eat your food."

I snarfed down a few more pancakes before the insufferable silence finally started getting to me. But, before I could even mumble a syllable, Frank was up and gone.

Something was definetly up.

I pulled my messy brown hair up off my shoulders and jumped out of bed, edging towards the door. I had to be sneaky; you never know when one of them is just going to pop up. I opened the door and peeked out. Coast clear. I tip-toed along the hallway, passing every silent room, until I came to one near the end of the hall. It was a big oak door with brass knockers in the center. It almost seemed that the door should be smaller, as if it were taller than the walls.
But that wasn't why I stopped. From the other side, I could hear five very distinct voices, talking amongst themselves. My name came up a few times... I lost count after thirty. Leaning my ear against the wood, I decided to ease drop -

'...Rose doesn't need to know about...'

'...She's going to find out eventually...'

'....Maybe we should take a vote...'

'..Shut up, Frank...'

'...If she ever sets foot in...'

'...Kill her...'

'Do you hear that?'

I gasped, jumping away from the door, and tried my best to casually lean against the wall. Mikey poked his head out from behind the door and smiled, shaking his head at me.

"Sneaking around, Rose?"

"No." I replied, pretending to be very interested in the wallapaper. "I happen to like looking at walls."

Mikey rose his eyebrows and disappeared back inside the room, only to reappear a second later with Ray, Bob, and Frank in tow. Frank smiled apologetically at me and pointed towards the door. My eyes darted back and forth between Frank and the door almost ninety times before Bob finally got annoyed with my ignorance and pushed me in front of the doors.

Ray patted my shoulder. "He can smell fear."

I wasn't sure if the smile on his face was genuine or if he was actually trying to warn me. All in all, I'm glad I wasn't sweating. I inhaled deeply and gripped the doorknob, pulling it open and walking inside. I didn't even notice Gerard at the window. I was too distracted by the lush purple carpeting and the odd amount of sunlight that was filling the room.

Although I expected it, his voice still made me shiver.

"Sit down, Rose. We have something to talk about."

A/N - Filler! We get to see more of Gerard after this chapter. I had to put this one in there or the other ones won't make sense, so bare with me. And THANK YOU for all of the sweet reviews. They made me smile so much. I was literally smiling all day, I think I annoyed some people with my cheeriness. :D Thank you for reading! Please review! (Sorry for the shortness!)
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