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Chapter 13.

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That night I decided I needed to be alone. So without telling anyone besides Brendon I packed a bag full of clothes and all my other necessities and reserved a room at the Bellagio. It was later by the time I had everything set and I figured Ryan and Holly had left or hand gone to bed or whatever so I scribbed a note and just...left. I figured it was best for me. I didn’t want to fight. I didn’t want to yell. I didn’t want to scream or cry or be angry. I just wanted to be alone.

Once I was settled I texted Brendon letting him know my room number incase he was planning an impromptu visit. He texted me back five minutes later saying he’d be over later with a late dinner. He couldn’t have been any more perfect. He was giving me space but was still more than willing to be there if I needed him and I did now more than ever. I felt like he was the only one that could understand what was going on; the only one that wanted to understand and the only one I wanted to understand.

It was later, maybe around midnight or so when I heard a certain knock on my door. It sounded like he was trying to knock a song, but wasn’t sure which one he wanted to reproduce through his fist.
“Hey princess.” He smiled as soon as I opened the door. My heart fluttered. I always thought ‘princess’ was a childish pet name, but when it came from Brendon’s lips it was perfect. Just like almost everything else he said.
“Hi Brendon.” I smiled as I let him in. He set a bag down on the floor before engulfing me in his weak but warm arms. At that moment every cell in my body ached for Brendon and it felt wonderful. This comforting embrace could last forever for all I cared and I’d be perfectly content.
“Are you feeling better?” He asked. His voice was a little muffled by my messy hair. I smiled. A real smile this time.
“No, but I feel much better now that you’re here.”
“I’m glad you’re feeling slightly better.” He chuckled. “I brought you some dinner.” He knelt down and pulled out a tupperware dish.
“You cooked?” I raised an eyebrow. Brendon didn’t cook. He either ate out, made a sandwich, came to our apartment or went to his parents to eat.
“Yes. I figured I would try for you. It isn’t much. Just chicken alfredo.” He said as he pulled out dishes for us to eat off of as well as silverware. He set everything up at the table that sat against the window that provided a lovely view of the busy Las Vegas strip. “I’m sorry if it sucks. And I’ll be even more sorry if you get sick. That’s not my intention I swear.” He was so cute when he rambled.
“Brendon, shut up. I’m sure it’s great.” I told him before digging in. And it was. He was surprisingly a good cook. Who would have known?
“So you haven’t gagged, puked, keeled over or died yet so I’m assuming it’s good? Or edible at least?” He asked as he pushed his food around his plate. I rolled my eyes and held back a laugh.
“It’s really good Brendon. I promise.” Our dinner table conversation was light and fun and afterwards he changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt he brought and we cuddled up in the big fluffy bed while watching something, I couldn’t tell you what on some comedy channel. The only thing I could focus on was the warmth of his body so close to mine and how my heart swelled when he laughed. His laugh was music to my ears and I just wanted to hear his own symphony.

I, Cait Avery, have turned into a romantic sap and I am not complaining one bit.

I fell asleep that night with my head on Brendon’s right pec and my hand over his heart and I had never slept so well in my entire life.


“Cait, I’m sorry I didn’t call you from the chapel or anything and I don’t know why I didn't. I guess I was just too caught up in the moment. Please, please come back home...or at least call me back.” Holly pleaded in a voicemail she left me. I sighed before setting my phone back down on the nightstand.
“You should call her back.” Brendon said as he traced patterns on my back with his index finger.
“I know I should. I will later.”
“Why later?”
“I just...want to spend some more time alone with you...” I admitted with a blush.
“You don’t need to say that again.” He said before leaning around me to capture my lips in a sweet, but passionate kiss. The only thing Brendon and I had done was well...the movie theatre thing and as much as I wanted more, I would wait if he wanted but with the way he was kissing me it was very hard. It seemed like a second later I was laying back on the bed while Brendon was on top of me, sucking on my neck while his shaking hands wandered up my shirt. He pulled away from my neck quickly and looked into my eyes. I could see two things: love and desire. He wanted this as much as I did. He was asking permission with his eyes and I bit my lip as I smiled and nodded. His hands continued to travel up my shirt before it was on the floor along with his. Our naked torsos were hot and soft and seemed to fit together perfectly. I hoped the rest of us felt the same way. He took his time with our bottoms. My guess was because of his shaking hands, but soon enough we were both fully exposed to each other underneath a thin white sheet.
“I feel really cheap saying this now...but...” He started.
“I thought now would be a good time to tell you that you Cait.” I froze. Did he just say what I had been dreaming of?
“I’m sorry?”
“I love you. You’re beautiful and confident and poised and you have a good head on your shoulders. You’re sweet and funny and I love spending time with you and you’re all I ever think about and all I ever want to think about. I want to write songs for you, read you sappy poetry that I wrote for you and I just...I love you.” He said all in one breath. The smile on my face was absolutely huge.
“You love me?” I asked with the quietest voice I had. I was shocked to say the least.
“More than anything.” He nodded.
“I love you too Brendon. So much. I always have.” I smiled before kissing him. This was right. So right. He continued to kiss me as a way of distracting me from what was about to happen. I was about to lose my virginity to Brendon and he was about to lose his to me. I could feel his tip at my entrance before there was a loud pounding on the door followed by a cheery “House keeping!”. What horrible timing. We could have said no, that they should come back later but we were stunned into silence before jumping up quickly to get dressed.
“Later. I promise.” He told me before kissing me. We were sitting on the bed fully dressed with the TV on as the maid entered our room with a happy smile on her face. I hated her. She ruined it.

But he promised me later, so it was okay. I didn’t hate the poor old lady as much anymore when he grabbed my hand and squeezed in reassurance.

Ohh la la. ;]
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