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Falling in love, coming undone

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"Gee! I missed you!" Frank dived into my open arms and I swung him round, making him giggle.
"I missed you too." I smiled, dropping him back down onto his feet but keeping my arms around him. "Those four days felt like forever." I laughed and he stood on his tiptoes to press his lips quickly to mine.
"Same for me." He agreed before kissing me again, biting playfully on my bottom lip. I pulled him close and embraced him tightly, running my tongue across the crease of his lips teasingly before releasing him and turning to pick up his bag. He pouted at me and I smirked.
"I'll take this to your room, and I made you coffee - it’s on the side." I grinned at him as he poked his tongue out at me. I made my way up the stairs as he disappeared into the kitchen and tried hard to wipe the goofy smile off my face. I was just so ecstatic to see him. Those four days really had felt like forever and now he was back, just seeing him made me feel like they had been even longer because I was reminded of how amazing he was.
I dumped his bag onto the bed in the spare room, which was now pretty much his, and made my way back down the stairs. I had just reached the bottom step when Frank appeared in the kitchen doorway, I smiled at him but was taken by surprise when he pounced at me, almost knocking me over and wrapping his legs tight round my waist.
"Frank -" I was cut off as he smothered my lips with his own, greedily sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and biting playfully - I was shocked for a moment, but then I surrendered and wrapped my arms tightly around him, kissing him back just as eagerly. His hands moved into my hair, pulling gently as he pressed his body closer to mine, his legs tightening round my waist and I tried hard not to concentrate on his crotch which was rubbing against mine. I ran my own hands up to his hair and caressed the back of his neck, the sloppy sounds of our kissing were turning me on faster and I forced myself to pull away, instantly missing the heat of his lips.
"Fuck Frankie... where did that come from?" I asked, a little out of breath as I looked at him grinning at me, his eyes shining from lust.
"I've just really missed you." He smirked, leaning forward to kiss me again but I stopped him just in time. He gave me a hurt look and tilted his head to the side. "What’s the matter?" He asked. I bit my lip and thought for a moment. What was the matter? The matter was if he kept doing what he was doing I was going to end up losing control and take him to my bedroom where I would have my wicked way with him for the rest of day, and probably all night too - but I couldn’t think of such things.
"Erm Frankie... this is a bit... heavy..." I wondered if that was the right word and he blushed.
"Oh sorry." He giggled shyly, dropping down to the floor. "I've been eating loads of candy all weekend and -" I burst out laughing and he gave me a confused look.
"Not you!" I gasped. "I meant the whole... situation, I meant the situation was heavy." I explained between giggles. Frank blushed and smiled, shoving me lightly.
"Oh right. I get ya'." He smirked, wrapping his arms around me and resting his head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Gee, I didn’t want it to seem like we were going too fast." He apologized, making me hug him closer.
"I'm just thinking of you Frankie. I don’t want to rush things for your sake." I explained quietly and he nodded.
"I know Gee, but I trust you ya' know. I'm not saying I'm getting impatient because really, I'm not. I'm just saying, I'm still a teenager and I do have hormones, and sometimes I will pounce on you like that." He grinned up at me and giggled. "So don't get alarmed, 'Kay?" He chuckled; I rolled my eyes and released him, walking into the kitchen as he followed behind.
"I wasn’t alarmed. I was... making sure we didn’t get caught in the heat of the moment." I pouted. Frank laughed and picked up his coffee, raising it to his lips and smirking at me as I raised my eyebrows at him.
"Okay Gee, whatever you say." He giggled. I glared at him and he grinned. "Love you." He added in an apologetic tone and I couldn’t help but smile.
"Okay okay, I love you too." I said, my heart lurching as I realized what I had just said. I looked quickly at Frank but he was guzzling down his coffee just as casually as usual and I guessed he hadn’t realized that I had just told him I loved him for the first time.

"Frankie? Are you okay?" I asked as Frank appeared in my doorway. It was late and I had just been about to finish reading my comic and go to sleep. Frank had gone to bed hours ago and I wondered what had caused him to wake up.
"Nightmare." He mumbled, padding softly over to my bed where I raised the covers for him before pulling him into my arms. He nuzzled his face into my chest and wrapped his arms round my waist.
"Was it about your dad?" I asked gently and he shook his head.
"No. It was weird, it was loads of different images all flashing in my mind and it was just... it was horrible." He shuddered and I held him closer to me, deciding not to question it further. His body was warm against mine and I found myself cuddling into him just as much as he was to me, we shuffled further down the bed, snuggling closer and tangling our limbs.
"Well, your safe now. Everything’s okay." I whispered against his sweet smelling hair and he nodded softly.
"I know... I love you Gee." He whispered his breath ghosting over my chest and causing me to shiver slightly. His words seemed to float around me like a cloud and I closed my eyes, pressing my face into his hair and breathing deeply as I allowed my thoughts to get tangled round what he had just said. Although he was half asleep, I could tell he had meant it, and my heart was thudding loudly in my ears, so loud I was sure he could hear it too but he was breathing softly against me and by the time it occurred to me that I should tell him I loved him too - he had gone to sleep.

"Hey Gee, I forgot to tell you, Rays coming round today - is that alright?" Frank asked over breakfast. My heart dropped as I nodded, trying not to show my disappointment, I had been hoping to spend the day with him alone but Ray was his best friend, and I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to stop that.
"Yeah that’s fine." I said with a large smile that was only half fake. "He doesn’t find it weird that you spend most of your time round here does he?" I asked and Frank shrugged, chewing thoughtfully on his toast.
"Well... if he does he hasn’t said anything. I think he found it weird at first but now I think he's used to it." He answered, dropping the crust from his toast onto the plate and picking up the next piece. I smiled a little to myself, although I was used to it I still found Franks somewhat childish eating habits amusing. I guessed it was probably something deeper than just not liking the crust, I knew that kids who had been abused often had little habits they should have grown out of - something that stayed certain through out an unpredictable childhood. I knew Frank liked the crust, so I was fairly certain it was just a habit that was more of a comfort than anything, but I decided not to point this out to him, after all - it wasn’t a problem, I was just reading too much into things.
"You okay Gee?" Frank asked, breaking me out of my thoughts and I realized I had been staring at him.
"Hm? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just admiring how gorgeous you are." I grinned and he blushed, smiling down at his plate. I found it adorable how bashful he could become at times, and I smirked to myself, getting out of my feet and taking my own breakfast things over the sink - brushing my hand across Frank’s shoulders as I went. He looked over at me and smiled, which failed slightly - as he was also trying to shove in a whole piece of toast.

I was falling deeper and deeper into my lust the more I stayed kissing him like this, and I knew I had to break away before it was too late but his hands were tugging at my hair, pulling me closer to him, his lips pushing more forcefully against mine, his legs entwining round mine and I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. Just one more second... then one second more... and maybe another... I couldn’t help it. Things were moving on whether I wanted them to or not, and I was being dragged along for the ride - I would like to say kicking and screaming, but in reality I was more than willing to let our passion over come us.
"Gerard..." My name passed Franks lips in a breathy sound of delight, and his teeth clamped onto my bottom lip, releasing to let his tongue past and swirl with mine. He trailed one hand out of my hair and down my back, reaching the hem of my shirt which he then pushed up, running his hand back up my back, touching the skin and sending sparks down my spine. My own hands too were busy, one was running through his hair, the other resting lazily on the side of his neck, feeling his muscles work as he kissed me with passionate hunger. He raised one leg so that it was bent, causing me to drop between his thighs and he clutched my hair tighter, kissing me harder as our tongues danced.
We had to stop. I knew this, and he probably did too, but neither of us was willing to pull away, too caught up in the heat of the moment to let it go to waste. Part of me was trying to stay the responsible adult; but that part was getting smaller and smaller the longer we stayed entwined. His hand on my back had gone to my waist, slipping further down and I wasn’t stopping him and -
"Hey guys, the door was open so - Holy crap what the hell are you doing!" I wrenched away from Frank with a gasp, falling to the other side of the sofa and staring in horror at Ray who was stood in the doorway with his jaw hanging open. Frank gave a squeak of surprise and curled into the corner of the sofa, hugging his knees to his body as he blushed deeply.
"R - Ray... Ray I can explain I -"
"Oh my god man! You were kissing him - he was - you were - he was gonna - but then you were gonna - and then he - but you - OH MY GOD!" I wasn’t sure whether Ray was going to pass out or run away, he had gone deathly pale and his eyes were so wide it was a wonder they didn’t fall out of his head.
"Ray, it wasn’t what it looked like." Frank cried and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, he whimpered and ran a hand through his hair. "Well okay, it was what it looked like but Ray its not what you think!" He tried again, and Ray stared at him in pure shock.
"But Frank - you were kissing him, and he was kissing you, and you were all over each other and - HE'S YOUR COUSIN!" Ray cried, slapping a hand to his forehead. For a moment I was as confused as Ray, but then I remembered what Frank had told him to get out of telling him about his dad.
"What, Ray we're not cousins." Said Frank, raising an eyebrow.
"Yes you are - you told me you were, when I went to your Aunty Donnas - remember?" Ray cried, and Frank gasped as remembered. I bit my lip and tried to think of something to say, but I was completely lost for words.
"Ray... he's not my cousin, Donnas not my Aunty... I... I lied to you - I'm sorry! But I had a reason I swear!" Cried Frank and Ray’s look of shock turned to one of hurt, Frank bit his lip and I could see the sadness in his eyes.
"Ray please don’t be mad at me..." He whispered. Ray ran a hand through his hair and opened and closed his mouth a few times, clearly trying to think of something to say.
"W - Well, even if he isn’t your cousin, he's still our teacher - that’s illegal Frank! That’s... err... that’s... what’s that word again..?" He mumbled.
"Misconduct." I answered for him without thinking, both Ray and Frank turned to look at me. I blushed and bowed my head.
"Yeah! That’s it! Misconduct - that’s misconduct Frank, he could lose his job over that - he should lose his job over that! I cant believe you've been doing this, I cant believe you hid this from me - I thought we were friends!" Cried Ray and Frank got to his feet, running over to him.
"We are friends Ray! I was going to tell, I swear I was - I was just gonna wait until after graduation, because then it wouldn’t be illegal!" He cried, reaching his hand out but Ray pushed him away with a snarl.
"This is sick Frank. He's our teacher, how did this even happen? Is that why he had that fight with your dad? Because your dad found out you were screwing him? How can you be so stupid? How many other kids do you think he's fucked? He's a fucking pervert Frank!" Ray cried and I frowned, getting to my feet and facing Ray with clenched fists as Frank broke down in tears.
"Excuse me!? Pervert? He's almost eighteen years old Ray, I'm only twenty three, that isn’t an immensely huge age gap - and not that its any of your business anyway, but we have not 'fucked' nor have I ever shown any interest to any other students." I snapped, Ray glared at me and Frank sank to his knees, sobbing into his hands. My heart lurched and my anger disappeared as I ran over to him, dropping to the floor and pulling him into my arms. He choked on a sob and flung his arms around my neck and sobbed into my shoulder.
"I'm s - sorry Ra - ay." He whimpered and I saw Rays face soften.
"Why did you lie to me? Why did you tell me you were cousins if your not? Why did he fight with your dad? How did this all start, when did it all start!? You have to give me some answers here Frank!" He cried, and I saw the pain in his eyes. Frank was trembling in my embrace and I closed my eyes, how could I have let it get this far? We knew Ray was coming round; we should never have started kissing. In fact, we should never have got together in the first place. We should have just waited until he graduated, and now because I had been too reckless to pay attention to common sense we were faced with this. Frank could lose his best friend because of this. I could lose my job. I could be thrown into prison, just like Franks dad... I really was no better than him in the end.
"I need to tell him Gee..." Frank sobbed. "I need to tell him everything..." My stomach gave a weird little flip and I pulled back to look into Franks eyes, they were bloodshot and watery, his cheeks were red, and I felt the overwhelming urge to protect him, to hold him and keep him away from the world where he wouldn’t be hurt.
"No, Frank - don’t do this if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured to do anything." I whispered, I couldn’t imagine the courage it would take him to tell Ray everything before he was ready. We had tried so hard to keep it all a secret from all of the students. But if we didn’t then Ray was definitely going to tell the school about this, as much as I hated to admit it - this was the only chance we had.
"I do need to Gee..." Frank whimpered and I bowed my head. Frank sat back, sniffling and wiping away his tears as he got to his feet. His bottom lip was still trembling and his eyes were watering still, but he held his head high and I watched as he faced Ray who was looking at him with a mixed face of sadness, pain and confusion.
"Okay... I - I'll tell you... but only because y - your my best friend..." Franks voice wobbled and Ray bit his lip.
"I just wanna know the truth Frank... please, just tell me what’s going on. I promise I wont tell anyone anything." He said gently, giving a small smile at Frank and then to me. I felt some of my panic melt away and Ray hesitantly reached out a hand, Frank choked on a whimper and took it, allowing Ray to pull him into a hug. I got to my feet and ran a trembling hand through my hair. I was glad that of all the people to find us, it was Ray - I knew he was a good kid. I knew we could trust him. But I was also scared, because now we had to tell him everything. Frank would have to relive the pain of telling someone about his father, and we would be faced with the difficult task of trying to explain how we had ended up together.
We were going to be in for a long day.

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