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Chapter 7

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"hehe this is gonna be fun!" jackie whispered.

"mwahaha! i know! oh here they come," i said softly. jackie and i crouched behind a line of buses holding our water balloons filled with oatmeal. we'd spent two days making them and then stowing them away in the back of the my chem tour bus, which frank so willingly moved ray's weights out of the way to put our box of ballons in there (and ray wasn't to pleased).

"okay, ready?" i asked turning back to jackie with eager eyes.

"i've been ready for the past week! let's do this shit!" she said bouncing up and down.

"okay on three, one.. two.. NOW!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!" jackie and i screamed running out from behind the buses launching our oatmeal balloons at brent, d.j., and bam.

"oh shit! ahh! it's in my hair!" d.j. screamed.

"you're more of a girl than we are," i said throwing another balloon at his head.

"why are you doing this?" bam asked with tears in his eyes.

"for revenge bitch!" jackie screamed at going straight up to him, not bothering to throw the balloon but just slamming it into his head.

"hahaha!" i laughed doubling over and dropping the balloon. after we ran out of balloons me and jackie were laughing so hard we ended up on the ground when jeph and frank came out of nowhere.

"jackie! what happened are you okay?" frank asked running over and picking her up.

"oh frankie! i'm fine! but they're not!" she screamed pointing at the guys.

"hahahahahaha!! oh, oh, oh god i can't breathe! hahaha" i laughed going blood red.

"sophie are you okay?" asked jeph coming over and sitting down next to me.

"yes! i'm wonderful! to bad i can't say the same for them!" i said going into another fit of laughter with jackie.

"what did you guys do?" frank asked looking around at the oatmeal.

"i'll tell you what they did! brent said coming up. "they fucking attacked us! then they laugh their asses off at us! bitches."

"hehe, you deserved it," i said still giggling.

"you think this is funny? look at what you did to poor bam over there," d.j. said pointing at bam who was wiping tears from his eyes.

"aww come on! bam, suck it up and be a man!" i said.

"shut up!" he snapped.

"oh geez, bam come on, it's not that bad. did we really hurt you that bad?" i asked starting to feel bad that me and jackie had done this.

"no," he sniffed. "but look at my hair! it's ruined!" he cried.

"oh my god!" jackie said exasperated.

"geez bam. you made me feel bad, and all for your hair! hey jackie i think we should do something else like that," i said.

"like what? ray asked walking over.

"whoa. what happened?" bob asked.

"okay we just went throught that do w have to do it again?" frank asked.

"no haha, i don't want to feel bad for bams' hair," i said while jackie and i went back into a another episode of laughter.

okay guys, i'm running low on ideas and i now know how frustrating writers block is. soo if there are any suggestions for the story could you please tell me? leave your ideas in reviews or email me, thanks guys and review on what i could come up with on my own lol.

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