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If I cut off your arms, cut off your legs, will you still love me anyway

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A/N: This is a really old story that I wrote about three years ago. It is inspired in the song Helena by The Misfits. I wasn't posting it, but I found it in my archive and felt the need to post it, since I haven't posted anything in a long time. I will hopefully post a new chapter from my other two stories on Thursday. Believe me, it's top priority to post al least a tiny chapter. For now read this please even though it sucks, and review if you didn't think it was so terrible.

The light from the moon shined bright above him in the clear October night as he walked across the path that crossed the park. His green eyes closed a little every once in a while due to the lack of sleep. He had been walking for more that an hour now, and he noticed it when he looked at the time in his pod, which was currently playing The Misfits trough his earphones. He had been thinking about the plan all night, and finally decided to complete it. He heard footsteps near and decided to hide behind the nearest bush. He then saw her standing in the middle of the clearing, her jet black hair hanging loosely over her shoulders, the wind blowing her hair into her eyes, but she didn't mind. The moon's shine reflected in her perfect white skin, giving her a glow that made him almost regret his decision. Almost.
He put away his ipod in his pocket, and took out a sharp, shinny knife from his bag, proceeding to hide his bag behind the bush, and walked directly to her, hiding the sharp object behind his back. She turned around and smiled sheepishly at him as he became enchanted by her eyes. Her smile turned into a confused glare which quickly turned into a look of pure terror as he revealed the tool hidden behind his back. She backed out as he walked forward and pointed the knife at her. Warm tears ran down her face as she tried to calm him down and tell him how sorry she was. He just shook his head and slid the knife across her throat. If I cut out your arms He cut off both of her arms as the dark red color slipped down to the green grass, painting it red. Cut off your legs As he slid the knife trough her other two limbs her legs were separated from her body. Will you still love me He stabbed her one in the heart and dropped the knife besides her lifeless body covered in red liquid. He have her a final kiss and shivered at the feeling of her cold body against him. He walked away turning on his ipod, listening to the Misfits again, never glancing back. Still love me anyway.
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