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Practice Makes...

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"Fine," I said, an invitation. "Wow me."

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A few minutes before midnight, I turned the key into my apartment. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't a closet. I set my purse down on the breakfast bar, and fumbled for a light switch. "Nice place," Brendon remarked eye-ing my walls, strewn with photos and framed posters. "I especially like the paper lanterns. It gives a certain atmosphere to the tiny little living room."

"Want a tour?" I asked coyly, and he responded with a chuckle and a nod.

"This," I said gesturing over the breakfast bar, "Is a kitchen. I have chips and salsa, feel free. And this," I said, swiveling to give a Vanna White feel to the tour. "Is the living room. Over there is the bathroom. This concludes your tour experience."

"That was the worst tour I have ever been on. I want a refund." He pouted. I giggled and picked up a girly magazine from off my coffee table. I flipped through it, and saw a few articles about fashion and models who make me feel low self esteem, quizzes and dating. I opened to an article about cute ways boyfriends show that they care. "I'm going to change, read this and don't break anything."

I walked over to my bedroom, the one place in the apartment that wasn't included on the tour. After I was sure the door was fully closed behind me, I took of my teal shirt, leaving on a tight cream colored camisole. I opened up my Macbook Air, and it automatically came up to my last facebook status. "Jenna Braxton is going on a date tonight. ;)" Well, that didn't exactly happen. I tapped on my backspace and typed in, "got stood up, but Brendon Urie was at the bar. Yeah, from highschool."

Content with my new status (I had a few of my highschool friends added, they were gonna be shocked), I ruffled through my pajama drawer and pulled out a pair of purple and gray plaid pj pants. I made my way to the closet and pulled out a gray hoodie. Slipping it over my freckled arms, I walked over to the full body mirror I had hanging between my door and closet and I checked my hair. It looked cute down, in the same messy way it always fell, but while in the process of pulling it back in a messy bun, I heard the familiar sound my mac made whenever someone sent me a message on facebook chat. I walked over to my laptop, anxious to get back out in the living room to check on Brendon.

My fourteen year old cousin, Olivia, sent me an IM reading, "YOU WENT TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH BRENDON URIE?!?!?!?!?!"

Confused, I responded, "Uhm, yeah. Why?"

Olivia Freemont: Please, PLEASE tell me you brought him home!!!

Jenna Braxton: What the heck, Liv?!

Olivia Freemont: He is the lead singer of Panic at the Disco!

Jenna Braxton: So?!

Olivia Freemont: They are my favorite band!! Panic is on the radio all the time.

Jenna Braxton: Hey, I gtg.

Olivia Freemont: Have fun with one of the hottest and most talented men on the face of the universe. Tell him there is a chick named Olivia who adores him!

Jenna: Will do.

I signed off, and stormed out of my bedroom. Before I had a chance to speak Brendon announced proudly, "I got bored of the article but I figured out the man I need is strong and dependable, I am the friend that people go to for a good time AND my spring fashion is a sundress."

"Good, it'll match your panties." I said in the 'I don't give a damn' tone before I asked, "So you are in a band? My cousin is a fan, she adores you."

"Really? How did you find out I was in Panic?" He asked, then paused and added, "By the way, I resent the panty comment."

"Noted, and facebook. I just said 'met Brendon Urie from highschool at a bar.' and thenI got 'OMG'd' by my cousin. I knew you were a choir and band dork, but I never really heard you sing. And you didn't learn anything from the magazine?"

"Nah. I was always more of a kinetic learner. Reading things never clicked in my head."

"Uhm, okay. So the first thing you do is ask a girl her name, and things about herself. So questions like 'what do you do for a living?' and stuff like that."

He nodded and I continued to give him body language tips to see if a girl is into you and the line between 'hard to get' and 'definitely not interested.' I tought him how to be a gentleman, just like I had promised. What to wear so he didn't look like a player, heck, how not to be a player. And he seemed to be soaking it all in, like a student eager to learn. He will need to find some common interests and learn not to get numbers if he will not call. And the greatest rule he can never break: never use a pickup line. And Brendon promised me he wouldn't.

"Okay, so I have everything in my brain. I just need to practice." He said, anxious and filled to the brim with new knowledge. "So, uhm. You're a nice looking girl, I've got all the time in the world."

"Well, hi. My name is Jenna." I said, offering a hand for him to shake.

"My name is Brendon. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Ooh, yes you may. I never say no to a drink."

"Ahaha, my kind of girl." He said cheerily, and I did a double take. Did he just call me his kind of girl? Wait, we're just pretending. And we're not at a bar, we are on my couch. Chill out, Jenna. He continued, "So, what do you do for a living?"

"Well, I'm a graphic designer. I make webpages and tee shirts and stuff. Whatever they need me to make, I'm their girl." I say, not really wanting to divulge too much. But gradually, I was coming more and more comfortable with the conversation.

"That's cool. I happen to be a rockstar." He said, nonchalantly sipping his drink. I laughed, and shook my head. "You might not want to say that. No one will believe you."

"But then I will wow them with my singing."

"Fine," I said, an invitation. "Wow me."

"Oh, little did she know, couldn't let me go. Already a part of her. So often do I meet people in between who that can't get a hold of it, so we'll just sing it for them. Yeah we'll just sing it for them. So we'll just sing it for them. Yeah, we'll just sing it! It's the greatest thing that's yet to have happened. Imagine knowing me, it's the greatest thing you'd ever imagine. But you'll never know until you're there."

Only when he sung did I get a glimpse. Sure, the lyrics were cocky. Hell, he was cocky. But his voice was so beautiful, and he was equal to that and underneath the cheap lines he is beautiful too. It's funny how there is more to people, and once you strip them down to their leopard print and glitter thong.. wow.

"I can see why my cousin loves you," I said in an awed state, and only when he reacted did I realize what I said. "you're music. You're voice. Yeah, amazing. Great."

He smiled coyly at the rose in my cheeks, and slid closer to me. I could feel his warmth through the hoodie he wore, and he smirked, "So, there is one more thing I need to practice."

And with that, his lips landed on mine.


Brzzzt. Brrrzt. Brrrrzt.

Repeated my cell phone, vibrating against my solid wood bedside table. Seven missed calls? I pressed a few buttons on my blackberry to see who called, when my phone began to vibrate again in my hands. Olivia.

"What on Earth makes you think it's okay to call me on a Sunday morning?" I whispered fiercely, trying ot to awaken a sleeping Brendon next to me. The way he slept was adorable, and he mumbled the weirdest things. It was muffled, "It's just onstage, Ry." I don't want to know what that means, but I hope somewhere in his dream was me.

"It's a Monday. At eleven am. And the last I heard you went on a date with the hottest guy in existence!" She squealeld over the phone, and I glanced at my clock. Shit. I was supposed to be at work forty five minutes ago.

"Holy crap, I'm late. Listen, Liv. I have to go."

"Wait! Let me talk to Brendon!" She pleaded.

"I can't. He's sleeping."


I clicked the end button, and hurridly rushed to my closet, pulling out a blouse. I pulled it on, and proceeded to rummage through my drawers and pull out whatever slacks I could find. They didn't go at all, but I wasn't really worried as much about my appearance as I was careful to be as quiet as possible. I didn't have enough time to look decent, let alone deal with the rockstar in my bed.

As quickly as possible, I got ready to be presentable and walked out of my apartment complex and into the parking lot. Which didn't have my car in it's spot. Instead it held Brendon's Honda Civic. I walked back into my apartment, now without regard for sound. I slammed the front door and hurried into the bedroom. His dreary eyes opened and he mumbled, "Goodmorning, beautiful."

"Thanks for the compliment, but I need you to do me a favor and drive me to work?" I said, sweetly. And he nodded.

And you will never believe what happened once we walked up to his honda. He opened my car door.

Author's Note:
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it. I think this was a good way to get myself back into Ficwad (nothing says 'Welcome Home!' like going green!) Which reminds me to thank all of you who rated and reviewed! And of course, my beta Paige. You should seriously go read her stuff, she's amazing. If you already read it all, I suggest you reread it. Well, to sum it up: Thanks, rate review, and stay tuned. ;)

Edit: A few seconds after I posted this chapter I realized Leopard Print and Glitter went green! TWO GREENS! Wow, that is amazing. Seriously. I don't even think I deserve it.
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