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Chapter 2:The New Kid Gets On My Nerves

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The next class went by quickly, I was kind of looking forward to meeting Ray behind the bleachers, at least I’d have one friend. Ray was there just like he said he would be but with two other boys. One had black hair falling into his face with tattoos and piercings on just about every visible part of his body, and even though he as sitting down I could tell he was somewhat shorter than me, barely five feet. The other had blonde swoopish hair and a lip ring.
Ray waved to me; I waved back and sat next to him under the bleachers. “Guys, this is Brianna” he introduced.
“Call me Bree or Buffy” I added. Ray laughed
“Oh right, forgot. Anyway, this is Frankie Iero” the
Short one nodded his head, I noticed he had HALLO tattooed across his fingers on his right hand, looking at his left I saw WEEN tattooed across his fingers. “And this is Bob Bryar” the blonde one smiled sort of awkwardly. We sort of talked, starting to get to know each other for a while. All of the sudden I heard a crowd of kids chanting ‘fight, fight, fight’ over in the field.
“Hey Bree, in the mood for a fight” Frankie asked me. I nodded using that as an excuse to check it out. A whole crowd of kids gathered around, I shoved my way to the front. Three huge jocks were ganging up on a freshman. He was tall and gangly looking with glasses. He was shoved down in the dirt; he had a bloody nose and a torn pant leg.
“Your gonna pay for that freshman” one of them threatened pounding a fist into his other hand. The freshman tried keeping up and stumbled backwards. Two jocks picked up the kid by his arms, he squirmed and kicking his legs, they twisted his arms behind his back throwing him back in the dirt. Kids laughed pointing fingers at the kid, I had to do something.
“Hey jackasses” I yelled stepping in front of the jocks.
“What’d you want new girl” one sneered
“Yeah fuck off” said another; he looked at the freshman on the ground “we’ve got some work to finish.” They all surrounded me, I kicked one of them. While he was leaned over cursing at me I punching him again and again and again in the gut kicking another in the face.
“Now fuck off, all of you fuck off” I screamed, kids cleared out quickly only leaving me, Ray, Bob and the kid. “You all right kid” I asked helping him up.
“….Yeah, I can’t find my glasses or my hat” he said quietly. I picked up a pair of glasses and a cap off the ground handing them to him. “T-thanks man” he answered dusting off his pants. “I could’ve taken them myself though” he continued to wipe his bloody nose. He stuck out a hand “I-I’m Mikey Way”
“Hi Mikey, Brianna, call me Buffy or Bree if you want” I answered. Ray and Bob and Frankie came running up.
“Buffy, that was fucking amazing” Ray exclaimed patting me on the back.
“Yeah where the hell did you learn to fight like that?” Bob and Frankie asked in unison. I smiled.
“My dad’s in the Marines, my whole life I just learn to fight” I said throwing a fake punch at Ray.
“Didn’t I tell you guys, this chicks awesome, hot and a great fighter” Ray continued, I laughed. Another set of footsteps came running from behind me; it was the black haired kid.
“Hey Mikes, you okay?” Then he looked at me “what the hell happened” he hissed at me like it was my fault Mikey got his ass kicked.
“What happened was, Buffy saved me from getting my ass kicked” he raised his voice for a little emphasis “again!” Gerard just sort of snorted at me.
“Whatever, you just stay away from my brother.” I balled up my hands into fists; no way was I going to take orders from another kid.
“I think that’s up to your brother there” I snapped half smiling. I was taller than the kid so he couldn’t intimidate me. He flipped me off, my tolerance ore off then. I threw myself at his punching him; he punched back hitting me in the gut. I was surprised how hard he could punch and I fell on my hands and knees. He stood over me smiling.
“Never do that again, stay away from me and my brother, got it” he threatened walking away with Mikey. The new kid is officially getting on my nerves.
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