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First Day.

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Chapter deux! Frankie has a weird first day of school...

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Just a quick A/N: Whoah! Didn’t think I’d update this soon! Haha. Sorry if the chapter is somewhat illiterate and boring. And short. Or if it doesn’t make sense. But it’s like three a.m. and I really haven’t gotten much sleep in a few days. I’ve written 6 stories and 9 poems in that time, and I’m on a ROLL. =DDD

Frank’s alarm clock blared on Monday morning. Frank awoke with a jerk and looked at the clock. 5:30. And that was the normal time now.
Frank groaned and flung his legs over his bed and pulled off his pajama pants, and switched them with dark denim skinny jeans and switched his Jack Skellington shirt with a Misfits band Tee. Okay, so, class doesn’t even start ‘till 7:45, but Frank wanted to make a good impression on these kids. He was in no position to pass up friends. He pulled out his guy-liner and was about to put it on, but hesitated. Would Bert still want to be friends if he went to school with guy-liner on? Or would he call him a fag? Meh, he figured it was worth a try. So he opened the stick, and lined his eyes lightly with the black liner. He took a look in the mirror, teased his hair a bit, and then was finally satisfied with his appearance. He was finished in only half an hour, so he crept downstairs to the living room quietly, so not to wake his mother, who was still asleep. His dad always left for work at 4. He walked into the living room and turned on the t.v. He watched Spongebob ‘till 7:30, then picked up his school bag and was out the door.

Belleville wasn’t a school. It was a castle. Okay, not really, but it wasn't too hard to think it was one. It was huge, bigger than Frank’s old Catholic school in California. And he was suddenly scared.
He breathed in hard and walked into the sea of people, looking down at the white half piece of paper that was his schedule. First period, Algebra, Room 208. He headed down the hall when he caught sight of Bert. He breathed a sigh of relief and made his way over to him.
“Hey, Bert…” Frank said quietly. Bert turned away from his locker and looked to Frank, and smiled. “Well, hey there, stranger!” he exclaimed. “What’s up? Nice guy-liner, too, by the way.” Frank was surprised at that last sentence. “W-what?”
“I said nice guy-liner.” Bert repeated, laughing. “Oh, well, thanks,” Frank whispered. “But, Bert, I was actually wondering if you could help me find my first classroom.” At this, Bert motioned with his hand for Frank to give him his schedule. When he did, Bert looked it over a few moments, then smiled and said, “Yeah, I can help you.”
“Really?” Frank said, feeling a little more comfortable. “Thanks, Bert.”
“No problem,” Bert said coolly. “Follow me, I’ll take you there.” With that, Bert grabbed Frank’s wrist and they snaked their way through the crowd of kids, and Bert led him out the back door of the school. This gave Frank that uneasy feeling again. “Um, Bert? Where are we going, exactly?”
“You’ll see,” Bert replied plainly, dragging Frank faster. They stopped underneath a big tree in the woods behind the school. Bert sat down under it and just sat there. “Bert, what exactly are we doing?”
“We’re waiting for Gerard.” He answered. Just then, as if on cue, a boy sneaked his way across the field. He walked up to Bert and gave him a high-five. He had long jet black hair, up to his shoulders. “Hey Bert!” he exclaimed loudly. “Um… Gerard, this is my new friend Frank Iero. I met him on Saturday at 7-Eleven.” Gerard smiled and shook Frank’s hand, his hazel eyes sparkling with the light from the sun. “Hi, Frank Iero,” he said. “I’m Gerard Way.”
“Hi,” Frank said meekly. Bert patted the patch of grass next to him. “C’mon, Frank, sit down.” Frank was still feeling uneasy. He had never exactly cut class before, and he didn’t really want to start. “Frank…” Bert pressed, as if reading his mind. “We’re not gonna get in trouble. You can trust us… we’re you’re friends.” At that Frank decided to ignore his gut feeling and join the other two juniors. Like I said before, this kid was in no position to pass up friends, and Bert considered him one.
“So… Frank,” Gerard began, striking up a conversation. “Where’d you come from?”
“California.” Gerard’s eyes went big. “Did you live in Hollywood? Did you, like, live next to a famous movie star?” Frank chuckled. “Uhm, no. I lived in Napa, that’s northern California.”
“Oohh..” Gerard said, scratching his head. Then he pulled out a flipbook and opened to a clean page. “Gerard, what’s that?” Frank asked curiously. Bert laughed and replied, “Eh, Gee here is an art freak. He loves to draw. In my opinion, he needs to get a new hobby.” Gerard looked up and flipped Bert the bird. “Fuh-uck, you...” Gerard said bitterly.
“I’m countin’ on that…” Bert retaliated suggestively. Gerard shook his head and rolled his eyes before averting them back to his art sketchpad. Frank laughed along with them.
“Frank… you’re catholic?” Bert asked, rather out of the blue. “I noticed the cross around your neck.” Frank nodded. “Yeah, I’m catholic. I’m not very religious, but my parents are…” Bert’s smiled seemed to fade a bit. “So, so you don’t like… gay people? Like, you’re a homophobe?”
“Well… I’m not one to judge. I mean, I’ve never exactly known of anyone who was gay…”
“Until now,” Gerard cut in cockily, not looking up from his sketchpad.
“Um… what?” Frank asked puzzled. What did he mean by ‘until now’?
“Uh… Frank… we’re both gay,” Bert confessed quietly.
Frank stayed silent and stared at the two boys wide-eyed. These little details came as a shock to him, to say the least. No one at his old school, old town, even, was gay. No one that he knew of, at least. Besides, there weren’t that many gays in California, ever since the state enforced Proposition 8.
New Jersey was definitely a different place to Frank. And he wasn’t so sure he liked it.
The school bell went and was heard vividly, signaling the end of First Period.
“Um… Frank?” Bert questioned. “You… gonna say something?”
“Um,uh…” Frank stammered, trying to figure out the words to say to something like that. “The… the bell, it- it rang, uh, I should, probably get to class…” With that, Frank got up off the dirt floor and, brushing off his knees, picked up his school books and headed for the back building door.

When he got inside, he was almost to his class when he bumped into somebody again.
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