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Chapter Two: All About the Cookies.

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As he proceeded to take his shower, he realized that he had learned three important things that day. 1. Cookies from girlfriends are bad. 2. He needed to start to bring a small hairband to sc...

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Created by Msmelanie

I don't own Inuyasha or anything having to do with this show. I also don't own Keebler's crackers, Dr. Pepper, Swiss Miss Cocoa, Harry Potter, Ranma or whatever other bizarre things this fanfiction includes I may be mistaken to own. I make this entire story and all of it's chapters only for entertainment purposes, (and an excuse to avoid my homework:). I make no profit off of this fic, so please don't sue. You won't get much since I'm just a struggling college student.

Chapter Two: All About the Cookies.

Time: 11:56 A.M.

Place: KYU's Cafeteria.

Kagome and her friends got their trays prepared and walked over to their usual seats.

There, Kagome's horrible picture found them again.

"This is outrageous!" Sango frowned.

"You know it's Hojo and his friends, don't you?" Yuka asked.

"Most likely." Kagome grumbled.

Sango placed her tray down roughly. "I don't get it! I mean, Hojo never even showed you the right kind of attention until you caught him cheating and dumped him. And NOW that you don't want the guy back, you are supposed to be the villain?!" she shouted at Kagome. She looked over at the grinning faces of Inuyasha, Miroku, and Hojo. "Let me at them Kagome, I still have four of my heaviest books in this bookbag."

Kagome waved her off. "Settle down girl." She grabbed her tray, stood up and smiled at the guys. "I never wanted to say this to Hojo, but he's asked for it. I'll be back soon."

Hojo's longing grin suddenly became brighter as Kagome walked over to him. "Kagome?!"

Kagome looked at the empty seat beside Hojo. "May I sit down?"

Inuyasha groaned. "Don't shed."

"Please don't mind him!" Hojo quickly replied as he stood up. "Please, please sit down!"

Miroku smiled at her. "A wise choice."

Kagome looked over at Hojo, ignoring Miroku's statement. "Hojo?"

"Yes?" Hojo smiled as he sat back down.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and Miroku. "These two are your best friends, right?"

"Yes, very good friends." Hojo continued to smile.

"Then when we were together, why didn't you ever properly introduce us?" Kagome asked.

"Oh? Uhhh..." He pointed to Inuyasha and Miroku. "Well, that's Kikuchi Inuyasha and that's Yamazaki Miroku."

"Pleasure to meet you." Miroku grinned.

Inuyasha just grunted.

Kagome didn't reply to their responses as she ate her carrot. "No Hojo, I mean why didn't you introduce them before?"

Hojo's smile started to melt into a nervous laugh. "Umm...I-I didn't think you wanted to know them."

Inuyasha and Miroku looked back at the squirming Hojo.

"Hojo. They were your best friends. Why wouldn't I want to know them?" Kagome asked.

"Come to think of it, she does have a point." Miroku pointed out. "Why didn't you ever introduce us?"

"Yeah." Inuyasha frowned.

Hojo looked apologetically back at Miroku and Inuyasha. "Look guys, she's just not...the 'type' of girls you hung out with, that's all." He looked at Kagome, praying she didn't take offense.

"Hojo?" She put down her carrot and started to drink her glass of milk.

"Yes?" Hojo replied nervously. 'Please don't mess this up. Please don't mess this up.'

"Thanks for answering my question. I had always wondered about that." she replied. "Now there's just one other thing I have to ask you."

"Okay. Go ahead." Hojo smiled.

Kagome put down her milk and stared at Hojo. "Did you know what your friends were doing, to make me come back to you?"



"" Hojo weakly replied.

Inuyasha hit his head. 'Geez, why is he such a bad liar?'

Kagome stood up with her tray. "You are still a horrible liar Fukazawa."

Hojo suddenly looked very nervous. "It was out of love?"

Kagome shook her head back and forth. "You are right about one thing though. Us being friends. I think you were right, we can't just stay friends."

Hojo's eyes grew wide with hope. "You mean, you'll still come back to me?"

"No." Kagome glared at him. "I mean I can't stand even being friends with you anymore." She turned to walk away. "Get this through your head. I will never be your wife, I will never be your girlfriend, and after everything you and your friends just pulled..."

Hojo tried to close his ears. He didn't want to hear it.

"I will never be your friend ever again Mr. Fukazawa." she finished as she started to walk back to her friends' usual table.

Hojo stared at his shoes for awhile. His entire reason for existing had just gone down the drain.

'Wonderful.' Inuyasha thought sourly. 'That great bitch strikes again.'

Time: 1:30 P.M

Place: Hojo's apartment

Hojo kept staring at his wall as he kept bouncing the ball off of it.

"Come on Racoon! Pull yourself together!" Inuyasha shouted in frustration. "There are a 1,000 more beautiful women out in this world just waiting to be discovered! Why is it that you've got to pine over some unsexy goody two shoes?!"

Hojo remained silent and didn't ever break in bouncing his ball off the wall.

Inuyasha and Miroku just hung their heads. What were they supposed to do?

Miroku looked over at Inuyasha. "I think we've lost him."

Inuyasha just grumbled his agreement.

"Why..." Hojo started to mutter as he continued bouncing his little ball. "Why'd I ever..."

Miroku looked sympathetically back at his love-shattered friend. "As Rowland once said 'In love, somehow, a man's heart is either exceeding the speed limit, or getting parked in the wrong place.'"

"Wrong place?" Inuyasha scoffed as he pointed out his incoherent mumbling friend. "He parked his heart in a fifteen minute zone, and instead of getting a ticket for taking too long, she blew him off!"

Miroku shrugged his shoulders. "Love is fickle." He looked at his watch. "My time to help Hojo has long since passed. I must head home."

"Yeah, help." Inuyasha glared at him. "All you've been doing is throwing love quotes here and there!" He turned away from Miroku. "That crap only works for girls."

Miroku ignored him as he left out the door.

Hojo continued to play with the ball. "She was everything...and now, we can't even be friends."

"Yeah, yeah."

"I'm a gigantic fool." Hojo added.

"Yeah, yeah."

Hojo stopped playing with his ball and tossed it over to Inuyasha. "Did I ever tell you why I went out with her in the first place?"

Inuyasha tossed the ball onto Hojo's bed. "No, but I bet you're gonna tell me." he muttered.

Hojo landed on his bed next to the ball and stared at the ceiling. "She's unique. So special. I didn't know that at first though. A guy from my college bet me 200 dollars that I couldn't 'land' Kagome."

"'Land' the bitch?" Inuyasha questioned.

"Yeah." Hojo sighed as he threw the ball up and down into the air. "I never did though. Instead..." he smiled nostalgically. "Instead I found out what a won-"

"Wonderful and perfect being she is." Inuyasha finished for him. "Yeah, yeah." 'Like we haven't heard that a thousand times already.'

Hojo threw the ball on the floor. "I messed up bad."

Inuyasha walked over and hit Hojo on the head. "Dammit, will you stop feeling sorry for yourself already!" He headed toward the door. "She's not special! That bitch is no more special than every other woman in this world!"

Hojo didn't reply as Inuyasha angrily left.

'Best chick in the world. Sheesh. What a bunch of crap.' Inuyasha muttered to himself as he started to walk away from Hojo's apartment. 'What's so special about this dumb broad?'


'Speaking of way better babes.' Inuyasha grinned as one of his old girlfriends came running toward him. "Hey there baby."

"Hi!" she giggled as she chewed on the gum in her mouth. She twirled her fingers around her long blonde hair. "You weren't home..." she pouted. "So I figured you were gone."

"...yeah..." Inuyasha replied dully.

She lighted up again. "You were at Hojo's place again, weren't you?!"

Inuyasha looked at Hojo's apartment that was still behind him. "Yeah, good guess."

"Inu-baby?" she whined. "Can we go somewhere? I'm bored."

"Umm. Okay, just one second." Inuyasha took out his cellphone.



"Hey." Inuyasha replied to the voice on the other end of the phone. "I can't meet you tonight baby."

Pouty sounds "Why not?"

"Because I'm busy. Forgot I had night classes." Inuyasha explained. "I'll meet up with you later." he replied as he hung up.

"Inu, who was that?" his girlfriend asked.

"My mom." Inuyasha replied.

His girlfriend frowned at him. "You're playing with me! People don't call their mom baby!"

Inuyasha scratched his head and smiled a brilliant, innocent, and very deceiving smile. "Oh, yeah. Well, I was speaking to new baby brother too."

"Oh?" she asked as she knocked on the top of her head. "Okay, now it makes sense."

Inuyasha just continued to grin as he swung his arm around...'Angelina? Angelica?' No wait. Angelica was who he called...well, he swung his arm around who ever she was and started to walk down the street.

Time: 3:23 P.M.

Place: Ito Hall

Inuyasha walked proudly to his next class while Hojo slumped miserably beside him. 'Come on, where is she?' Inuyasha grumbled to himself.

Sure, he was Hojo's friend. But the guy was currently driving him crazy.

"Oh Hojo!" A voice suddenly screamed at Hojo, waking him up out of his stupor.

'Heh. Right on time.' Inuyasha grinned as the girl sailed into Hojo and well... Inuyasha chuckled. There was just no other word than he could think of but...glomp.

Hojo tried to pry the girl clinging onto him. "What are you doing?!" He looked desperately at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha just waved goodbye to his old friend. "Have fun Racoon. See ya tomorrow."

Hojo called out to his friend again. "Wait! I can't pry her off!"

Inuyasha just shrugged his shoulders. "She'll eventually let go. Bye." he said as he walked off.

"Hojo! I heard what that mean Higura-whatsis said to you!" She pouted as she rubbed his cheek. "Your friend told me that you needed company now. Well, I can be REALLY good company."

Hojo beamed red. "Inuyasha?!"

Inuyasha laughed and ran off. "Give her a whirl, she'll do ya some good!"

As Inuyasha was running someone squealed out his name. He looked behind her and saw a woman with short brown hair holding a small container of something. "Hey Cookie."

Cookie smiled and handed him her container. "Your Cookie made cookies for you, Inu-kun!"

Inuyasha reluctantly took the gift. 'Great. Probably burnt or something.' "I'll eat it later. I gotta hurry and get to class."

"You want to go out tonight?!" She yelled as Inuyasha ran off again.

"Maybe. Wait by your phone tonight!" Inuyasha yelled back as he ran into his World History classroom.

Time: 6:26 P.M.

Place: Ito Hall/World History classroom

Inuyasha grumbled as he tried to concentrate on the bubble sheet in front of him. 'Shit. I forgot about this damn test.' He looked around and realized everyone was gone except for him and the teacher.

The teacher got up and started to pack up his books. "Time."

Inuyasha cursed as he filled in the last remaining bubbles. "Fine. I'm done." he grumbled as he handed the paper over to the teacher. He got his things together and touched his stomach as he left the classroom. 'Why am I always hungry after tests?'

He walked out into the hall and sat down on the floor next to another classroom. He had promised Candy that he would take her home tonight. Such a gentleman he was. He felt around inside his backpack for the cookies his other girlfriend had made. As long as he was waiting, he was gonna eat his stomach said to him logically as it growled again.

He took a few bites and finished off the first few cookies and watched some other students leaving their own night class. That's also when he saw someone he didn't really care to see.

Kagome groaned as she stopped and looked at the glare Inuyasha was sending toward her. "Hello Mr. Kikuchi."

Inuyasha stuck another cookie in his mouth, but his stomach wasn't doing any better. It had actually started to feel a little worse. "Bitch."

Kagome looked away to the woman's bathroom behind her. "I do have a name."

"Yeah. Bitch." Inuyasha replied.

Kagome turned back to look at him angrily. "What exactly do you expect of me? To go back to a guy who cheated on me?"

"Tch. It was just one broad." Inuyasha said miserably. Man, his tummy was beginning to hurt. "That's barely cheating."

Kagome just sighed. "I'm going home."

"Grab your collar so the dog catcher doesn't get you." Inuyasha frowned as he stopped eating the cookies and rubbed his poor stomach.

Kagome mumbled something under her breath.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"I said, you're giving bad references considering your own nick name." Kagome replied.

"Yeah? You got a problem with my na-" Inuyasha couldn't finish his statement. He quickly covered his mouth and made for the bathroom behind Kagome.

Kagome looked back at the swinging door. "...Mr. Kikuchi?" She called out as she suddenly heard violent retching. 'Ooh, that doesn't sound good.'

"Inuyasha! I'm ready!" Candy yelled out as she ran out of her classroom with her red hair bobbing up and down. She looked over at Kagome. "Hello." she smiled. "Have you seen little Inu-kins?"

Kagome pointed to the bathroom behind her. She was about to tell Candy he was currently not in the mood to talk, but the girl had nudged her out of the way and ran in. "Silly Yasha! What're you doing in a girl's-EWWWWW!!"

Kagome just watched as the girl bolted out at full speed and stood behind her. "Oh, gross! Gross, gross gross! He's got yucky puke all over and-ewwww!" She crossed her arms. "I'm not riding home with him tonight!" she yelled as she smiled another one of her classmates. "Jigen, can I ride home with you?!"

Kagome frowned at the scene and looked back at the bathroom door. 'He didn't even make it to a stall?'

She pushed the door open and gasped. 'Yeah, I can see what that girl was talking about.'

She walked over to Inuyasha. He was sprawled out on the bathroom floor and his face, clothes, and long white silvery hair were currently in the poor mess he made. He didn't move much. The only proof he was still alive was the horrible moaning coming from him.

Kagome stepped around him and opened the first stall up. She bent down to try and get Inuyasha to move.

But the response she got was him wretching all over her favorite jacket.

Kagome 'ewwwwed!' in her mind, but kept trying to get him to budge.

When he finally did, she led him to the stall she had opened up. He immediately bent over onto the toilet stool.

Kagome frowned as she looked at his poor hair. Normally, it was such a beautiful and rare color she had hardly seen before. Both silver and white. But currently it did not look like anything that would get a positive reaction out of any female.

She looked into her purse and fumbled for an old scrunchy of hers that would help him keep all that gooey hair back.

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Place: Ito Hall/Woman's Bathroom

Kagome kept trying to keep the small strands of hair her scrunchy weren't keeping out of his face.

Inuyasha moaned as he brought his head out of the toilet stool. "How come you stayed?"

Kagome just smiled sadly at him. "Because, you were really sick. And it's just not fun to be alone when you're really, really sick."

Inuyasha listened to his words as he started to look at his clothing. "Shit."

"Don't worry. You can clean up when you get back home." Kagome replied. "But, I don't think you should drive home just yet. Where do you live?"

Inuyasha had to agree with her. He told her where he lived as he started to look at her poor jacket. "Crap. I'll pay for a new one."

"Don't worry about it." She grunted as she helped him up.

As Inuyasha walked next to Kagome, he couldn't help but wonder. She'd been there by his side the whole time. Geez, any sane chick would've gone running just like he heard Candy do earlier. He looked over at the puzzling woman. 'But...she stayed?'

Kagome looked back at Inuyasha, a little worry in her voice. "Hey, are you gonna be okay?"

Inuyasha tried to give his independent bad-boy smirk unsuccessfully. "That's the last time I eat anything from a broad."

Kagome ignored his choice of wording and laughed. "Yeah. Well, who knows what the ingredients were."

As they reached the parking lot Kagome pointed out her old car. A 1980 something car with no hubcaps, and featured a sheek dull rusty green with seats that were coming apart at the seams. It had seen better days. "That's it over there. Isn't it a beaut?" she laughed.

Inuyasha didn't reply as she helped him into her car.

"Now normally, I don't give strangers rides." Kagome said wanting to make her intentions clear. "You are one of Hojo's oldest friends though, and right now you aren't in the right kind of condition to try anything anyway."

Inuyasha just moaned.

Kagome just smiled at him. "It's okay Kikuchi. It'll eventually pass." she replied as she started up her car. "Now let's get you home, just in case it hasn't quite passed." Then, she thought for a second. "And if you do feel sick, try and stick your head out the window."

Inuyasha moaned his agreement. Or disagreement. Kagome didn't really know, she couldn't read moans.

"Stupid moans cookies. Broad cooked like moans Akane." Inuyasha muttered as Kagome stopped the car.

Kagome laughed as she got out and helped him open his door. The passenger side door didn't work from the inside. "Not everyone can be Kasumi."

Inuyasha just grunted as he got out and walked to his front door. He looked back and saw Kagome watching him. She was making sure he made it into the house?

Inuyasha reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He unlocked the door and stepped in, hearing Kagome's car start to take off.

Inuyasha looked around and saw Sesshoumaru sitting on the couch.

Sesshoumaru looked at him with disgust. "Inuyasha, you look like shit. And you smell like it too. Go take a shower."

Inuyasha grumbled as he headed to the bathroom.

He looked into the mirror and made a sour face. He tried to take out the band Kagome had put in his hair. As he was taking it out, he realized why she had put it in. He threw the poor band in the garbage and immediately turned the shower head on.

As he proceeded to take his shower, he realized that he had learned three important things that day.

1. Cookies from girlfriends are bad.

2. He needed to start to bring a small hairband to school.

And most importantly, he thought as he began to wash his hair...

He was starting to see what Racoon was talking about.
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