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Drunken Kiss

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Kieran falls for a guy that has serious drinking issues, not to mention that fact that he is a STRAIGHT dude! But Kieran will do anything to help Gerard, even if that means serious issues for himself.

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I'd never felt this way about another dude before... before I set eyes upon him, Gerard Way, he was perfect, dark hazel eyes, ebony hair, and he was the nicest, funniest guy ever, well... when sober. He moved to my school a few weeks ago. We've become pretty close, but I can't tell him about my feelings, he'll get all freaked out and tell people, they'll take the piss. I think I'm in love with him, when ever he is around (which is quite alot as we are good mates) I get butterflies and my heart beats faster, he scares me sometimes with all the drink and drugs... I try to stop him, he gets all aggressive, he gave me a black eye once, but I still love him. He can't help it, I'll still try and help him through his addiction, even if it causes me all pain possible and I think it most likely will.

Today Gerard and I were sitting at the smoothie bar, Gerard was making funny jokes and complaining that they should have an alcoholic smoothie, or just a normal bar in general. After a while a few girls from his Chemistry class came over and sat with us, Holly and Jasmine. Fuck! One of them started flirting with me, I mean sure she was pretty but I only love one person, the only person that can make me feel out of breath just by brushing past me, the only person that susceeds in making my pants that tiny bit tighter (if possible, my pants are super skinny already) but that wasn't was really bothered me, the thing that really pissed me off was the other girl flirting with Gerard, and by the looks of it he was totally enjoying it, she was stroking his chest through his extremely tight top and he had his hands around her waist, it seriously felt like someone was continuiously punching my chest, bruising my ribs. "I gotta go" I said, pushing the girl off my lap, she fell onto the bench, looking pretty pissed at me, I didn't care, I had to get away before Gerard and that girl started like... making out.

Tonight I was with Gerard, we had a party/sleepover in the guy's lounge, it was crowed. Everyone was pretty pissed and acting really stupid, I wasn't too drunk, I could control myself, I knew PERFECTLY what was going on, but Gerard, on the other hand was smashed out of his head, he was shouting crap at the top of his voice, trowing stuff about, and he started a water fight, which, enivitably, ended in a 'throw what ever drink or food item you were holding' fight, I must admit it was fun, but stinking like vodka and what ever else after was kinda suckish, Gerard led me over to the couch we both fell onto it giggling, he put his arms around my waist, "I'm gonna make out with you, sexxxxxxxxxxyyy!" he yelled in a slurred voice, he lent in, he started to kiss me, I knew I should have pulled away, stopped him from doing something he regeted, but I couldn't, It was perfect. I had butterflies and he stopped and looked into my eyes, I looked back at him, he giggled again and lay down on me, he fell asleep, head in my lap. He was curled up and sucking his thumb, it was so cute. I put my arms around him and I too fell asleep.

Oh shit! What have I done, everyone remembered last night, and for Gerard it's slowly coming back to him, "How could you! Dude, you are so gay! I was totally hammered, you could'a pulled away! Everyone thinks I'm a total queer!" He screamed at me. I pushed myself further back on the bed, afraid that he might hit me, "I was drunk too, this isn't just my fault, there were two people involved! Not just me! People were cheering me on, I just went along with it... You kissed me first" I started off loudly then my voice kind of softened to barely above a whisper, he shook his head, "You are supposed to be my mate, look out for me, not make me look like a fucking idiot!"he looked at me disgusted and walked out slamming the door. What the hell have I done, I may have just lost him as a friend, even if I cannot have him, I still need him as a mate, it gives me an excuse to be near him, take care of him, even if we are together he is still mine in away, he was right, as a friend I have a duty to look after him, not destroy him.

Gerard just came in looking at his feet, "I'm sorry, I was very hung over and loadsa fags were shouting crap at me. I shouldn't have gone off at you, you're my mate, you were right, I did start it... God, you must really hate me, I'm a crap mate, you are such a good mate, I really don't deserve you, sorry, wow I don't like ever appologise, erm... anyways, forgive me?" he said in a guilty voice. I smiled at him, he looked so innocent and sad, I wanted to hug him, but now wasn't such a good time to hug him, after being accused of being gay and all. He saw my smile and beamed at me, launching himself onto my bed nearly landing on me, damn, I wish he did, "apology excepted dude!" I grinned high-fiving him, was it just me who felt the sparks as our hands touched?

We were sitting, with some other guys from the year above, "we saw you kissing, drunk, t'was funny" one guy said, laughing... Was that good? "Erm... yeah, well we were drunk, not really much control" I said, sort of smiling. "You gay then?" one asked in a very casual voice, "No" I said quickly, too quickly but no-one noticed, Gerard moved, hes leg rested on mine, not obviously but it did. His leg was warm, the heat was amazing, I looked at him, he gave me a confused 'What are you staring at?' kind of look, then he grinned, "So... are you planning on making out again?" another asked, "Maybe, in another drunk party" Gerard laughed, leaning backward onto the warm grass, infact most things were warm, the grass, the benching, our blankets we had set out on the grass, my back as the sun pounded against it. "Go on then, give us a look" the other guy said, looking up from his magazine, my jaw dropped slightly and for a second my eyes widened, then I stopped myself, I laughed, "erm... what?" I asked, Gerard turned to me, "Hello? Earth to Kieran, they want us to kiss again" He waved his had slowly infront of my face, "Yer, I gathered" I looked rather irratated, I'm not stupid, I can understand, I was just extremely confused, Gerard turned back to the other guy, "Why do you want us to kiss?" he asked, "Dunno, It would just be funny" he said looking back to the porn mag, Gerard quickly turned to me, and crawled forward and kissed me again, this time he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth and rubbed it against mine, Oh My Sweet Baby JESUS! That was intense, he pulled away and laughed, I was still in shock, "Ha, I must be an awesome kisser" he laughed harder,
"Yesss" I whispered, "Huh?" Gerard asked not hearing me properly, I shook my head and blinked, "Erm... I said, your good, but I've had better" I hopped my lie was good enough, they seem convinced and started talking about the hot girls in their art class.

Tonight we were alone, in my room. We were watching a DVD, some lame comedy, I slowly started to run my hand up his thigh, then realized what I was doing and jolted my hand away "What the fuck?" he asked curiously, "S..s...sorry, I blanked out, I..." I stuttered, breathing deeply, very nervous that he'd go off on one again, he laughed "Go ahead, grope up my leg" he laughed, shit... was he being serious? He grabbed my hand and shoved it on his knee... did he seriously want this, or was he just being silly? Damn, what do I do? "Go on then" he said, I cautiously moved my hand up and down his thigh, "Nice, that's well good" he breathed, turning back to the screen... What do I say?! Carry on rubbing his leg? My pants became tighter... again, his breathing got deeper I noticed "Dude are you gay?" I asked jokily... he turned, he didn't speak for a second... "No" he finally answered, my stomach sank, I thought he'd say that, just my fucking luck!... He saw I imediatly looked sad "But..." he said, he pulled me close and kissed me... "I never said I was straight" He smiled, kissing me, he lay on me, wrapping his legs around mine, he ran his hands through my long fringe, stoking my cheek his pants became tighter and his crotch throbbed against mine, "I love you Gerard Arthur Way!" I laughed, "I love you too, Kieran Ollie Ryans!" He laughed back, I have never loved anything more than him saying those words.
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