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Chapter 3

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"frank,frank iero."

frank, hmm.. frankie. oh that's what i'll call him! but not out loud, just in my head. but still. he's my frankie.

"umm are you sure your okay?" frank asked putting a hand on my shoulder. oh i was about to melt.

"yes, i'm fine. thanks so much for helping me. that means alot. but..."

"but what?" he asked moving around to sit infront instead of beside me.

"it's just, now josh is going to be all over you too, and i feel bad that your gonna get hurt because of me," i said looking down.

"hey look," he said putting his hand under my chin and lifting my head. "it's cool, i'm ready to put up with his shit. it's fine, but what's not is that he hits you. how long has he been doing that?" frank asked with concern in his eyes.

"since kindergarten. i know stupid right? i don't know he's just always been there. it used to be just mental torture but now it's physical and..."

"hey, it's cool. don't worry about it. he won't do it while i'm around," frank told me, showing off that brilliant smile. oh my god, frankie. he will always be there...

"i love you," i mumbled. oh god! did i say that out loud! did he hear me?!

"sorry, i didn't catch that," he said.

"umm, nothing just talking to myself. but thak you so much frankie," i said. oh stupid! frankie?! you said that out loud too! ugh! i started to mentally beat myself up only to be interrupted by frankie's giggle.

"hehe frankie.. i love it! here you should get cleaned up, i think the restrooms are across the park," he said standing up and extending his hand towards me. i took it. he pulled me up and into a hug.

after i washed the blood off my face, frankie and i went to get something to eat and then went to the mall, i had to go find this awesome shirt they had at spencers.

"did you just buy a purple and pink belt?" i asked frankie trying to hold back a fit of giggles.

"yes. you like? i'll wear it just for you," he said laughing. oh if only he knew what he was doing to me. saying stuff like that and i don't even know if he's gay. and he sure doesn't know that i am.

"hey are you okay? you look a little out of it," frankie said bringing me back.

"yeah, i was just-"

"hey fags!" frank turned around to see who it was that had screamed that but ididn't have to, i knew that voice. the same one who had called me that for the past two years. josh.

"hey new kid, i'm gonna kick your ass for earlier, you ready?" he said advancing towards frankie. his two goons come from behind me and held me up against the wall and i couldn't do anything to help frankie, i couldn't save him like he'd save me. it was useless. he was lucky if he was going to come out of this alive. it didn't matter how much frankie thought that he could kick josh's ass, he was going to get hurt. i didn't know what to do, so i did the only thing that i had done for the past two years, i closed my eyes and started to cry, cry for frankie.

hehe i didn't know how to end this chapter, but don't worry, frankie should be okay. i think.. i hope... rate and review please :)

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