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the adventures of frerard and co.

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[Author's Note]: hey guys this is for the readers of....clears throat the art of holding hands...sort of an apology for not updating...but the chapter willl be up soon im juts a liiiittle stuck at the mo ^^ bear with me haha awesome buddy kj (kat san as i call her0 helped write this....i did it over msn and she took it and edited it :D and now

da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here it is

xoxoxox Charlotte (aka: lottie and im gunna use my nick name now :D) oxoxoxoxoxox

(All are in a park. Lottie is lying on the grass, Frank to one side and KJ on the other. Ray is lying behind Lottie, their heads touching. Bob is running around after a butterfly, Mikey sits up straight under a tree sat next to Gerard.)

Lottie: Ooh. Major cloud alert!

(Lottie points at cloud. Frank opens one eye.)

Frank: Oh my gosh. It’s like... a dinosaur with Ray-Ray's hair.

(Frank gasps. Ray opens both eyes and stares at the cloud.)

Ray: Holy shit!

Kj: {Quietly} Lalalalalalalala, Mikey. Lalalalala.

(Mikey looks over at Kj and stares at her, confused.)

Mikey: What?

Kj: I said... {Clears her throat, sings loudly} LALALALA, {Coughs} Mikey! {Coughs again} LALALALALA!

Mikey: I heard my name.

(Kj smiles innocently at Mikey and shakes her head.)

Kj: No you didn’t!

Mikey: Yes... Yes I did.

Kj: I love you.

(Kj continues to smile innocently. Mikey rolls his eyes and throws a pebble at her. Kj’s mouth drops open slightly in mock sadness, she sniffles quietly.)

Kj: W-Why would you d-do that?

Mikey: {Confused} Wha’?

(Kj looks at Mikey with puppy dog-like eyes, and sniffles again, but louder and longer than previously. Lottie sits up from lying on the grass and glares at Mikey. Mikey pouts and sighs sympathetically.)

Mikey: I’m sorry. I’m sorry!

(Mikey runs over to Kj and pets her head apologetically.)

Frank: Gee-Gee...

(Gerard opens his eyes and lowers his head to look at Frank.)

Gerard: What?

(Frank moves over to Gerard and slowly straddles him.)

Frank: Frankie is horny.

Gerard: Y-you... Y-you’re what?!

Lottie: He said he’s horny.

(Gerard glares at Lottie.)

Gerard: Yes. I know.

Lottie: Then why ask?

Gerard: It was a rhetorical question.

(Frankie waves his arms to gain attention.)

Frank: Shut up you two. I’m horny.

Gerard: We are in the middle of a park, if you hadn’t of noticed.

Frank: I don’t care. Your blonde hair is making me horny.

Gerard: But... we... can’t.

(Lottie sighed and pointed over to a nearby bush.)

Lottie: There’s a bush over there.

(Frank wags his eyebrows at Gerard, meanwhile Gerard is glaring, yet again, at Lottie, who simply smiles. Frank gets up, dragging Gerard to the bush. Lottie lies down again.)

Lottie: Yep... Wait...

(Lottie stares at Kj, who is attached to Mikey.)

Lottie: {Long pause} Oh my gosh.

Mikey: Aw Kj, I’m so sorry!

(Mikey is still petting Kj’s head from earlier. Kj is staring up at him.)

Kj: {Breathless voice} That’s ‘kay....

(Lottie rolls her eyes and shakes her head.)

Lottie: Lovesick...

Kj: Shut up!

(Frank crawls out of the bush, his hair messy, also referred to as ‘Sex Hair’. Gerard crawls out after Frank, pulling twigs and leaves out of his hair. Lottie watches as Frank retains his place lying next to her. Frank smiles smugly as he settles back on the grass.)

Lottie: Oh my God. You actually did it... in a bush.

Frank: Yep.

(Lottie laughs as she high-five’s Frank.)

Lottie: Nice work!

Frank: It was all Gerard though.

(Gerard blushes, hiding his face behind his arm.)

Gerard: Shut up Frankie!

Frank: Aw! Gee Gee!

(Frank runs over to Gerard and hugs him tightly. Gerard finds breathing slightly more difficult.)

Gerard: Can’t... Breathe...

Frank: I love you Gee Gee!

(Gerard rolls his eyes.)

Gerard: I love you too.

(Frank pulls away and pouts at Gerard.)

Gerard: What?

Frank: Why would you roll your eyes?

(Gerard sighs.)

Gerard: I’m sorry Frankie.

Frank: Nope.

Gerard: No. Frankie!

Frank: No no no.

(Lottie tilts her head slightly to the side to observe better.)

Gerard: Frankie I love you.

(Frank sniffs and stares at Gerard.)

Frank: Aw. Really?

(Gerard nodded, smiling brightly. Frank squeals and hugs Gerard again.)

Frank: Yay!

(Somewhere in the distance, Bob squeals. Everyone stares at him. Bob is staring at a butterfly on his
finger, smiling widely.)

Bob: {Whispering} Oh... My... Gosh...

(Everyone looked at each other quickly, then back at Bob. Bob squeals again and curls his free hand into a fist, biting down on his knuckles from excitement. Lottie’s mouth drops open.)

Ray: Oh my gosh... How did he do that?

(Lottie shrugs lightly.)

Kj: Holy crap.

[*Mikey: No way.

(Mikey falls off of Kj in shock. Frank and Gerard gasp in unison.)

Frank & Gerard: Wow.

Frank: {Whispering.} Wow. A real bug master...

Bob: {Hisses} Not bug master. Just butterflies.

(Frank pouts and points at Bob.)

Frank: Bob hissed at me!

Gerard: Shh.

(Gerard pats Frank’s head. Frank smiles smugly.)

Frank: I love you Gee Gee.

Gerard: {Sings} .I wanna put your hand in my pocket...’

Frank: Oh my God! {Sings} ‘Because you’re allowed!’

(Ray finally manages to look away from Bob, and stares at Gerard and Frank.)

Ray: Is... that... Avril Lavinge – Hot?

(Frank’s and Gerard’s eyes are locked with one another’s, they both reply in a daydream tone in unison.)

Frank and Gerard: Yep...

Lottie: Whoa... You really get turned on by that song, don’t you?

(Frank and Gerard begin to kiss. Bob then suddenly bursts out into song, the butterfly still settled on his hand.)

Bob: {Singing} [*Little butterfly, how I love you so!

(Kj stares at Bob, a little smile rising on her lips.)

Kj: Aw. That is so sweet!

Frank: {Singing against Gerard’s lips} ‘I wanna drive you into a corner, and kiss out without a sound...’

Gerard: ( moans quietly) ...(sings/chokes) you...make me so hot

(Gerard smirks into the kiss, looping his arm around Frank’s neck. Lottie giggles and pulls out her phone, beginning to record Frank and Gerard.)

Lottie: Guys... I’m recording you.

(Frank pulls away from Gerard slowly, still staring at him.)

Frank: Ooh, hot.

(Frank winks whilst Gerard rolls his eyes. Frank laughs and pins Gerard down, beginning to kiss him again. Kj is now staring at Mikey, who’s still watching Bob and his butterfly. Lottie sighs and starts talking to Kj, who isn’t exactly listening.)

Lottie: Man... If I was a guy, I would have a super sore hard on right now.

Kj: Yeah I know...

(Kj sighs as she continues staring at Mikey. Lottie rolls her eyes and shakes Kj by her shoulder.)

Lottie: {Shouting} You are missing some of the most hottest Frerard-ness in town!!

Kj: Mhmm...

Lottie: Oh I give up.

(Lottie turns back to watching Frank and Gerard, Kj clears her throat and shuffles where she’s sat.)

Kj: Mikey...

(Mikey shakes his head and turns to Kj.)

Mikey: Yes...?

Kj: {Blushing} I love you.

Mikey: Um... I love... you... too?

(Kj squeals and claps her hands together.)

Kj: Yay!

(Bob carefully sits next to Ray with the butterfly. Ray opens an eye to stare at it.)

Bob: Mr. Pretty, meet Ray.

Ray: Hello there...

Bob: Ray Ray. You like Mr. Pretty! Aw.

Ray: Um... Yes?

Bob: Yay! I love you Ray Ray!

Ray: {Scratching his head} Um... Okay...

Bob: Mr. Pretty likes you too Ray.

Ray: Oh... Er... Great.

(Mikey returns to watching Bob, and raises an eyebrow as he quickly turns back to Kj.)

Mikey: Is Bob talking to that butterfly?

(Kj turns around reluctantly to see Bob holding his finger to his ear as though he was listening to the butterfly. Ray purses his lips together in confusion and Bob slowly nods.)

Bob: No Mr. Pretty. Ray’s hair is his hair and his hair alone. Isn’t that right Ray?

Ray: Um... Yes it is...

(Ray puts his hand to his hair, as if to protect it. Lottie is still filming Frank and Gerard, and is biting her lip.)

Frank: Mmm...

Lottie: Damn!

Gerard: Lottie, you are such a pervert.

Lottie: Then get back to the bush, ‘cause I ain’t stopping until you go.

Gerard: Fine.

(Gerard glares at Lottie as he grabs Frank, walking and then pulling him into the bush once more.)

Lottie: {Quietly and menacingly} Curses...

[Author's Note]: [ thanks for reading guys ^^ xoxoxo Lottie and Kat- san oxoxox ]
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