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The birth of Baby Way, an idea of what it may or may not look like.

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Los Angeles, California. 5:39am Pacific Time

He'd come so far. He'd walked a slightly hard path, and dealt with the rejection of other bands

not wanting My Chemical Romance to tour with them.

"We didn't sound like other bands," Gerard had stated in many interviews. "We didn't sound like

the other bands, didn't look like them. The only bands that would let us tour with them were the Christian bands. Green Day finally let My Chemical Romance tour with them. They’re really great people, Green Day. We respect them so much."

A week after 9/11 and a little after Gerard graduated from SVA in New York, My Chemical Romance was born. "Fuck art," Gee thought. "I wanna make a difference." Originally, Gee was planning on becoming a comic book artist and was shopping around a cartoon, "The Breakfast Monkey" to Cartoon Network. "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" was chosen instead.

Gerard's younger brother, Mikey Way, came up with the name of the band.

Two years of non-stop touring, interviews, photo shoots and release parties, two backstage marriages (Gerard himself and Mikey), a broken engagement, a new love, a misinterpreted suicide of a thirteen-year-old girl, dismissal of a band member, replacing a drummer, feuds with other rock singers, marriages of two other band members, merchandise...

...Had it really been nine years?

And Lindsey. Chubby in high school. An art kid later at her very own art show, getting a call looking from a guy in this band, Mindless Self-Indulgence. And she didn't even know how to play bass back then. As for TAB, forget it? What the hell was that? She sucked at the actual audition, but won her spot in the band by taking a mouthful of vodka, yanking out matches she'd stored in her pigtails, struck the matches on a strip on her bass, and spit fire.

Everyone was speechless. When he was able, Jimmy said, “You’re in.”

She'd nearly burned down the place and damned near set Jimmy on fire.

Lindsey could play bass now, but some years ago, this was something she’d never thought about. As a matter of fact, the entire bass-playing thing had started on a lie. She'd told someone that she played bass, unbeknowingly the person she told, a club bouncer, would pass on the info to the right person.

Today, Lindsey (spelled Lyn-Z as her stage name) was famous for her backbends while playing bass onstage.

Gerard Way.
My Chemical Romance.
Lindsey Ann Ballato.
Mindless Self-Indulgence.
Gerard and Lindsey.
Gerard and Lindsey Way.

Both of them lie in bed at the moment, listening to the other’s steady breathing. Gerard looked up and stretched his toes toward the ceiling, which he could not see in the darkness. He turned over gently as to not wake his wife and gently wrapped his arm around her.

Gerard felt a flutter beneath his hand and nearly began weeping. He gazed at the back of Lindsey’s head. A little over a year of happiness. The day was September 9, 2007. The day Gerard became Mr. Lindsey Way. Gerard fell in love with this woman more and more each day. He kissed the nape of her neck and began playing with her hair. Gerard silently uttered a deep sigh of joy and contentment.

Lindsey lay on her right side. She’d been awake for a few hours letting wonderful thoughts roam through her mind about her husband and about the baby. There had been a few nervous thoughts too, as this was her—their—first child, but with Gerard she knew they’d be okay.

She’d felt Gerard put his arm around her, so carefully and so gently, like he was afraid he was going to break her or something. She’d teased him about it so many times. “Gerard, you’re not going to hurt me. And you can’t break the baby,” Lindsey would laugh.

Gerard would laugh. “I’m sorry, babe,” he’d say. “I just well…hmmm. I don’t know.” Gerard would laugh some more and would kiss Lindsey.

“You’re a funny man,” Lindsey would say, putting his hand to her swollen belly. “You live around here?”
“Kind of,” Gee would say. “There’s this girl I know. She’s pretty awesome.”

Lindsey would then giggle. Gerard couldn’t resist a big goofy grin when that smile split Lindsey’s face. “Really?” Lindsey would say. Gerard put both his hands around Lindsey’s neck cradling it, his thumbs tracing the outline of her jaw. “What’s her name?” She put her hands on top of his. He pulled them to his lips and kissed each finger.

“Lindsey,” Gerard would say.
“Lindsey? My name is Lindsey. ”
“Is it now? What a coincidence.”
“So you guys married or something? I see a ring on that finger.”
“That’s it? Just ‘Ya’? ”
“A man of few words.”
“Not really. I cut my brother off a lot. I usually don’t notice. Then my mom chides me about it.”
“Chatterbox, huh? Coulda fooled me..”

Lindsey would spin around once, modeling her pregnant belly, a strip of ivory skin with soft, pearlescent stretchmarks from the child growing inside of her, would peek from between her shirt and waistband. Gerard would almost cry at the sight of this, knowing he’d helped create another human being. And he wasn’t a crying man. However, this whole becoming-a-parent-thing had changed him. Either that, or he was mellowing with old age.

Gerard would poke Lindsey’s face with a finger. “So how about you? You married?”
“Yeah. To some dude named Gary,” Lindsey would stop spinning.
“You mean Gerard?”
“Yeah. That’s it. How’d you know?”
“I know stuff.”

Sly smiles would creep across their faces.

“This guy, Gerard, he got me knocked up.”
“I did?”
“Not you. My husband. Are you my husband, sir?”
“Maaaay-be,” Gerard would shrug. “You were at my backstage wedding. And you ask a lot of questions.”
“Mama ain’t raised no fool. So you’d better watch it, buddy.”

Then they’d both die laughing. Once, Lindsey peed herself from laughing so hard. Gerard legs gave out from under him, collapsing with laughter. He’d literally fallen to the ground that time. Why was that so funny, Lindsey peeing herself because she’d laughed too hard? Like the narrator said in the 1980’s Tootsie Pop commercial with Mr. Owl, the world may never know.

Lindsey looked over at the blue glowing face of the LED alarm clock and closed her hand around Gerard’s. “Lindsey?” Gerard said hushed and cautiously in case she wasn’t awake.

“I’m awake, Gee,” Lindsey said softly.

Morning wood. Was that from hearing Lindsey’s voice? Or did he have to go to the bathroom? Gerard couldn’t tell. He squashed it between his legs, uninterested at getting up at the moment.

“How long?” Gerard asked as Lindsey rolled over. “No, no, you didn’t have to move, Linds,” Gee said to his wife. “You’re supposed to lay on your left side. The doctor said.”

Lindsey laughed silently and ran her fingers through her husband’s long black hair. “I was uncomfortable. I’d been laying like that for about six hours.” She scooted closer to Gerard.

“Baby,” Gerard said. “Stop moving. I’ll come to you.”

He wrapped his arms around her, breathing in her shampoo and clean scent. There was a small movement between them; Gerard choked on a sob. The baby! The baby kicked! And he felt it! It was so small, he almost though he had imagined it.

Suddenly, a tidal wave of overwhelming love washed over him, then overprotection. Fucking paparazzi, Gerard thought of the previous day where photogs had been following he and Lindsey around at the grocery store. Gerard was wishing Bob had been with them. Wouldn’t’ve been no fucking cameras left to take pictures.

Gerard tightened his embrace. A single tear cascaded down his cheek. Thank you, God.

Lindsey melted into Gerard's warm embrace with a drugging smile. “That’s how long you’ve been awake? I’d been awake and daydreaming for around three hours.”

The central cooling clicked. They lay there the rest of the morning nestled in each other’s arms, listening to each other’s, and the baby’s, hearts beat.


Los Angeles, California 1:34pm Pacific Time

Everyone sat on the ground, looking up at the sky. There were sounds of children playing on the playground. The sun was shining brightly. Too bright for Gerard, that is.

“Man. I’m not digging this sun thing,” Gerard complained. “I’m getting a tan.”

Mikey Way, Gerard’s younger brother who was visiting with his wife Alicia from Brooklyn, New York, laughed and lightly punched his older brother’s shoulder. “Shut up,” Mikey said. “You live in Los Angeles now. Everyone here tans.”

Gerard pouted. “Well, not me. I’m not everyone. I’m someone. And I’m from Jersey. We don’t do that there.” Gerard shielded his eyes ands scanned the park. “I’m going sit under that tree.”

Gerard pointed to a dying weeping willow. Most of the leaves had fallen off.

Mikey and Lindsey started laughing. “Yeah right,” Mikey snorted through laughter. “Look at that poor tree. It’s half fucking dead.”

Just as Mikey said this, one of the branches fell off the dying willow. This caused everyone to die with laughter.

"Charlie Brown Christmas tree!" Mikey sang in a goofy voice, pointing at the tree.

Gerard huffed, “I don’t care. I’m moving. You guys coming?”

Lindsey groaned. “Aw, Gee-eee," Lindsey groaned. "I don’t feel like moving. My back hurts.”

Gerard stood. “Okay. Well, you don’t have to move, dear. I wasn't asking you to move. But Mikey does.”

Mikey frowned, then crossed his arms. “I don’t want to move," Mikey lamented. He looked around. "Besides, Alicia isn’t back yet. Who’s Lindsey going to sit with? We can’t leave her by herself.”

Mikey got up anyway. And it had been such a nice spot, too. Damn it.

“I’ll come,” Lindsey was about to stand.

“No,” Mikey said to Lindsey, motioning for her to stay seated by putting up his hand. “You’re pregnant. You move around enough.”

Lindsey looked up at Mikey. “You sound like Kitty,” she said laughingly. Kitty was one one of Lindsey's band mates. “ ‘Wait, Lindsey! Let me get that for you, Lindsey! Lindsey, you shouldn’t be carrying that! I’ll do it for you, Lindsey!’ ”

Everyone laughed. Lindsey sighed. “She’s going to give me a miscarriage.”

“Look! There’s Alicia!” Gerard said, pointing.

Alicia was carrying four cups of water and a bag of dried almonds for Lindsey. Lindsey never liked almonds before, but now she couldn’t get enough of them. She’d read somewhere that dried unsalted almonds were a good snack for pregnant women. Gerard took two of the cups of water and handed them to Mikey. “Thanks,” Alicia said. She kissed Mikey on the lips, then Alicia dropped the almonds into Lindsey’s lap, then sat on the ground. Lindsey savaged the bag.

Everyone stared as Lindsey attacked the poor unsuspecting almonds. “What?” she said, unaware that everyone had been staring at her for the last three minutes. Everyone laughed.

“Hungry much?” Alicia said.

More laughter.

Almonds fell to the ground. Gerard reached for one. Lindsey smacked his hand away. “No way,” she said between gulps of water. “Get your own. These hoes is mine. ”

“But I’m a growing boy!” Gerard whined. “Not as much as this one in here,” Lindsey pointed to her belly. Alicia pointed. Then Mikey pointed.

“Hey. Don’t you guys know it’s rude to point?” Gerard said.

Gerard turned to Mikey. “I’m telling Mom.”

Mikey shrugged. “I don’t care. What’s she going to do? Spank me? You’re just mad because Lindsey won’t give you any of her almonds. You big baby.”

Gerard crossed his arms and pouted. "Why's everyone picking on me today?" Gerard whined.

Mikey kicked at Gerard's ankle. "You like being the center of attention, bro."

Gerard stomped his foot with indignance. "Not this kind!"

Alicia and Lindsey laughed. “So you’re having a boy?” Alicia said.

Lindsey shrugged. “I don’t know. We’ve decided to wait and find out.” Alicia nodded then directed her attention to two ants lugging a large orange-ish crumb in the grass. Hmm, Alicia thought, studying the two ants with great interest. I wonder if that's from a Cheez-It cracker or if it's an orange peeling.

"What are you looking at, Alicia?" Lindsey said.

"These two ants," Alicia responded. "It's fucking epic," Alicia said as she pushed back a long wayward strand of black hair back. "They're in this, like, death struggle over a cracker crumb. And it's a pretty big crumb."

"Oohoo!" Lindsey clapped her hands excitedly. "I wanna see! Lemme see!"

Extremely carefully, Alicia picked up the two ants. The ants kept right on battling fiercely over the food.

"See?" Alicia showed the ants to Lindsey.

Lindsey leaned over as far as her belly would allow it, and observed the ants. "Oh, wow!" she said, staring. "I think that's an orange rind," Lindsey commented. Alicia nodded in agreement. "I was thinking the same thing. It's kinda flaky, though, so I think it's a cracker crumb."

Lindsey studied the crumb. "Yeah," she said. "An orange rind would be more vibrant in color. And the edges are sort of jagged. But maybe it's an old orange rind that's faded from the sun or something."

Alicia and Lindsey continued their commentary on the two ants.

One of the ants ran up Alicia's wrist with the crumb. The other ant followed behind, determined to have his share of the cracker crumb/orange rind. "Go, little dude, go!" Alicia cheered on the ant without the crumb.

"No!" Lindsey said to the thieving ant. "Keep your booty safe! Run forever!" Lindsey and Alicia began laughing.

"Maybe we could, like, write a song about it," Lindsey suggested. "Next MCR or MSI album."

"Yeah!" Alicia said. "Instead of calling it battle of the bands, we could call it 'Battle of the Ants!'" Lindsey and Alicia hee-hawed with laughter.

The girls were completely ignoring Mikey and Gerard, their five-year-old and eight-year old husbands.

Gerard pulled out his phone. “I’m telling,” he said to Mikey. Mikey wrestled Gerard to the ground. “Oh no you don’t. Not this time. No way. Not if I can help it.”

Mikey Reached for Gee’s phone and tried to pry it from his brother’s hand.

“No! No!” Gerard shouted, laughing. He continued to try and dial the number. “Hello! Mom!” Gerard shouted into the receiver as Mikey pinned his arm up above Gee’s head.

“Mom!” Mikey called. “Gerard’s hogging all the attention again!” Gerard laughed. “Nuh-uh!” Gee cried into the receiver as Mikey ground grass into Gerard's hair. “Gee’s just mad ‘cause Lindsey won’t share!”

“Ow! Get off!” They rolled away from the girls.

“Give me that phone!”
“No! Mom!”
“Ow! That was my dick!”
“You mean lack thereof.”
“There’s nothing but cotton in yours!”
“At least there’s something there!”
“Oh yeah. The ladies like it soft, let me tell ya.”
“I’m going to fart in your face!”
“Ah! No! Fuck that! You had lentils yesterday!”
“Here it comes! Three, two—“
“No! Alicia! Help! Come get your husband!”

Gerard and Mikey continued to wrestle, laughing the entire time. They rolled back towards the girls. Mikey grabbed his cup of water and tried to pour it on Gerard’s face. “Aagghhh! No! I’m allergic to water!” Most of the water seeped into the ground. Some got on Gerard’s face. Gerard flipped the cup towards Mikey, flinging the remainder of it into his face.

“Ah! It’s cold! Shrinkage! Shrinkage!” Mikey cried.

“Give me that phone!”

“Not this time! Mom! Ow! Mom!”

Alicia and Lindsey sat and watched humorously. “Are you sure he just turned thirty-two?” Alicia asked. Lindsey rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Lindsey said. “Will you come with me?”

“Sure,” Alicia said, depositing the ants back the grass. She'd broken the tiny crumb in half using her fingernail, giving a piece to each ant. They'd seemed happy enough, the ants. “Maybe when we get back, they’ll have chilled the fuck out.”

The boys knocked down a blue garbage bin. Paper blew everywhere. A black park cop munching on his lunch, seated on a horse beneath a tree, looked away, annoyed. The horse was enjoying his lunch of grass and daisies. Mikey and Gerard kept going. From his distance, the cop gave Alicia and Lindsey a pitying look. Alicia smiled waved to the cop.

Alicia grinned. “Okay, wishful thinking.” She stood up and offered her hand to Lindsey. “Let’s go. You aren’t supposed your bladder that long. Come on.”

Alicia helped Lindsey from the ground. They left their stuff on their blanket. “Hey! You clowns!” Alicia bellowed. “We’re going to the bathroom!” Mikey looked their way to let them know he’d heard. Gerard smashed a Styrofoam cup to Mikey’s head. The cop shook his head again, watching, his cheeks collapsing as he sucked on the straw of his drink.

After a while, when they’d both tired out, Mikey and Gerard went and sat under the dying willow. They were dusting each other off and laughing when Alicia came running up to them.

“The baby’s coming! Her water broke!” Alicia panted, her black hair dancing about wildly.

Mikey and Gerard jumped up. “Mikey! What do I do?! What do I do?!” Gerard’s eyes rolled back. He began to sink to the ground, knees buckling.

Mikey caught him. “No!” Mikey said, grabbing his brother’s shoulders and shaking him a bit. “No! We gotta get her to the hospital, man! That’s what!!!” Gerard’s head flopped forward like a ragdoll’s. Mikey shook his older brother’s shoulders again, harder this time. “Gerard! Stay with us, man!!!”

Mikey slapped at Gerard’s face. “Wake up, Gerard! C’mon, big brother!” Mikey shook Gerard again, then turned to his wife. “Where’s Lindsey?! Is she okay?!” Mikey said. "Gerard! Gerard! Wake up!" Mikey slapped at Gerard's face again. harder. 'Gerard! Get up!"

Alicia grabbed Mikey’s hand. “In the bathroom! Come on!” They began running. Mikey pulled Gee’s hand. “Come on, Gee! This is your wife here! Get with it!” Mikey shouted in frustration.

Suddenly, Gerard’s head snapped up.

Mikey was right. Blood thundered in Gerard’s ears. His heart was pounding in his chest. Gerard could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. “Move!” Gerard barked, shoving Mikey out the way. “LINDSEY!!!!” Gerard bellowed. He shot off, sprinting like a cannon, leaving Mikey and Alicia far, far behind.

This is it…the baby is coming…I’m coming Lindsey…nine years ago…The Black Parade…music videos…Lindsey…interviews…September ninth…I’m going to be a father…Lindsey is going to be a mother…Mama…Dad….grandparents…uncle Mikey….me…Lindsey…fans…the band…where’s Ray and Christa…should I call Christa first….Frank, I gotta call Frank…will Jamia be there when I call…Eliza cheated…autographs…I’m married…I wich Bob was here…almonds…Guitar Hero…I’m sweating…breastfeeding…school…comicbooks…Lindsey…there’s grass under my feet…son or daughter…the sun is shining…

Gerard’s mind began to roll backwards and forward simultaneously. He remembered Mikey’s graduation day. He remembered his own. He remembered dressing in drag in college. He saw his old house, Mikey and himself playing in the street, riding tricycles. He remembered singing in Peter Pan in elementary school. He remember riding in the van for two years, everyone falling asleep on each other. His drug addictions, his alcoholism. Almost drowning during the making of a video. Seeing his child on his graduation day. A daughter going to prom. Bob dating Katlyn. Lindsey doing backbends on stage. Asking for clothes because they didn’t have any for the longest time when the band was starting out. The Daily Mail. Being drunk, wasted. Passing out. Pissing himself. Taking his son to his first day of school. Kissing Lindsey. Dancing with Lindsey. Kissing Frank. Dancing with Frank. Shaking hands with Pharrell. His daughter’s wedding day. Cigarettes. Coffee. High school. Lockers. Art class. Hannah Bond. Getting drunk alone. Being held at gunpoint at 15. Listening to his iPod. Hugging his mother. Hugging his father. Grandma. Her funeral. Leaving for a few days, worrying his band mates. Touching Lindsey’s hair. Hearing Lindsey laugh. Lindsey making him laugh. Lindsey holding his hand. Making love to Lindsey. Waving to cameras. Laughing with Jamia. Touring with Green Day. His mom holding her first grandchild. Baby shower. Frank and Jamia’s wedding. Teaching his child how to ride a bike. Lindsey mouthing “I love you,” from the stage. Gerard singing “Umbrella” to Lindsey. Laying in bed this morning. Disagreeing with Lindsey. Battling depression. Hugging Alicia. Traveling. Tour bus. Injuries. Baby shopping. Strollers. He and Mikey telling stories to each other when they were little. The MCRmy. Going to that concert with Mikey, his best friend, looking up and the band, then looking at each other. “This is what I want to do.” Mikey’s internship at Eyeball Records. MCR’s first Secret Santa. Bert. The Street Team. That’s what led them here. That’s how he’d met Lindsey, his other best friend. Mikey learning bass. Action figures. Dismissing Matt. Finding Bob. The band. His wife. His brother. Christa. Billie Joe. Frank. Ray. Living life. Life.

A new life was on its way.

A life Gerard helped create.

If I’d never—Gerard shook his head at the thought of never forming a band. It didn’t matter. It was here. My Chemical Romance. He couldn’t think about what if it never happened because it had already happened. That’s how he’d met Lindsey. Everything’s going to be different. This is the last time in my life it’s going to be just me and Lindsey. Lindsey…he’d be holding his first child in his arms soon, so soon. It looked like it took forever. Not the baby is coming. The baby. My baby. Lindsey’s baby. Our baby…

All those thoughts crashing through Gerard’s mind, clamorously reverberating against his skull, the thoughts like a paroxysm, threatening to shatter Gerard’s cranium, all in the less than the six seconds it took to get to Lindsey.

Lindsey was leaning against the wall, a look in her eyes Gerard had never seen before. Yet at the same time, seemed so oddly familiar.


Lindsey flung herself into Gerard. She grabbed her husband’s shoulders and clung to him tightly, afraid to let go. “I…I’m scared,” Lindsey said as a single, solitary tear cascaded down her cheek.

“Me too, Lindsey.” Gerard kissed Lindsey and brushed the tear away. “But we’ll be okay. God is with us. And Mikey and Alicia are here too.”

Lindsey nodded. Alicia and Mikey ran up to Gerard and Lindsey. Mikey hugged Gerard then Lindsey. Alicia had tears in her eyes. “You guys okay?” Mikey asked. They both nodded. “Let’s go,” Mikey said.
Alicia took Lindsey’s hand and led her to the car. “Are you hurting?” Alicia asked.

Lindsey shook her head. “No,” she said, a bit miffed. “I thought I would be.”

Alicia looked darkly at Lindsey. “You will be.” It sounded like a threat.

Lindsey burst into tears.

It was the first time in about two months since she cried. “GERARD!!!” Lindsey shouted, even though he was right there, holding her other hand.

“I’m right here, sweetie,” Gerard crooned, trying to console his wife. He took Lindsey into his arms. He darted a dangerous look at Alicia. “Why’d you say that to her?” Gerard barked at Alicia.

Alicia looked taken aback, then hurt Two small dots of red appeared in her cheek, and her eyes turned bright, as though she were fighting back tears.

“I wasn’t trying to scare her, Gerard!” Alicia said huffily.
“Well, you did,” Gerard snapped.
“You’re being a jerk,” Alicia countered.
Gerard opened his mouth to utter a comeback.

“CHILL!!!” Mikey screamed, stepping between them. Everyone blinked with shock. It was the first time in years since Mikey screamed like that.

“You guys never talk to each other like that! It’s tense, but fuck! We don’t have time to argue!” Mikey offered his arms to Lindsey and rocked her back in forth as she sobbed in Mikey's arms.

“Alicia, ” Mikey said. “Take Gee’s car. It’s too small and has a soft-top. I don’t like the idea of a pregnant woman in a convertible on the LA highway. I’ll drive your car. It’s bigger, and Gee and Lindsey can sit in the back. Just follow us.”

Alicia nodded. She took the keys from her husband’s hand. “Thank you, honey,” Mikey said and kissed Alicia. “I love you.” Alicia gave Mikey a confirming nod. “Love you too.”

“How sweet,” said an unfamiliar voice from behind everyone. Everyone turned around.

It was the black cop from earlier, the one who’d been sitting on the horse. “Now let’s get this woman”—he pointed to Lindsey—“to the hospital. I’m Daniel Scott, by the way.” said the cop, shaking Mikey’s hand.

Officer Scott turned to Gerard, fixing Gee with a hard stare.

“Now get in car, boy. That’s your brother, right?” Daniel pointed to Mikey. “Listen to him. ” Gerard opened his mouth.. “I’m…” he started, but Gerard's voice trailed off as he looked up into Officer Scott's eyes.

Daniel gave him a hard look. “I know who your are. And you ain’t gettin’ no special treatment of no sort. Now get in the car with you wife, boy. Now. Otherwise I’ll arrest you for willful disobedience, spousal neglect, belligerent insubordination, and child endangerment. Take your pick, boy. Now GET. IN. THE.CAR.”

There was the tiniest hint of amusement dancing in Officer Scott’s eyes. It vanished quickly as it came.

“What’re you staring at, whiteboy?!” Officer Scott shouted in Gerard’s face. Gerard was a good foot-and-a-half shorter than Daniel. “Get your ass in that goddamned car!!! I’m not going to tell you again.!!!” Officer Scott fingered his handcuffs.

Gerard swallowed.. “Yes, sir,” he said. Gerard climbed into the backseat of the car next to Lindsey. “It’s okay, baby,” Gerard whispered as Lindsey leaned her head on his shoulder. He put one arm around her shoulders and took the other one in his lap, kissing it.

“You’re going to do all right. I’m going to be right there with you. I promise. I’m not going to go anywhere. I’ll be right there beside you. I love you, my Lindsey.” Lindsey nodded her head against Gerard’s shoulder.

“I love you, my Gerard.” Gerard put his face in Lindsey’s hair. Very, very quietly, Gerard began to sing.

“And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh

You're becoming a dream to me
Fairytale fantasy
Nothing can ever compare
An image to my memory
Girl I'm asking could you be my queen?
A vision on a magazine
That's when I'll be there
It's something we both share
When the sun shine, we'll shine together
You know I'll be here forever
Although it's not raining outside
Girl it's getting late you can stay the night
But you can dipout anytime whenever
I can call a car I ain't tryna stress ya
I'm looking for the one with the glass slipper
Baby girl you can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh ”

Lindsey quietly joined Gerard.

“You can run into my arms
It's okay don't be alarmed
Come into me
There's no distance in between our love
So go on and say my name some more
I'll be all you need and more

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
But you can dip out anytime whenever
I can call a car I ain't tryna stress ya
I'm looking for the one with the glass slipper
Baby girl you can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh …”

Outside the car, Mikey was listening to Officer Scott. “I’m gonna be your escort,” Daniel said to Mikey. Daniel reached up to his forhead, his dark hand mopping beads of perspiration from his brow with a white cloth. “Tethered up my horse when I saw your brother running to the bathroom,” Officer Scott said quickly. “Me in front, you in the middle, your wife last. Now let’s go, son.. Know where you goin’? ”

“Cedars Sinai, sir.”

“All right, then. Hop to it, boy. Your sister-in-law’s ‘bout to have a baby. Get your ass in that car and start driving,” Officer Scott barked in Mikey’s face.

Mikey jumped. “Yes sir!” He bolted into the car and gunned the engine.

Daniel Scott sprinted to his car. He flipped on the siren.

Well aware of the fact that he was famous, as were the other three, the fact that Officer Daniel had turned on the siren was something Gerard found being a bit excessive. He liked an audience, but the audience he was getting now wasn’t what he wanted. People were staring from cars. Pedestrians were staring as well, pointing and nudging each other.

Gerard shielded Lindsey’s face with his jacket, in case there were paparazzi around. You never knew. Some of those paps were some sneaky-ass sons of bitches. No freak stranger with a camera dangling around their neck was going to be taking pictures of Lindsey, especially while she was labor. Not to be splashed all over magazine racks within five hours. He’d break their faces with their fucking cameras. Gerard clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Gerard’d already recieved calls from all those stupid magazines, offering up to one million dollars for the first pictures of the baby. He’d hated how all those scumbags referred to their child as “the baby.” When friends and family and fans said it, it was okay. Loving, even.

But when one of those magazine reporters said it, it sounded like their child was an object. Like a trophy or something. Like one day, “the baby” wouldn’t grow up and possibly resent their parents for selling pictures of them to a magazine without their---the baby’s---permission. There were plenty of celebrities doing that in Los Angeles with their children. Selling their children’s photos to magazines. For what. A lousy 200,000 to one million bucks. Like that amount could replace a person’s dignity. Or buy their way out of guilt. And a lot of those kids, kids of these celebrities, were going to grow up with animosity towards their parents.

Not any child of Gerard and Lindsey Way.

Gerard’s eyes shifted around warily. Protectively, he tightened his grip around the most beautiful woman in the world who at that moment was about to give birth to his first child. He fucking kill someone they even looked like they were carrying a camera.

Lindsey’s breathing was becoming short and labored. Mikey glanced back. “We’re almost there,” he said. “There’s that Brad Pitt premier tonight. All the A-listers are going to be there, so we won’t have to worry about photogs getting in our grill.”

Gerard pulled the cover back from Lindsey’s face cautiously. The windows were tinted black. There could still be one or two lurking. One was all it took. Gerard ground his teeth so hard his molars nearly cracked. He’d cover her again one they got to Cedars Sinai. There were always photogs there.

If one fucking flash went off, he swore…

Where was Bob when Gerard needed him?

“Calm down, Gerard,” Mikey said, sensing his brother’s unease. “If there are some around, I’ve got a plan. They won’t be able to resist it. They’ll suck on it like a piece of candy.” Mikey chuckled schemingly to himself. “Thought of it months ago; I’ve been dying to use it.” Mikey turned a corner. “It’s great.”

Gerard relaxed a little, knowing he could count on his baby brother. I’m about to have a baby, Gee thought. He tensed up again.

“Gerard,” Lindsey rasped. “The pain. I’m feeling…”

Gerard put a finger to his wife’s mouth. “Shhh,” Gerard shushed Lindsey. “Breathe, honey,” Gerard held his composure. “It hurts. I know. Breathing helps take some of the pain away,” Gerard quoted one of the pregnancy books. Or one of the Lamaze instructors. He couldn’t remember which.

Lindsey exhaled and squeezed Gerard’s hand tighter. “Fuck,” Lindsey cursed. She started crying again. Gerard’s own eyes began to cloud.

He knew this was going to happen, this pain, read about it, went online, spoke to other parents, talked to his therapist about it, read every book, everything. He even asked his dad, Donald, about the night he’d been born.

But none of that had prepared Gerard to actually see his wife in so much agony. He knew it was all part of birth, but the truth was, he didn’t like to see his wife suffer. He was suffering with her, his heart wrenching.

Mikey sniffed a few times from behind the wheel. Mikey was hurting, too, because his brother was hurting.

God, Gerard prayed. Please take care of Lindsey during this. Please. Just don’t take her away from me. Don't take my Lindsey and my baby away from me.
A sob tore from Gerard’s throat. He’d heard of women dying in labor.

“God! No! Please don’t take Lindsey from me!” Gerard shouted out loud.

He didn’t care if Mikey heard him. Mikey wouldn’t make fun of him. He understood and looked at his brother in the rearview mirror.

They pulled up to the hospital. Gerard reached for the door handle. Lindsey was crying at full volume now. “Wait!” Mikey said. “Let me check the lobby first!”

Mikey ran in, then glanced at the lobby.

Fuck. There were six photographers, milling around, waiting for a celebrity to show up. Any celebrity. My Chemical Romance was virtually never mentioned in any of those magazines or tabloids or celeb gossip websites, but what with the trend of celeb baby booms, Mikey knew this would make headlines. The way the paparazzi in the lobby wandered around reminded Mikey of sperm; unorganized, all bumping into each other, wandering aimlessly, all with the same goal: to score. Ever since Britney had gotten her life back together, there hadn’t been much work.
Would the plan work? Mikey wondered.

Mikey didn’t know, but he had to think fast. Otherwise, his niece or nephew was going to be born in a car. Not now, obviously, Gerard would kill Mikey for that later.

“Miley Cyrus!” Mikey shouted, pointing outside the doors of the hospital.

The paparazzi began climbing over each other, pushing each other out of the way, running to the door, slipping and sliding every which way all over the floor, their faces taking on the looks of starved dogs.
One photographer tripped and fell, another stepping on his hand. Mikey heard them all taking and shouting at onece, but couldn't understand a word being said by the photogs. They sounded like the seagulls from “Finding Nemo”.

“Yesss!” Mikey said, punching the air with his fist. He did a little victory dance, something reminiscent ot the Boot Scootin' Boogie and The Crip Walk.

Why am I here again? Mikey was trying to remember. The baby! Mikey smacked his forehead.

Mikey ran out back to the car, where Alicia and Gerard were helping Lindsey stay on her feet. Officer Scott was pointing the photographers in the opposite direction.

“What’d you say to them?” Alicia asked Mikey as she held Lindsey’s hand.

Mikey beamed. “Two words,” he ticked them off with his fingers. “Miley. Cyrus.”

Gerard grinned, but only a little. “Nice.”

A nurse came out with a wheelchair. “I heard all the commotion,” he said. He looked about twenty-two.

Gerard nodded, seating his writhing wife into the wheelchair. “Thanks, er…”

The young man pointed to his ID badge. “Benny.” The tag read, “Benjamin Quanford, R.N.”

Once Lindsey was situated in the wheelchair, Benny shot off like a rocket to the elevator. Lindsey was not screaming at this point, but she was pretty close. “GERARD!!! GERARD!!”

Upon hearing Lindsey call out to him, Gerard’s heart broke into little pieces. “LINDSEY! I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!”

He sped and caught the elevator just as the door was closing. “We’ll catch the next one!” Mikey called through the closing doors.

Alicia shook her head. “Fuck that. Too long. You know how many floors are in this hospital? You know where the maternity ward is? I’m taking the stairs.”

And with that, Alicia sprinted up the stairs. Mikey followed.


Los Angeles, California
Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Lindsey had been in labor for nearly six hours.

Six long, torturous hours.

No amount of coffee was making Gerard feel better. Not that he was feeling bad, just disconnected for some reason. He sat in a chair next to Lindsey's bed, holding Lindsey's hand, staring off into distance unblinkingly.

Mikey and Alicia were outside, going between phonecalls with Ray, Jamia, Bob, Christa, Frank, and Donald and Donna, Gerard and Mikey's parents back at home in Belleville, New Jersey.

Lindsey hissed through her teeth, clutching the bedrail. She’d said she wanted to give birth naturally. No epidurals, no drugs.

Gerard was beginning to wonder if that was a good idea. He had the feeling that Lindsey wanted to sock him in his face. He sat in his chair, holding Lindsey’s hand, absent-mindedly looking out the window. He could see Officer Scott guarding their cars. Lindsey crushed Gerard’s hand.

“Gerard,” Lindsey cried out. “Call the doctor. I…I think it’s time.”

Gerard could feel his eyes rolling back again. “No!” he told himself out loud.

Lindsey shot Gerard an icy glare. “Well,” she growled. “I don’t think I can’t stop it.”

Gerard shook his head, then bent over to kiss Lindsey. “I meant me, hon,” he said dreamily.

Lindsey looked at Gerard again, the opposite of nicely. “O-kay. Now back to me here! The baby is coming!!!”

Gerard snapped to reality. “Mikey!!! Doctor!” Gerard called.

“I’m on it!” Mikey called back.

Alicia dropped her phone on the floor, Christa on the other end.

“Are you sure, Lindz?” Alicia asked.

Lindsey whipped her head around so violently her neck popped. “No, I’m not sure, what the hell do you think?!!!”

Alicia raised both her hands, eyes widened a bit. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Alicia grabbed Lindsey’s other hand.

The doctor breezed in. Several other people in green scrubs followed. “Okay, Mrs. Way. Let’s push.”

Gerard couldn’t believe he was finally hearing those words.

Lindsey growled furiously as she bore down. Gerard stroked Lindsey’s forhead repeatedly. “Come on, baby, you can do it. Come on. Push, Lindsey. That’s my girl.”

The doctor bent over and observed Lindsey. “I need you to push for ten seconds, Mrs. Way.”

Mikey manned the video camera. Alicia bent over, then began crying.

“What?!” Lindsey cried in alarm. “Is something wrong?” Gerard held his breath.

Alicia sobbed. “No. I can see…I can see the head. The baby has dark hair. Like…” Alicia sobbed again, smiling.

Gerard felt strangely disconnected from his body. What the fuck, God? Gerard fumed silently. This isn’t the time for an O.B.E. Put me back here.

Lindsey screamed again. Unconsciously, Gerard began singing,

"When the sun shine, we'll shine together
You know I'll be here forever
Although it's not raining outside
Girl it's getting late you can stay the night
But you can dipout anytime whenever
I can call a car I ain't tryna stress ya
I'm looking for the one with the glass slipper
Baby girl you can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh
You can be my Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh...”

The doctor looked up at Gerard. “Keep singing, Mr. Way!”

Gerard cleared his throat.

“When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh,”

Lindsey screamed again, grasping and clutching for absolute and dear, sweet life to Gerard and Alicia’s hands.

Lindsey breathing became hard, short, and heavy. She was taking in big gasps of air, heaving in and out moaning and groaning, her chest rising falling.

“Come on, Lindsey! Breathe! Push! Breathe! Push!” Alicia instructed.

Gerard had stopped singing, but all of the feeling had gone out of his legs. Why wasn’t he feeling excited? What was wrong with him? He nearly yawned, but from the look on Lindsey’s face, he knew better.

Gerard suppressed the yawn.

“Come on, baby,” Gerard whispered in Lindsey’s ear. “Push. You can do it.”

The doctor said, “Come on, Mrs. Way. We have the head halfway. I need you to push again.”

Lindsey sobbed. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can,” the doctor said. “One—“

Lindsey bore down.


Gerard put his face directly onto Lindsey’s. “Come on, you’re my girl. You can do it, babe.”

“Stay, Gerard! Please don’t leave me!”


Alicia held Lindsey’s knees to help them keep steady.

“I won’t, baby. Never. I promise.”

Mikey sobbed from behind the camera.


“You’re doing good, Mrs. Way. Keep pushing. It’s coming!”

“Push, Lindsey! Push!” Alicia called from the foot of the bed. “Breathe!”


“I can’t do it anymore!!! Gerard! It hurts, it hurts, I can’t—“

“You can! Push, Lindsey! It’s coming!”

“”I can’t!”


Lindsey screamed.

“I can see it! I can see it!” Mikey cried, jumping up and down.



“I’m here, Lindsey! Push! Breathe!”

“Mrs. Way! You’re almost there!”





“I CAN’T!!!”






Lindsey had a bowel movement. Everything was coming forward. Urine, amniotic fluid, the baby.




“COME ON, MRS. WAY!!!!! ONE MORE!!!!!!!”

Lindsey bore down one more time. Harder tan she ever had before. This was it, no turning back, it was coming, she was going to be a mother, after all these years, it was coming, the baby, the baby, the baby, her baby, Gerard’s baby, THEIR baby was coming.
Lindsey mustered all of her strength that was left, bore down, gnashed her teeth, tightened her vice-like grip on Gerard’s fingers, and gave a final, bellowing, high-pitched, vibrating shriek. Everything rushed forward. Another bowel movement, another urinary movement.

The curtains shook. The sheet popped off the bed. The IV saline drip tube fell from Lindsey’s arm. Her veins popped out oh neck, her face turned purple. Veins jumped from her arms, twitching. Her heart nearly exploded.



The room fell deathly silent.

A small, hiccoughing sound. Then crying.

The baby was here.


And crying.

Announcing its arrival.

Mikey, Alicia, and Lindsey erupted into sobs of pure, euphoric happiness.

“Congratulations!” The doctor cheered. “You have a healthy, beautiful baby—“

Lindsey heard what she’d had. Not that it mattered. “My baby, my baby,” Lindsey sobbed. “Give me my baby.”

The doctor placed the baby on Lindsey’s chest. The child rooted around, then began to suckle Lindsey’s right breast.

Gerard sighed. Why wasn’t he feeling this? What the fuck was wrong with him? Am I going to be a bad parent? Am I a terrible person? God, why do I feel this way?

As no one was looking, busy with crying and admiring the newborn babe, Gerard slipped out of the room.

He sat on the floor outside of the room, bringing up his knees and burying his head. Gerard sighed. He wanted to go home and read comic books.

Why? Gerard asked himself in his head. “Why?!” Gerard criedto the ceiling, throwing his palms up. “God, what’s wrong with me?” Gerard began crying bitterly.

“Absolutely nothing.”

Gerard looked up.

It was Officer Daniel Scott.

Gerard stood.

He stared directly into the eyes of Officer Daniel Scott.

The man he’d never seen before a day in life until a few hours ago.

Gerard knew nothing about this man.

Never seen him before.

Not a friend of his, not really.

Certainly not a family member.

And yet, in this cold hallway, in this hospital, outside the very same room in which his wife, brother and life-long best friend, his sister-in-law, and his…his…his child…

Gerard clenched his fists, ground his teeth.

Officer Daniel Scott stared right back. At this short, white man. Boy, to him. Officer Daniel Scott was old enough to be Gerard’s father.

Gerard stared into the eyes of Officer Daniel Scott one more second…







Gerard collapsed into Officer Daniel Scott. He wrapped his arms around him.

Gerard was so short, so small, and so…insignificant to this great man. This big man took lives. This big man saved lives. This big man had a wedding band on his finger. Gold, it shone against his ebony skin. How could I be like this man, God? How? How could I be so small? I’m so insignificant to this being, this man. If I’m so small, how could I make a difference in another child’s life? How? Why don’t I feel it?

Gerard knew he’d made a difference in his fan’s lives, but this…

…this was a new human’s life.

The life Gerard helped create.

The very same life Gerard Way, frontman of legendary rock band My Chemical Romance, the many fans who claimed his music had saved their life, was now doubting his ability to father.

Gerard’s felt a large, warm hand on his head.

Officer Daniel Scott hugged Gerard back.

For a full minute.

Sixty seconds.

Officer Daniel Scott pulled Gerard back and held his face in his hands.

He flipped out a wallet.

Five children stared back at Gerard, all of them smiling. Some lighter, some darker.

It didn’t matter.

Whatever it was they were smiling about, those three boys and those two girls, it was genuine. Not just because they were having their picture taken.

There was love and confidence in those smiles.

Because someone had loved those kids, and that love had come from more than one parent.

Anyone could see it, even those who were blind.

The twinkles in the eyes of those five children.

The twinkle of love and influence.

Of two parents.

It was there.

You could see it.

Gerard could see it.

Officer Daniel Scott said, “I felt the same way, in this very same hospital nineteen years ago," Officer Scott said. "Get back in that room, boy.”

“Gerard.” Lindsey’s sweet voice floated into the hall, into Gerard’s heart, kissing the center of his soul. His heart careened against his chest.

Officer Daniel Scott released Gerard. “Go.” He gave Gerard a gentle shove towards the door.

Gerard went in. Officer Scott closed the door behind him.

Mikey, Alicia, the doctor, and the nurses all turned to Gerard.

Officer Scott poked his head into the room. “Everyone else out. Brothers, sisters, doctors, everyone out.”

All obediently filed out of the room.

The door closed one more time. The lock clicked into place.

“Gerard,” Lindsey said, holding out the baby.

Gerard’s blood hammered louder than ever in his ears. What if I drop—

“You won’t,” Lindsey softly paused Gerard’s thought.

Gerard took the baby into his arms. The child made a small sound. Something Gerard had heard these sounds before, but in movies or on television or from other people’s children.

Then his manhood twitched. Gerard remember the night this tiny, tiny person had been conceived.

Gerard walked over to the chair, then sat down. He stood up again. Lindsey chuckled.

The baby moved its lips as though it were suckling. It waved a hand as though it didn’t know what it was for or why it was even there.

There was a tuft of dark hair on the child’s head.

The baby's skin was pink, and slightly wrinkled

Gerard walked to the window and saw Officer Daniel Scott standing with Mikey and Alicia.

Officer Daniel Scott’s face suddenly broke into the broadest smile. He waved. Mikey and Alicia looked and waved. They could Gerard holding the mint green bundle.

Uncle Mikey.

Aunt Alicia.

And good friend Daniel Scott.

Thank you, dear Lord.

Gerard walked back to Lindsey, where she lay in the bed.

Gerard kissed Lindsey. He put his arm around her, close as he could physically be, but it was not enough.

Gerard carefully climbed into the bed beside his wife, Lindsey Way.

They were a family. Lindsey and Gee made…


The baby was staring quizzically up at Gerard, and swiped a teeny pink hand across Gerard’s chin, peering into his soul, trying to figure out who Gerard was.

For the first time, Gerard noticed the baby’s eyes, shiny and new, taking in everything, were open.

After holding it all in for so long, after holding it in for nine months and not feeling a thing during Lindsey’s labor, not even his legs, Gerard finally broke down, sobs of unearthly joy racking his entire body, tears falling like the New Jersey rain. Gerard looked his baby’s eyes.

They were green. - -

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Lyrics from the song “Umbrella” sang by Rihanna and Chris Brown, FEAT. Jay-Z

Songwriters: Shawn Carter, Christopher Stewart, Thaddis Nash, and Terius Nash

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