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Chapter 3

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The Next morning.

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The next morning I woke up still feeling bad.

Get over it! My ‘little voice in my head’ told me. She’ll be fine, and so will you. What you need to do is enjoy life. You’ve only been single for a little more than a day.

“Right,” I spoke out loud. “I need get out there, have fun and what not.”

I checked the time. 2pm. Not exactly party time, but a great time for lunch. I didn’t want to go alone, so I decided to call Frank. After three rings he answered.

“Hey Gee-tard what’s crackin’?”

I rolled my eyes at the stupid nickname. “Nothing. You wanna go to lunch?”

“Always.” I could picture him grinning. “Where?”

“I don’t know. Let’s drive around and find somewhere.”

“Cool. See you in 5 minutes.” The line went dead.

I dressed, brushed my teeth, and waited by my car for Frank. Finally, he arrived.

“Hey Way, let’s go.”

“Mkay,” I said, climbing into my car.

Driving around with Frank was peaceful. For the first time in a while he was quiet, but his happy presence still stayed. After half an hour we pulled into the parking lot of a small café.

We went through the whole seating and ordering process and while we waited for our food, Frank broke the silence.

“So, how’d Shantel take the break up?”

“Kinda bad, but I think she’ll be okay.” I replied.

“That’s good. Hey what are we doing tonight?”

“Seeing as it’s Friday, I say we hang at the club with Mikey, Ray, and Bob.”

“10?” he asked.

"Always." I answered.

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