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Shards of Glass

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ON HIATUS due to heavy plot revisions. Yeah. Sakura and Hinata appear in Konoha several months after they are presumed dead, both hiding terrible scars and bearing a message from a Village no one ...

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama - Characters: Hinata, Sakura - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-03-30 - Updated: 2006-03-30 - 779 words

The dark was pressing in on her, clinging like a wet, heavy blanket. It oozed over her body, trapping her limbs and creeping into her mouth when she tried to scream. That was bad enough; but beyond the darkness and the sea of syrupy panic and isolation waited a much more malevolent force. It radiated rage and hunger- hunger for her blood. That thing knew she was there- and it didn't like her at all. In fact, it hated her so much she wondered why she wasn't dead already.
Maybe, she thought hysterically, maybe it's already killed me and its bringing me back so it can kill me again. The sheer absurdity of the thought made her open her mouth for a laugh that quickly turned into a choked gargle. The darkness was twisting around her now, squeezing her until she thought she would pop out of her skin. She didn't bother struggling this time.
I'm going to die like this, she mused, all alone. She let her body go limp and felt her breathing slow. The sad thing is that I don't care anymore, just as long as the pain stops. There was a faint buzzing in her ears now, and the agony and terror that had started when the darkness had taken her (Minutes? Hours? Days?) finally started slipping away. I'll see Naruto's parents and Sasuke's family, she thought giddily, And the pain will stop. I'll be free. Free. And that was when the darkness vanished and the lights of the interrogation room rushed up to meet her.
She staggered and fell on all fours onto the hard concrete floor, the raw sensation of skinned knees and elbows throbbing like fire and bringing her mind back into the real world. For a few long seconds, the only sound in the room was her rasping sobs and whimpers. Then- the click of someone's booted heels slowly making their way across the floor behind her, a soft murmur of cloth rubbing against cloth as they walked. She tensed as the person drew nearer, hanging her head to hide behind the curtain of her sweat-soaked hair. She was as weak as a kitten, but she groped frantically for her kunai anyways. She felt a chill run over her when she looked down to discover that all her weapons her been removed- and that she was wearing a sweat-soaked prison uniform that was still stiff in places with dried blood and vomit.
I've been tortured for a long time, she realized dully, and this jutsu of theirs was the worst in a long line of horrible things they've done to me.
A pair of boots and their owner stopped inches from her nose. "Still can't remember anything, love?" A voice asked with false sympathy. "Don't worry. The jutsu will wear off in a few minutes, and all those lovely memories of pain will come rushing back. Look at me."
She steeled herself and looked up...and up...and up. This woman (It was indeed a woman, she had noted as her eyes had traveled from the boots upwards) was taller than most men. Her body was lean, but muscles hard as steel showed through her long, loose black clothing. The woman had no gloves on, and she could see that every square inch of the woman's hands was covered in thick scars. Her eyes traveled upwards, to where a cruel smirk was twisting an otherwise full and pretty red mouth on the woman's face, and her eyes...
The woman's eyelids had been welded shut with a burning brand.
The woman chuckled nastily when she heard her soft gasp of horror. "Too much to handle, sweetie?" She asked, amusement tingeing her words. "You should be flattered, you know; I only show my face to the people worthy of my respect. You, little flower, lasted for a whole six hours under a Dark Shroud. Even a jounin would have been broken within five minutes."
The woman knelt so that her face was inches from hers. She was too tired to flinch back from that horrible face. "So instead of standing here gloating any longer, I'll give your memory a jump start." The woman reached slowly into her pocket and brought out a hitai-te. She blinked, not sure what to do- but that problem was solved when the symbol on the surface made itself clear to her eyes. That was when the last vestiges of the jutsu cleared from her mind and memory came rushing back. A music note.
Sound ninja.
Orochimaru's plan for her, and Konoha.
Sakura Haruno snarled like a wounded animal and leapt for her torturer's throat.

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