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Bowling Buddies

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Boys Like Bowling.

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Author's Note:
somethingorother: If it makes you feel any better, I wish I was shorter. I'm around 5'5" and I absolutely love stilettos. But when I wear them, I usually end up taller than my date.

Tissamy: Feel free to try the yogurt stunt, but I cannot be held accountable for the consequences. lol.

doyleangel: Only time will tell what's in store for Alex and Chloe.

daisybet: Aww, being 5'1" is okay. That means you're petite, and petite is adorable. Getting entry tickets cheaper is a nice plus, too.


Bowling buddies.

When it’s late, don’t stop looking. Annie, use your telescope. Where my eyes--

“Hello?” Jack asked, flipping his phone open. “Oh, hey… Really?… Hold on…” He held the small device to his chest then looked up at the rest of us. “Martin’s asking if we wanna go bowling with them tonight. There’s an alley up ahead. We The Kings is already in.”
“Sure, why not?” Zack said.
“Yeah,” Alex said, laughing. “Chloe can show off her skills.”

I rolled my eyes as the boys broke out into laughter. It was a known fact that I was absolutely horrible at bowling.

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” Jack said, resuming his conversation with Martin. After ending the call, he went up to the front of the bus and informed the driver of the change in plans. Five minutes later, we found ourselves in the local bowling alley’s parking lot.

“Glad you could make it,” Martin said as we walked in. “Welcome to the first annual Boys Like Bowling Tournament.”
“Sweet. Are we playing for teams or individually?” Jack asked.
“Teams of 4. John isn’t participating in tonight’s festivities since ‘bowling isn’t his thing,’ so mind if we borrow Chloe?”
“I suck at bowling,” I said.
“C’mon, please?” he asked.
“Seriously, I can’t bowl for shit. I hit the gutter more than I hit the pins.”
“It’ll be fun. And we’re fucking awesome at bowling, so if you’re on our team, you can say you kicked Jack’s ass,” Paul added.
“You know you want to,” Bryan said, joining in.
“Alright, alright,” I sighed, getting up from my seat. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Hey, can we get a few practice frames in before we start?” Martin asked.
“Sure,” Alex said. “With Miss Gutterball on your team, you’ll need the practice.”

I rolled my eyes once again. Note to self: Revoke Alex’s make out privileges for the night.

“Don’t listen to him. I happen to be an amazing bowling teacher,” Paul said.
“I hope so.”
“Okay, so before I teach you anything, lemme see what you’ve got.”
“It isn’t much…”

I took a bowling ball and attempted to prevent myself from looking like a total loser. Emphasis on “attempted.” The ball hadn’t even reached the halfway mark before it rolled into the gutter.

“Still think you can help me?” I asked, turning toward the guitarist.
“I’ve seen worse.”
“Well, no…but there’s still hope for you.”

I sighed.

“Hey, have a little faith in my teaching skills.”
“Alright. If you say so…” I said, following him back.

“Okay, step one. You’ve gotta hold the ball correctly,” he instructed. “So put your fingers in those holes and hold ‘em there.”

I couldn’t help but laugh once those words left his lips.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he said rolling his eyes. “You need to get your head out of the gutter. Literally and figuratively.”
“Very punny,” I replied.

He chuckled at my comment, then instructed me to step up to the lane once again.

“I noticed that your arm kind of curves to the left before you let go of the ball, so this time around, try to keep it straight.”
“Straight arm. Gotcha.”

I did as he said, and managed to hit 3 pins.

“Okay. Now try it again, but a little straighter.”

Keeping his words in mind, I tried again and hit 5 pins.

“Wow,” I said, surprised that the minor adjustment actually made a difference.
“See? What did I tell you?” he asked. “Now this time around, try curving it to the right.”
“Uh, how do I do that?” I asked, genuinely confused.
“Start off like you’re going to bowl it to the left, but pull to the right a little before letting go.”
“Right…” I said, trying to mask my uncertainty.
“Do you want me to show you?”
“That would be helpful.”

Paul stepped up behind me and placed his arm under mine. “So to curve the ball, you go like this,” he said guiding my hand through the motion.

“Alright.” He stepped back and gave me enough space to repeat the action a couple of times. When I finally let go of the ball it did as it was supposed to; it curved to the right and knocked down 8 pins.

“Sweet,” I said, nodding.
“Did you really suck at bowling before?” he questioned.
“Yeah. You saw my pathetic gutter ball. Why would I pretend to be a crappy bowler?”
“I don’t know… Maybe to get the attention of yours truly?” he said, raising his eyebrows.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Paul,” I said, lightly punching his shoulder. “If I wanted your attention, I would have told you straight up that you were cute, not intentionally look like a dufus who can’t bowl.”
“You think I’m cute?”
“Oh, shut up,” I said as blood rushed to my cheeks. He laughed, then we each bowled a few more frames.

“Okay, lets start this thing!” Martin said after getting a strike.

We entered our names into the computer and the first annual Boys Like Bowling Tournament began.

It went without saying that our team wiped the floor with everyone else. All of Martin’s frames were either strikes or spares, as were Paul’s. Bryan and I bowled decent frames, usually hitting 7 or 8 pins (But I did bowl my first strike, and it was pretty kick ass).

We The Kings took a close second place, leaving Jack, Alex, Rian, and Zack with the honorable title of last place.

“Hey, what is that?” Bryan sniffing the air as we approached my brother’s band.
“I think it’s the smell of defeat,” Martin said.
“Alright, alright. We get it,” Jack said.
“Get what?” I asked.
“You won. We lost,” he mumbled.
“What’s that? We can’t hear you,” Paul said.
You won. We lost,” he repeated, louder.
“And?” I asked.
“And the All Time Losers are buying drinks tonight and carrying all of your shit into the hotel when we get there,” he said, annoyed. “Happy?”
Very,” I responded.


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