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Hide and Seek

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Friday, February 15th, 2008

Pete kept his head down as he ventured into the bathroom the next morning. He was exhausted to the bone, both mentally and physically. And while he knew it wasn’t completely Misery’s fault, he knew she had something to do with the weight he felt on his shoulders. She had become vulnerable for a split second the night before, but Pete knew that it was going to be short lived.

His point was made clear when he walked past the mirror in the bathroom, only to backtrack and find his reflection was gone. Unlike past times, Pete did not react as frantically simply because he was used to these phenomenon happening. Though, he did raise an eyebrow to himself as he was drawn closer, him endlessly staring into the mirror, even there was nothing to stare at except for the white wall that was behind him. Suddenly, he realized what Misery had hacked into.

“I’m the invisible man,” he muttered, under his breath. He shifted his eyes as Misery appeared at his side, in her solid form so that she appeared in the mirror alone. She gave a small grin.

“Who can’t stop staring at the mirror?” she offered. Pete found his eyes being snapped back to the reflection, but no matter how hard he tried could only see Misery standing with a smug smile.

“That was never a song, Misery,” he tried to push. Misery shook her head.

“You still wrote it down,” she slyly responded. Pete rolled his eyes and when he found the spell, so to speak, had been broken, he moved around her, walking back to his bedroom to get changed into his ‘home clothes’. Misery followed and he paused, glancing back at her to see her holding something behind her back.

“What?” he asked. Misery just batted her eyelashes and Pete let his mouth flatten as he felt his heart slowly start to pick up in speed. “What are you doing?” he questioned again, as he suddenly felt overwhelmed with an inner happiness. Misery just took a step closer and pushed forth another smile.

“I’m knocking you out,” she spoke. Pete raised an eyebrow for a split second before Misery brought around her hidden object, brushing a plucked feather across his face, instantly making him fall backwards and onto his bed. Misery’s laughter was heard and he sighed, closing his eyes in slight annoyance. Plus, he was stuck lying there, his short lived (and probably forced) happiness now gone.

“That never ended up in a song either,” he mumbled. Misery just smirked and Pete opened his eyes, finding Misery now sitting next to his head, a smug expression plastered on her face.

“You still wrote it,” she repeated. Pete glared slightly, but figured there was no point in complaining any longer. Misery was here to stay, at least for now. She seemed to read his mind as he thought this, her head nodding up and down the moment it slipped through his idea. “You are right, don’t complain,”

Pete smiled at this, actually amazed at her powers, still, even though it had been quite a few months since she showed up. Misery seemed to notice this thought as well and lowered her head, almost bashfully. He sighed and stretched, finding his body free from the hex.

“Do you have something planned today?” he asked next, deciding to stay lying down to stare up at Misery. She shrugged at him, adjusting her body so that she was lying down the opposite way so that their faces were upside-down when they looked at each other. Pete turned to look at her profile as she closed her eyes in thought.

“Actually, I think today could be a good learning experience for you,” she expressed. Pete raised an eyebrow, moving his hands to rest on his chest. Misery turned her head slightly to steal a glance.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Misery blinked once.

“You’re invisible, just like me,” she simply spoke. “Today, we are going to observe the world and not interact with it,”

Pete creased his eyebrows together, feeling skeptical.

“What do you mean?” he questioned. Misery sighed, closing her eyes again.

“We will not interact with the world. We will not be seen, heard or affected by anything that may or may not happen to us,” she voiced. Pete nodded, still feeling reluctant.

“Spies,” he whispered. Misery opened her eyes, the everlasting glint of mischievous ways present yet again. She grinned and nodded in agreement.



Misery seemed to be a little quiet as Pete and her walked, her eyes constantly flicking over the faces they passed, her expressions softening every time. While Pete took the liberty to walk around everybody, he observed Misery as she sometimes just let a being walk right through her, her body materializing right afterwards. She glanced at Pete when she realized he was watching and showed the slightest glimmer of amusement.

Try it

Pete shot up his eyebrows as he heard her voice in his head but nodded, staring ahead as he saw a woman, face down and hand holding her coat to her chest as she walked among the crowd. He stood still and moved to get in her way and held his breath, leaving his eyes open to allow her to walk right through him. The experience seemed to last a lifetime, Pete’s breath escaping him and his entire life flashing before his eyes before everything came crashing right back down. He turned sharply to watch the woman continue walking before snapping his eyes back to Misery who was now smiling.

Cool, huh?

Pete nodded at her and the two continued down the sidewalk, before they ventured into the park, the two sitting down on the grass knoll under the tree. Misery seemed to look on at the children that were playing tag and she reluctantly sighed, turning solemnly to Pete.

“Did you ever want kids?” she asked, now that it was quiet enough for them to talk. Pete chewed on his lip in thought and lowered his eyes, knowing she was going to just read his mind anyways.

“Honestly, yeah,” he admitted. “I wanted one with Jeanae, and then with Ashlee but it seemed to never work out,”

Misery nodded at him, turning her head back to the children playing in the field.

“Do you think it is your fault?”

Pete blinked at her question and wondered what she was trying to get at.

“Does it matter if it was, or if it wasn’t?” he asked back. Misery snapped her eyes back to him.

“Everything matters, Peter,” she paused in thought. “If you think something that isn’t your fault is your fault, you’re going to have to deal with that for the rest of your life and then when you die too,”

She spoke so fast that Pete had to lean away, fearful that she may decided to bestow another ‘lyric gone bad’ on him. Misery breathed out after she spoke. Pete raised an eyebrow, now thinking that maybe Misery was still cooperating from the previous day. She sighed, moving a hand to her head.

“You’re right,” she glanced at him. “I’m going to get my privileges taken away if I keep messing up like this,” she shook her head and peered at Pete once more. “I’m just thinking more than a dead girl should be,”

“I can tell,” Pete joked. Misery seemed to smile at this, but then straightened herself out.

“I think today is sort of a failure now,” she admitted.

Pete sighed too soon though, and right as he was just about to relax, he noticed a string on his finger and glanced up at Misery, only to find a cheeky smile resting on her lips. He rolled his eyes quickly before taking his other hand and tugging on the string, only to be slightly perplexed as the strand became flesh toned, and some of his finger disappeared. It took him a moment, but instead of questioning the fact it was never a song, he smiled and looked at Misery.

“I’m falling apart at the seams,”

Misery just cocked up an eyebrow and leaned a little closer.

“Isn’t everybody?”
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