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Green Eyed Sisters

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Petunia's thoughts on learning that Lily is a witch. One-shot. Review Responses at the bottome of the page.

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Disclaimer: This is JK Rowling's world, and her characters. This is not a true Harry Potter story.

AN: Petunia's thoughts on Lily going to Hogwarts. One-shot. Hope you like it!

Green Eyed Sisters

My sister - Lily Evans, eleven years old, top of her class - is a witch. It's true. My sister is a witch. Oh, it's not enough that she's pretty - 'looking like an Irish waterfall', the supply teacher had called her; she'd come home giggling at it - top of her class - honestly, how can she stick studying for so long! - older - it's two years difference! Why should she get to stay up later, get more pocket money, and everything - have a pretty name - Petunia, Gods! Lily doesn't help, either. Still calls me Tuna, rather than Pet, and hers is so pretty, anyway - and is liked by everyone - Lily this, Lily that - she has to go and be a witch! A witch!

You should hear Mum and Dad now. 'Oh, Lily, you'll learn so much!' 'Oh, Lily, this book we got said you'll be able to make things fly!' 'Lily, there really are fairies!' 'Lily, you'll be able to actually /fly/!' 'Lily, we'll miss you so much!'

And the little talks Mum and her have at night now, just talking about things, giggling away, that she would never have with me. I can hear them. But Mum when I try and talk to Mum, even to ask her help with things, it's always, 'Oh not now, Petunia, I've got to help Lily sort out what she's taking,' or 'Oh, sorry, Petunia, I'm going over some of the books on witchcraft with Lily. Later, ok, sweetheart?'

Why does she have to be so special? It's not fair. I try hard! I spend ages on my spelling. And the maths quizzes are so hard! I always run out of time - 100 questions is a lot! I try hard, much harder than she does. I even keep my room tidy. I don't see why she gets to be so special!

It's not as if there's anything great about her. She's a green-eyed carrot who's always reading, and has turned into a freak. Bet she gets teased lots /there/. Bet she doesn't even fit in /there/. Probably won't be able to do the easiest bit of magic. She'll probably fail all of her classes, and then come home crying to Mum and Dad. I hope so.

I don't get it. I'm a blonde-haired, blue eyed girl. I'm tall and thin. I've got more friends than she has, and I do better than her in PE. At least I'm in the netball team. I should be better than her. So why does she get to be so special!

Well, Mum and Dad'll see. She'll fail, she'll be really unpopular and do really badly, and then I'll come home, having won a netball game, or maybe even a tournament, and they'll forget all about her, they'll be too busy congratulating me, and treating me, and talking to me. They'll see. I'll be the better, most loved daughter.

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