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Chapter 13:You And I both Know What Its Like To Be Alone

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More romance. Frankie I and Gee Way are both crushing on the same girl. Hmm...I wonder how this will end?

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“Hmm….I have feeling I can do something about this” Frankie spoke up out of nowhere; her voice had sorrow and curiosity. She stood up and began walking towards Gerard . I didn’t stop her, when she set her mind to something there was no stopping her.
Frankie G’s p.o.v
“Hi…” I said nervously at first. He looked up; his eyes were red, like he’d been crying. His voice broke as he answered.
“W-what d-do you w-want?” His voice was very hoarse, almost a whisper.
“To help”
“W-what d-do I-I need help for?”
“Well” I started “I know your upset over something but a piece of advice.” I tried not to sound harsh “crying won’t solve anything. Keep your head up”
“W-what do you know about anything?” I sat down next to him.
“My brother was shot. Try that” I hissed with a much harsher tone in my voice. Gerard started softening up and apologizing stumbling over words.
“Oh I’m sorry. I’d hate if that happened to me. I mean I have a brother and-”
“It’s okay. You didn’t know. But what I’m trying to say is, I was so devastated when he died, I felt like I wanted to cry to. But Buffy told me ‘crying doesn’t solve anything, tears won’t bring Caleb, or my mother back.’”
Gerard looked at me again, with two understanding hazel eyes and said “I understand. But I’m losing everyone I love because of how stupid I’m being. I lost my girlfriend carrying my child, she’ll never talk to me again, I ruined that baby’s future. It’s growing up without a father. I lost my brother’s friendship; I bet he hates me now. I’ve lost my parent’s respect for turning into a smoker again. And now I’m ruining that girl’s life for being a jackass.” He sulked. Tears streamed down his cheeks slowly, he tried blinking them away but more and more flown down his face like a river. I felt sorrow for him, he is all alone now, there’s no one he can turn to, to comfort him and tell him everything’s alright, he’s lost that all.
“I know what it’s like…to lose everything. I don’t have any friends other than Buffy. When I was seven, I watched my father, drunk beating up Caleb. My mother tried to stop him but he pulled a knife on her and stabbed her twice. He was arrested, sentenced to twelve years in prison. My mother almost died that day; she was in the hospital for two months. Caleb had to get stitches in his upper lip and surgery on his ankle for when he twisted it and torn it trying to get away. He’s always had a weak ankle and a wobbly leg ever since. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t get away before the man caught up with us. Held that gun to my head, threatened to kill me. Caleb shoved himself in front of me; there was a large pang, next thing I saw Caleb was on the ground. Blood was gushing from his chest. He was screaming ‘run, run away’ then, nothing….” Tears were springing from my eyes too; reliving that memory made me think crying would bring him back. Before I knew it Gerard was hugging me comforting me, I made myself look like a fool in front of him.
“Its okay” he cooed over and over. “You and I both know what its like to be alone.”
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