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who was i to know...

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a friend that i loved so much we had a fight and now we arent friends anymore i miss her.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2009-05-06 - Updated: 2009-05-07 - 261 words

im sick of all the shit in life,
im sick of pathetic backstabbing bitches,
people that use you,
people that dont actually care if you are crying yourself to sleep at night
thinking of what used to be,
Thinking about when life was easy
when times werent so hard,
When all we had is lost
and when we apologise
only for it to be thrown back in our face,
im sick of the tears and the hurt
and im sick of the memories we had,
I want you gone
because a real friend cares,
When you call them at night,
And all you care about
is if you have done your hair and makeup right,
When they are bawling their eyes out,
And all you do is laugh and hand the phone to your sister.
A real friend is there when you need them most,
A real friend cancels their plans
if you need a shoulder to cry on,
I helped you through so many times,
I was there when you cried,
i forgave you when you lied,
i could call you
and talk till you were laughing again.
but its all gone
because im sick of apologizing,
and im sick of crying because of you,
im sick of helping you through stuff
and you not helping me,
i said some wrong things,
i apologised from the bottom of my heart,
but you just cant let things go,
this was the only stuff up I have made
you have made so many,
one day you will realise
what you have lost.
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