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Boulavard of Broken Dreams

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don't aask about the name. i was listening to greenday. okay. i'm hoping this to be a sad little ... oneshot maybe? idk but here it goes. i suck at summaries so please just read.

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Gerard's POV

the sun was going down and a summer breeze was blowing against me. like it wanted me to just give up. but it had no idea that it was so close to going that, so close to just giving up, and the wind was the last sign that sent me over the edge. i sat down and leaned against the building and cried. cried for everything. my wife leaving me, my wife taking my daughter and leaving me, and frankie... frankie. a wave of sobs shook my body and i laid down on the sidewalk and cried my eyes out. frankie, frankie why? it's not fair. why did you leave? i know it's not your fault but frankie, you were almost all i had. and when i lost you.... i lost everything else i also loved. frankie you took everything i ever cared about with you to your grave. i fell asleep on that sidewalk sobbing and begging my frankie to come back.

"gee..." frankie giggled.

"frank, let me sleep please," i said.

"gee! please wake up! i have to show you something," he said bouncing up and down on my bunk.

"fine what is it?" i asked sitting up.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" he screamed throwing confetti in my face.

"is that all?" i asked.

"nope! come with me!" he said excitedly pulling me out of my bunk.


"and here's your cake!" he said showing me a cake with a bat drawn on it. "i made it myself, just for you!" he said smiling. i couldn't help but smile at it. he was like a little kid and i could tell he tried hard on the cake.

"frankie i love it," said hugging him.

"you deserve it," he told me.

how many times had i had that dream? every other night since frankie died. i would wake up and cry and lindsey would help as long as she could but then she said she couldn't take it anymore.

"lindsey, i-i-i-i... i don't understand," i said tears coming out of the corner of my eyes.

"gerard, you are obsessed with frank's death," she told me throwing her clothes into her bag. she had already packed our daughters.

"lindsey, he was my best friend," i said sobbing now.

"this is exactly what i mean. here you are sobbing for your friend but not because i'm leaving. gerard i have dealt with this as long as i could but now i can't. i deserve, no your daughter deserves better than this!" she said looking me in the eyes.

"lindsey, please, please don't leave me. i love you. i love chloe. please don't leave me," i said coming over to her side of the bed and grabbing her hand. she pulled back.

"no. gerard i am leaving and that is all there is," she said.

"mommy? daddy?" chloe asked peeking throught the door. "daddy, why are you crying? momma why are you putting clothes in that bag?" she asked with wide eyes. lindsey's cell phone rang.

"hello?" she asked. "yes okay, thank you very much. come on chloe, we have to go somewhere," she said grabbing her bag and taking our daughters hand. they walked out of the apartment and i saw them leave the front of the building and get into a taxi and pull away.

i woke up to something wet on my face. i opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of a small puppy. i sat up and the puppy started jumping up and down yipping away. i rubbed it's head and smiled. so innocent. i got up and started to walk towards my apartment. the puppy followed me and was yapping away.

"you don't have a home do you?" i asked frowning. as if to answer me he had a look in his eyes that said "no but you could take me home with you then i would." how could i say no to that?

we got there and i thought the little guy might be hungry, but i didn't think i had anything he'd want. i opened the fridge and got out a burger i had left over.

"here ya go," i said. he sniffed it and then started to nibble it. i rea;ized i was hungry and thought of frankie and his butter sandwhiches. i decided to make one. after i finished i went to put the butter up and dropped the sandwhich on the floor.

"shit," i muttered. i bent down to pick it up and throw it away but the puppy beat me to it. he seemed to like it more than the burger. just like frankie... a vegetarian dog? it made me smile.

"i am going to name you frankie," i told the dog picking him up while he was licking his lips from the butter. he yipped in agreement and he was like frankie. he was my little frankie.

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