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Oh God... It has been how long, my friends? Forgive me for my absence. I have a little sis in the house and my parents deemed the computer child-lockable so I couldn't get on for like... ever. And when I tried to update before the whole child-lock thing it would only show it as updated, but no update. So sorry to you guys if it seemed like I had been updating when in truth there was no update to shown by stupid ficwad! Anyways, I found a way to get past all the child-lock shit and I should be back on the air. :D

Disclaimer: Have I EVER owned MCR before? No, didn't think so.


What the- I couldn't open my eyes, yet I could hear so much going on around me. Voices... so many voices.

"Fuck. Frank, are you okay? Are you awake?" That voice sounded so much more... familiar. It stood out beyond the rest.

"Sir, I'll need you to step back. We need to get him into the ambulance."

A medic, obviously. But who the hell was sir? The voice was deep and it sort of reminded me of a teddy bear... Bob!

"Please, dude. His mom doesn't even know! Just-" Bob's voice faded out. Are they pushing him away?

"B-Bob?" I managed to talk! Points go to Iero for that one.

"Frank! Thank God you're alive!" Good, I could hear Bobert again!

I tried to reach out from where ever I was, but my arm just raised about an inch and fell limply to my side. "B-Bob? Dude, Please just d-don't leave me alone r-right n-now." I felt something wet drip down my face. What the fuck? Was I crying?

I heard a clanking sound around me and what I had supposed was night air dissolved and the thick, harsh smell of chemicals entered my nostrils. I supposed I was on a stretcher in an ambulance now.

"Look, dude. He wants me to go." Bob pleaded.

I heard a sigh and a few whispers then felt a warm body take a seat next to me in the ambulance. Hell yeah! Go Bob and his persuasive-ness.

"It'll be okay, man. Just go to sleep or something." Bob said.

Suddenly I felt a sharp prick in my arm(a sedative I later discovered) and the haunting darkness drew in on me. Despite my attempts to fight it off, it consumed me and fell unconscious.


I know it was unbelievably short but I had to make sure it actually works first before I get into the really serious shit, you know? I hope you guys didn't forget about me!
Love ya!
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