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Chapter 4.. Meeting Gee's dad

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His dad's a meany. Let's kill this virtual-man! Anyway, enjoy! (:

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I hated seeing Gerard cry. But I knew letting it out would help, so I let the second tear fall. Then a third fell. This hurt me, I wanted to know why it hurt me to see him cry. The fourth fell. I moved closer to Gerard on his bed, I was so nervous. I put an arm around him, then he fell into my arms and hugged into me. I wrapped my other arm around him so that we were hugged into eachother. "It's okay." I whispered. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. Gerard was sobbing now. I wished I had never asked him about his brother. "Sorry" I muttered under my breath.
"No." He said demandingly. "Not your fault." Then he rested his head on my shoulder and looked up at me. I looked down at him careingly. I didn't want him to cry, I tried to smile. But another tear run down my cheek. He reached to my face and wiped it. My skin tingled where he had touched me. Why did I feel like this? I was so confused.

"Thank you Gee." I whispered.

"And thank you even more, Frankie." He whispered softly back. We sat there in eachother's arms for a few more minutes. Then Gerard sat up and I loosened my hold on him. "Tea will be ready soon. We can't go down crying." He said then smiled.

"No," I said softly, then rubbed my eye's. Gerard let go of me then rubbed his own eyes. We smiled at eachother. Just at that moment Donna called up,

"Mikey! Gerard! Frank! Tea's ready!"

"Comeing!" Gerard and Mikey called at the same time. Gerard got up, then helped me to my feet like he had in the forest earlier that day. Then I walked after him out of his room. Mikey walked out of his room just before us and smiled at us.

"Hey guys." Mikey said,

"Hi" me and Gerard both said at the same time, then all three of us laughed. We went downstairs and sat at the table. Donna brought out two plates of pasta and gave one to me and one to Mikey, then went and got herself and Gerard a plate each.

"Lucky it's pasta!" Gerard said, sounding relieved. "I forgot to mention mom, Frank's veggy!"
"Oh good!" Donna replied beaming, "Then pasta and tomato sauce okay Frank?"

"Absolutly awesome thanks." I smiled. Then we all dug into our food. Mikey finished first, then sat and waited for the rest of us to finish. Gerard was next, then me and Donna at about the same time.

"Let's all have a chat?" Donna suggested.

"Yeah." Gerard grinned.

"Mind if I go back to my game?" Mikey said politly.

"Sure Mikes." Donna said, "Take the plates?" He grabbed the plates, kissed his mom thanks then left.

"What shall we talk about?" Gerard said conversationally.

"Frank. I don't know anything about Frank yet." Donna said smiling and nodding towards me.

"I'm not that interesting." I shrugged. Then Gerard laughed quietly to himself.

"I hope you don't mind me asking Frank, but what's your sexuality?" Donna said looking at me with deep interest. I didn't know how to answer. I didn't even know myself. I hurried and ended up saying,

"Bisexual." Damn! I should've of just gone with straight. Gerard looked at me with suprise then I met his gaze and he raised an eyebrow in intrest. I just smiled.

"Interesting!" Donna said, "Are you guys, together?" She added.

"No." Gerard said plainly. I thought I heard dissapointment in his voice. But I wasn't sure.

"Oh, sorry." Donna said quickly.

"It's okay." I said as friendly as I could.

"Are you currently dateing?" She asked me.

"Nope." I replied and smiled. Just then she looked at her watch.

"Oh no!" She breathed. "I have to go to the gym to join. Speak to you another time Frank, I'll be back about 8 Gerard." She added as she got up from her chair. She kissed Gerard's forehead as she passed him then grabbed her bag and nearly ran out of the door. It hurt slightly to see such a happy family, but seeing Gerard happy made me feel happy. Once she had closed the door behind me Gerard looked at me expectedly.

"Well?" He asked.

"Well what?" I replied, pretending I didn't know he was asking why I had said I was bisexual.

"Bisexual?" He hinted.

"I didn't know what to say." I shrugged.

"Why not? I thought you were straight?" He asked. Then waited for an answer.

"I'm not sure." I said simply. Hopeing he would leave it at that. He didn't and just waited raising an eyebrow at me.

"I've been in your situation Frankie, talk, trust me it will help you understand." He said in a very honest voice.

"I thought I was straight, but then I thought, mabye I'm not. I've never really considered being anything other than striaght before. I used to be a bit of a homophobe. But now, I'm not." I couldn't meet his gaze while I explained.

"Hmm.. that all Frankie?" He said, he could tell I was holding something in. But I met his gaze and said..

"That's all." I smiled. But Gerard searched my face. Then added,

"Sure Frankie?"

"No." I said, I couldn't lie. I just couldn't. It hurt me hurting Gerard.

"Remember Frankie. Secrets are safe with me. You can trust me." He said sincerly.

"I know, but it's tough to talk." I choked out.

"Try. It will help Frank." I met his gaze again and he smiled at me.

"You." I whispered, and forced myself to keep looking at his face.

"Me? What do you mean?" He whispered.

"I saw you. And I felt, different." I choked out. It was so hard to tell him how I felt about this subject. "Like, you were all I wanted. I think, I love you." I choked out the last words like they were almost impossible. Gerard looked really shocked I wish I hadn't said anything. "Sorry,sorry,sorry." I whispered.

"D-don't be." Gerard stuttered. He still looked really shocked. I looked away from his shocked gaze and stared at my feet. I was so angry for saying all that. I had to leave. I stood up and walked towards the door. But Gerard got up and ran in front of me. "Frank." He said, his eyes were filled with care, and they sparkled like I've never seen before.

"I need to go Gerard. Sorry for today." I tried getting past him, but he grabbed my arms and held me infront of him. I looked straight ahead of me. Not focusing on Gerard atall.

"Frank.. I.." He took a deep breath, "I.. I think.." Then he pulled me into a hug and held me close. "Frankie. I think that.." he began to whisper, but he was cut off by the front door swinging open and his dad walking straight into Gerard's back, pushing Gerard into me and makeing us both fall. Gerard landed ontop of me. I blushed bright red, and Gerard also blushed and quickly got to his feet.

"Sorry Gerard," His dad muttered then saw me still laying on the floor trying to get myself up. "Who the heck is this?" He added in a dissaproving tone.

"Frank, my new friend." Gerard said protectivly. Then he turned to me and offered a hand to help me up, I took it and he pulled me to my feet.

"Hi." I said to Gerard's father, offering him a hand to shake. He walked straight past me and headed to the kitchen.

"Gerard, get in here." He ordered. Gerard turned to me,

"Go up to my room and wait Frank." Then turned and walked to the kitchen after his father.

Gerard's POV
My dad had come in at the wrong time. I followed him into the kitchen getting ready to explain that Frank was no more than a friend. He got to the fridge, opened it, grabbed orange juice and took a big drink from the bottle. Then he put it back and turned to me,

"Hmm." He asked.

"Frank's just a friend dad. I promise you." I said looking out of the window behind him.

"Then why were you hugging?" He observed, oh crap. I didn't know he saw that..

"He told me about, his aunt dieing. He was really upset. What's a hug amongst friends?" I lied.
He looked like he believed it. He gestured his hands for me to leave the kitchen. I walked out quickly and hurried up the stairs and walked into my room. Frankie was sitting on my bed looking at his feet. He didn't look up when I entered. I walked over to him and sat next to him.

"Frankie?" I whispered. He didn't respond. I moved closer to him. "Frankie." I repeated. He looked at me.. I hugged him close to me and whispered. "Frankie. I think.. I.."

"Don't fake it." He choked.

"I'm not. I love you." I whispered.

"You, promise?" He whispered into my ear.

"Forever." I breathed. He hugged me into him. I smiled. Then Frankie pulled me away from him slightly so that his face was infront of mine,

"Tell me Gerard," He began, "How can I be sure that I am gay?" He smiled with half of his mouth. I caught on what he was implying and put one of my hands behind his head and lightly pulled his head closer to mine. I closed my eyes and our lips touched gently. Then my bedroom door flew open. I jumped away from Frankie and he fell of the bed trying to jump from me at the same time. My dad stood in my doorway looking furious.

"Frank. It's time to go home." He ordered. Then stamped downstairs.

"You better leave." I sighed. We hugged once more then Frank walked downstairs and left my house. I heard the front door close. Then I listened and heard Mikey get out of his chair next door and I heard him walk out of his room then come into my room,

"Can I come in?" He said softly,

"Sure." I called. Then he entered my room and joined me next to me on my bed. "You okay?"

"Fine." I said, and looked away from him. Staring out of my window at where Frankie's room was.

"You're not. I'm here for you Gerard." He said. "If you need to talk then come into my room." He added then hugged me and walked out, closeing the door behind himself. I stayed sitting there watching out of my window. I sat for about 10 minutes then saw Frankie's light come on. I walked to my window and sat on the windowsill trying to see any sign of Frank. I saw a figure walk back and fall in the room then come to the window. The blinds opened properly and then Frank came and sat on the windowsill and waved at me. I waved back, a smile spread across my face. Frankie opened his window and I followed him and opened mine too.

"Hey Gee." He said. I could hear him clearly.

"Hey Frankie." I said back. "Parents home yet?"

"Nope. Your dad calmed down?" He asked.

"He hasn't been up here since." I replied. Just then my dad came into my room. Frankie jumped off his windowsill and hid just in time. My dad came over and locked my window with a key anyway. Then he walked out. I waved Frankie goodbye. And closed my curtains. Man this sucked. I was away from Frankie, and we hadn't even kissed. Why did my dad have to be a fucking homophobe? I stripped down to my underpants, turned the light off and climbed into bed.

Tomorrow at school atleast I'de see Frankie. I dreamt about Frankie that night.

Frank's POV
Gerard's dad was a right ass. He ruined two perfect moments. I closed my blinds then climbed into my bed with my clothes on. I lay there staring at the cieling thinking about my day for a pretty long time.Then I heard my father come in pissed, followed by my mother. And an arguement burst out again. "No sleep for Frank tonight." I muttered.

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