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Just Another Word.

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Duff had been watching Slash slip away to the bottom of a bottle for some time. Will Slash's confession ruin everything?

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This is my first story, It's pretty crappy but worth a try. =)

I watched him as he attempted to pull himself of the couch, that layed agasint his wall, In his tight spaced room. He stumbled, tripping over the small pile of clothes that had formed on his floor. Placing a hand agasint the wall to steady himself, as he reached into his bag, pulling out yet again another bottle of JD. Cracking it open, I watched as he sculled the brown liquid before taking a seat on the edge of his bed. His mop of brown curl's, hung freely over his face, as he started to swirl the bottle around watching the liquid circle the bottle.

I felt hopeless, I had watched him for some time now. Just sitting there, drinking away what bit of diginty he had left. I couldn't understand why, he seemed prefectly normal around me and the reast of the band. But when it came to being on his own the sweet, bitter taste of the alcoholic beverage seemed to be his only company. I sighed as I watched him lay back on his bed, one arm slung over his face. I placed my hand upon the cold metal of the doorknob, looking up once more, he was hunched over his face and hair burried in his hands. A single tear fell as I closed the door slowly, Oh how I wanted to hold him and find out why his hope and faith had drained from his body. I placed my hand upon his door, my heart sank.

'Hey man' A familiar voice said, looking up Axl stood infront me, smoke placed between his lip's and a weird look upon his face.

'Hey' I smiled, but when his expression hand't changed I realized I still had my hand on his door. Pulling my hand to my side, I giggled a nervous laugh.

Axl did nothing for a second just keeped starring before a smile shaped his lip's and he laughed.

'Want a beer? you seem like you need one.' Axl offered.

'Yeah' I replied, following him.

I sat down on the barstool, Axl pulled out two beer's from the fridge and slid one my way. I grapped the can opening it, I looked down at the brown liuqid waiting to be drunk.

'You okay?' Axl asked, talking a seat on the other side of the bar. I looked up to see concern in his eye's.

'Yeah' I smiled, talking a sip of the cold beverage.

It didn't take long for Axl to start ranting on about something he saw someone do. I wasn't really listening at this point, I just starred at the beer that sat calmly within the can. I sighed, running my hand through my hair. I couldn't help but worry, I.. I loved him. I pushed the beer aside and placed my head in my hand's, I need time alone. Just as I was about to get up, and explain to Axl that I didn't feel too well, Izzy came walking in and took a seat next to me.

'What's up, man?' Izzy asked, wrapping his arm around my shoulder's.

'Nothin' , Just having a drink with Axl' I replied, smiling.

Izzy smiled and turned to Axl. Axl once again started up with his conversation that had lost me only minutes before.

'Bathroom break' I said, getting up and making my way down the hall. I shoved my hand's in the pocket's of my tight jean's and continued walking. At this point, I was ready to break down. I didn't think and kicked the bathroom door open, walking inside I sat on the edge of the bath.

'FUCK!' was all that I managed to chock out, letting my face fall into my hand's. I heard a slight noise, looking up I saw him. He was just standing there looking at me from behind the curl's of hair that framed his face, his leather jacket barely covering his naked chest. I was frozen.

'Uh, Um.. Sorry' I stutted, standing up and walking out. I heard the tap run, looking back I saw him standing there using the sink to hold himself up, clearly he was still very much drunk. He lifted his head, placing a hand above the mirror, his head slowly fell. I looked back, and continued walking. Within second's I heard Axl screaming and run straight past me, soon following was Izzy with a taser.

'What the hell' I said to myself, watching Axl run into my bedroom and closing the door. Izzy stood there yelling obsence word's and banging on the door.

'Come on Axl, I just wanna hug!' Izzy yelled in his best attempt's to get Axl out the room.

'No way, man!' Axl yelled back, I couldn't help but laugh to myself. I looked up to see Slash walking out the bathroom and back into his room, like Izzy and Axl weren't even there. I strolled back into the kicthen and made my way into the lounge room, where I found Steven spread out on the couch watching some cartoon.

'Hey' I smiled, moving Steven's leg's so I could take a seat.

'Dude!' He grined, sitting up. 'What's up?' He asked.

'Nothing, Interrupted Slash in the bathroom luckly he wasn't doing anything. And seen Izzy chasing Axl with a taser' I replied, laughing.

Steven burst out laughing, holding his side's.

'You had something to do with it, didn't you' I glared.

Steven continued laughing his face bright red. 'I took it from some seucrity guard, thought it'll be funny.' Steven managed to tell me.

I laughed. 'Well it worked, Axl's locked himself in my room and Izzy wont leave him alone.'

All Steven could do was laugh more. 'I gotta see this!' He said, before jumping up and leaving the room.

I sat there in silence all that could be heard was the TV, I sighed and decided to go grap another beer. Pulling myself up from the couch, I made my way into the kitchen to find Axl hinding behind the bar.

'How th-'

'Sssh' Axl hissed, cutting me off. 'They think i'm still in there.'

'How'd you get out?' I asked, pulling a beer out and taking a seat.

'Through the window.' He replied, glaring into thin air. By that look I take it, it was a tight squeeze and a hell of a problem to get back in the Hotel.

I laughed taking a sip from my can. Axl popped his head up, slightly looking over the bar top too see if everything was safe. Pulling out another beer, I laughed as Axl took a seat next to me. Axl, being Axl was getting bored.. and fast. He slid off the bar stool and made his way over to the radio, flicking through the station's he finally found a song that caught his fancy and started dancing. All I could do was laugh.

'I got a dollor If you'll take your top off.' I heard a rough but soft voice say.

'Give me a 20 and i'm all your's.' Axl winked.

Slash laughed as he stumbled and took a seat across from me.

'You wish, Baby.' Slash laughed, taking Axl's drink and swallowing what remained inside.

'I don't need too.' Axl replied, flinging his hair from his face.

'Fucker!' Slash glared throwing the empty can at the singer.

'Ow!, that wasn't nice.' Axl pouted, sitting back down.

From under the mass of hair, you could see a smile shaping Slash's lip's as Axl rubbed his arm.

I took another sip from the beverage, and watched Slash light up a cigarette that sat perfectly between his lip's. I glanced down the hall to see Izzy and Steven making there way back.

'AXL!' Izzy yelled. Axl froze. 'Fun's over, I'm bored now!' Izzy continued yelling. Axl wasn't sure if he was joking or for real.

'There you are.' Izzy smiled. 'I give up.' He sighed, making his way around the bar and stood next too Axl. Steven took a seat next to Slash.

I smiled as he sat down, lifting my head I took a glance at Slash with his cigarette half burnt away I could see his eye's looking back at me. In panic I looked away and sculled my beer, Axl and Izzy had started a conversation about how mean it was that Izzy tried to hurt him. Steven just sat there he seemed to be amused by his own thought's.


By night fall everyone had made themself's comfortable on the couch in the lounge, Izzy was squished on the end while Steven sat beside him, along with Axl who made himself extra comfy by placing his leg's along the lap's of Steven and Izzy and resting his head on my shoulder, while Slash was the only one that wasn't inturrupted by Axl's action's.

Axl had the remote as usual, and flicked through the same channel's at least 10 time's before stopping on some old music bio.

'Wanna have some fun?' Slash whispered into my ear. I froze. What did he mean? I turned and looked at him with that awkward look. He rolled his eye's and continued whispering in my ear. Just like old time's, Slash alway's came up with the best Idea's.

Inching my hand under Axl's head and with one hard push I'd poked my finger's into Steven's rib's.

'FUCK!' Steven screamed jumping, which sent Axl flying onto the floor and leaving Steven holding his rib's. Slash and I burst out laughing, uncontroablly. Looking over I realised Izzy was laughing just as much as Slash and I was.

'What the hell is wrong with you!' Axl complained, rubbing his ass as he got up. Still laughing I could barely get out the word's Axl wanted to know.

'I see you's havern't changed!' Steven glared, still holding his rib's.

'I found it hilarious!' Izzy managed to say, still laughing.

'You would!' Axl shot back, before giving me and Slash a look that could kill.

'I'm sorry.' Slash giggled, calming down.'I couldn't help it.'

'I couldn't help this!' Axl replied, leaping onto Slash's lap and started attacking Slash's ticklish spot's. Slash tossed and turned trying to break the grasp of the singer's hand's, but Axl didn't stop.

I turned to see that Steven had left and so did Izzy, looking around confused I figured they'd be in the kicthen downing a few beer's. It was 10 past 1, shocked by the time I got up and left Axl and Slash to there game. Roaming through the kicthen as I predicted, Izzy and Steven sat there drinking and had seemed to spark a good conversation up, deciding not to interrupt them, I made my way down the hall and in my room. I flicked the light on and watched as everything came into view, turning on my TV I layed myself out on my bed.

Rubbing my eye's I looked up at the time.. 3. Shit, I must have fallen asleep. Pulling myself up, I dragged myself out my room and strolled into the bathroom. On my way back, I heard a slight cry. Intrested I followed the noise and was shocked to find myself outside Slash's door, maybe this could be my chance to find out why Slash keeped that liquor bottle so close. Taking a deep breath I knocked softly, hearing nothing I slowly slid the door open and peeked inside. There Slash sat on the floor knee's up to his chest and his face burried within his hand's, my heart dropped. I took a step inside and closed the door behind me.

Slash looked up from behind his hair, I could see he had been crying his cheeks cold and damp, fallen tear's that had landed on his bare chest stained his tanned skin. I moved closer, taking a seat next to him, I wrapped my arm around his shoulder's and pulled him closer. Slash didn't say a word, his warm breath panted agasint my chest.

'Slash?' I finally asked.

I heard a little mumble.

'What has driven you to this?' I asked, my heart sinking further and further into my stomach.

He didn't reply.

'Slash.. Please.' I pleaded. 'I'm worried, and your drinking' I stopped.

Slash lifted his head, his hair fell to one side revealing his dark brown eye's filled with so much pain and sorrow.

'Please.' I whispered.

'Have you ever had a conversation with someone and when you've finished you think, It's all just another word?' Slash replied quietly.

'I don't understand.' I said confused, rubbing my hand up and down his arm.

He didn't reply as if he was hesitant or ashamed of what he wanted to say.

'Slash.' I started. 'I've known you for year's now, and me and you have been nothing but bestfriend's from day one. I trust you, Slash. and I get worried, I'm not going to laugh at you.. I'm not going to turn my back. No matter what Slash, I will alway's be here for you.' I replied. Wishing I could tell him what I really felt, my heart aching.

'I'm in love.' Slash admitted.

'That's great.' I replied seeming happy for him, when deep inside I was tearing apart with every word he said.

'No, It's not.' He whimpered. 'I can't tell...' He stopped.

'Tell what?' I asked.

'Him.' Slash whispered.

I sat there wide eyed.

'Why?' I asked, as I continuted rubbing his arm.

'I don't know how he feel's.' Slash replied, I could feel his tear's running off his cheeks and onto my chest.

'Have you spoken to him? I mean are you friend's.' I asked.

'Yes.' He said, simply.

'Try to talk to him about it, see what he say's. He's your friend, he's not going to hate you.' I replied softly, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, the pain of hearing the man you've loved for so long now loved another man, It killed.

I heard Slash swollow.

'I am.' He whispered.

My heart skipped a beat, the blood in my vein's ran that little bit quicker.. was he meaning what I thought? I looked down too see Slash looking up at me with need in his eye's. Was this it? All I ever dreamed, having Slash in my arm's.

I ran my hand down his jaw and under his chin, lifting his head to meet with mine. His eye's sparkled from the tear's, Gosh he was beautiful.

Bringing my lip's to his a feeling shot through my body of pure realif, Slash sat up a little bit, bringing his hand to the side of my face. I deepend the kiss, Slash allowing my tounge to come incontact with his, I reached around and placed my hand on his neck pulling him in closer, before pulling apart.

'I need you.' Slash whispered, his eye's searching for something in return and not regret..

'I'm never leaving.' I whispered back, grapping his hand. 'I love you.'

I could see Slash smiling, with his head rested in my lap and my hand's roaming through his hair.

'I love you, too.' Slash whispered, before drifting off too sleep.

I had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a new beginning.
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