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How will Inu Yasha deal with the loss of someone he loved so dearly? IY/Kag Oneshot Angst/WAFF

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Disclaimer: Inu Yasha is the property of Rumiko Takahashi; no monetary gain was received for this story.

Death Wish
An Inu Yasha Fanfiction
Written by Tsukashi

Inu Yasha faced off against Sesshoumaru, both had swords drawn. They stared at each other, totally caught up in this deadly sibling rivalry. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo watched, helpless to do anything, for Inu Yasha would never condone the help. This place was once a battlefield, one of many, as this was a period of unrest and war in Japan.

No one notice Jaken, who had loyally followed his master. He crept through the shadows as if a thief in the night, and his ungainly body moved silent as the wind, which would have surprised anyone who had been paying attention, but all eyes were riveted on the two combatants.

Jaken felt fury looking at that young whelp. It was not bad enough that he was half human, he had to desert his master at a critical point in time, when he was actually needed to show support for his family, no instead he had to dabble in petty affairs of humans, and human emotions, and get himself killed, and if that wasn't bad enough, this upstart had DARED to cut off his beloved master's arm. Yes, it was true that Sesshoumaru could bind a new arm to the stump, but no arm could ever truly replace what was lost.

'I will have revenge for Sesshoumaru! While Inu Yasha is distracted, I will pierce his worthless self with a lowly rusty human spear. That would prove to be a fitting irony, to be killed by a weapon of that which he held so dear, Yes, that will do quite nicely.' Finishing that thought, Jaken retrieved a rusty spear that was sticking out of the edge of the battle field, and took aim at Inu Yasha, and evil smirk on his face.

Kagome noticed movement out of the corner of her eye, but it was too late to do more than throw her body across Inu Yasha's. It was a decision she made without a thought, she would never watch him die while it was within her power to prevent it. Surprise showed not only on Inu Yasha's face, but Sesshoumaru's as well.

Inu Yasha caught her as she fell, impaled on a spear, "Kagome!"

He turned his back to Sesshoumaru, and surprisingly, Sesshoumaru lowered his weapon. Turning, he looked for the source of the rouge spear, espying his own servant daring to interfere in an honorable battle, causing him to lose face and look dishonorable in front of these people. Sesshoumaru saw red, and stalked over to Jaken.

Jaken, seeing the look of displeasure on his master's face, felt his elation at his victory freeze into a knot of cold, hard dread. Sesshoumaru was not displeased, he was furious, and Jaken feared for his life.

Inu Yasha knelt wrapping her in a tight embrace, the others hovering close by.

"Kagome! Why?"


"I am here Kagome" he whispered to her. "But why!?"

"Inu...Ya...sha... live..." She panted between coughs as blood oozed from the side of her mouth. A gurgling sound in her chest was plain for all to hear, and Inu Yasha was panicking. She reached up a hand and placed it on his cheek. She whispered with her last breath, "I love you." Her hand fell limply to her side.

"Kagome. Kagome. No, Kagome. KAGOOOMEEE!!!!" Inu Yasha raised his face to the sky and shouted his agony.


Miroku stood over Kagome's grave and said a burial ceremony, placing wards around her. Sango quietly sobbed, while Kirara mewled softly. Shippo wailed at the top of his lungs, and Inu Yasha stood stonily by. Kouga stood a little way off, tears running down his face. At first he had been furious with Inu Yasha, but after punching him several times and getting nothing in return but a blank dead stare, he relented, howling his grief to the moon. It was as if Inu Yasha's soul had left his body with Kagome's death. Kouga had come to terms with the events, even if he didn't like them. Kaede grieved at the graveside as well, twice now she had watched this same spirit die. Jinenji and his mother were also there, so were Shiori and her mother, as well as many others. All of these lives she had touched, people she had helped, they came to pay their respects and share their grief, but Inu Yasha saw none of them.

After the ceremony was over, and the crowd dispersed, Inu Yasha disappeared into the forest. He searched out every youkai in the area, and picked a fight, killing them all, but no matter how many days passed, or youkai died, the dead look did not leave his eyes. Inu Yasha bumped into Sesshoumaru rage filling him. It was his fault Kagome was gone, and he would pay. But Sesshoumaru refused to take the bait. He could see that his younger brother had a death wish at this point, and was taking dangerous risks, for both parties involved in the fight.

About a month after Kagome's death, Inu Yasha left yet again, Miroku in tow. Inu Yasha being impatient rushed ahead. Miroku finally caught up to Inu Yasha, only to see that he had already picked another fight, which he seemed to have well in hand, so he kicked back on a rock to await the inevitable. Inu Yasha was unbeatable lately, not that he wasn't good before, but lately...he just went beyond, yes, he was taking more risks, but it also gained him the victory. When he heard a victorious gloat that was not Inu Yasha, he opened his eyes, just in time to see the demon pull his blade out of Inu Yasha's chest. Miroku jumped up in a fluid motion, and quickly slew the monster using Kazaana; he rushed to Inu Yasha's side.

There was a big hole in Inu Yasha's chest, through at least 3 vital organs. Miroku tried to hide his gasp of dismay, but Inu Yasha caught it. "Miroku, I am going to die." Miroku started to protest. "Don't. I know how bad this wound is, please honor my last wishes."

"Hai, Inu Yasha, what are they?" Miroku replied grimly.

"Bury me next to Kagome, care for Shippo," gasp "like a younger brother, and give Tetsaiga to Sesshoumaru."

"What?! You went through all of that effort to keep it away from him!"

"He is my brother, and rightfully should have it when I die. And also," gasp "tell him I am sorry for his arm." Inu Yasha began to cough and spit blood out, his breathing labored.

"I will do as you ask." Miroku stated formally.

"Thanks. If only...Kagome...I never...said...I lo..." and with that Inu Yasha breathed his last breath. Miroku bowed his head, and grieved the loss of his best friend. Kirara and Sango found them like this some time later. They gently put Inu Yasha on Kirara, and carried him back to Kagome, and they buried him next to her.

The next day, Miroku said his goodbyes and set out in search of Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru was not surprised to learn of his brothers death, he was however surprised that the human male he had been traveling with had sought him out to give him the news. When Miroku told him Inu Yasha's dying remark, Sesshoumaru's face took on a disdainful look. What kind of game was this fool human trying to play? When the human drew a sword from a sheath, Sesshoumaru instantly recognized it as the Tetsaiga. Miroku held it out to him, but Sesshoumaru stared at the sword, not stepping forward, lost in thought.

Finally he said, "Fool! I cannot hold that sword."

Miroku re-sheathed the blade, "what of your human girl? She can carry the blade."

Sesshoumaru would never admit that he had been so distracted by his dead brother's words and actions, he had not even thought of that. He called to Rin, and she came forward. He told her to take the sword, and she did. Miroku turned and walked away, his task completed.

Long after the human had gone, Sesshoumaru sat staring into a lake contemplating the events of the day. Finally he came to a decision, and rose. He told Jaken and Rin they were leaving.

Miroku arrived back to the village, and Shippo was very withdrawn. Sango's face was puffy from crying, and Kirara lay curled in a ball, not moving. A beautiful young woman walked past Miroku, but he didn't even take notice. Kaede forced all of them to come inside to eat the noon meal, and they went mechanically. While they were eating, Kirara suddenly tensed up, her hair standing on end. There standing in the doorway was Sesshoumaru. "Show me my brother's grave" he commanded.

Sango was the first to react, and walked outside, he followed her. She took him to the grave, and Sesshoumaru said, "Dig up his body, and the body of his woman." Sango was horrified, but before she could say anything, Jaken said, "Master, you cannot mean to try to bring them back? Never before has anyone been brought back that was dead this long." Sesshoumaru glared down at him, and Jaken quickly covered his head with his arms.

Miroku, hearing both Sesshoumaru and Jaken, set about the gory task, Sango helped, as well as a few of the village men. When both bodies were laid on cloths next to the grave site, Sesshoumaru pulled out Tensaiga. It began to glow and pulse. Sesshoumaru slashed his brother's body first, then the girls. A minute passed, two, then three, and still nothing. People began grumbling about desecrating the graves, when there was a flutter of motion in Inu Yasha, and an indrawn breath. His eyes fluttered open, and he sat up. He looked very confused. Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo surrounded him, but were looking to his side, there was Kagome's lifeless body, and the whole village had gathered at this point to watch.

Several more moments passed and nothing happened. "Maybe it was just too long of a time to revive her." Kaede stated in a heavy tone. Inu Yasha looked to her, and understanding dawned. He had been dead, and his brother had brought him back to life with Tensaiga. He had also tried with Kagome. Inu Yasha was about to begin berating him for bringing him back to a world that had no Kagome in it, when Kagome inhaled deeply, and sat up, her body completely renewed, as if she had not spent more than a month in the ground.

Jaken said in awe, "The power of my master is truly magnificent." The circle of friends gathered around each other laughing and crying, pulling an unwilling Sesshoumaru into their joyous celebrations, with several pats on the back, handshakes, and even hugs. After the rejoicing had died down a little, Sesshoumaru called to Rin, she ran forward, and Sesshoumaru gestured to Inu Yasha. She walked to him, handing him a bundle. Inu Yasha looked bemused, and Sesshoumaru said, "I believe this belongs to you," as Inu Yasha unwrapped Tetsaiga. A look of understanding passed between the two brothers. That night a feast was held in honor of Sesshoumaru, Inu Yasha, and Kagome. Shippo and Rin ran around together having great fun. Every one was very happy, and even the stoic Sesshoumaru was caught smiling once.

Kagome walked over by the lake, and silent as a shadow, Inu Yasha followed. She stopped on the overhang, and watched the moonlight play on the water. Inu Yasha walked up behind, and stopped a few paces behind her. She had been very quiet since being revived, and he was unsure how to approach her, he just wanted to take her into his arms, and hold her there forever. "May I join you?" he asked hesitantly. She turned slightly, and nodded. He walked up next to her, and they stared out at the moons reflection for awhile.


"Inu Yasha...sorry, go ahead"

"No, you go ahead."

"I was dead."

"Yes, we both were." He said not meeting her eyes.

Her eyes roved his face, and she saw a pained look on his face. "I meant what I said." He turned his eyes to her face, trying to read her expression. Inu Yasha, I love you. It hung between them almost tangibly. And yet, I have never told her how I feel. Inu Yasha took a step closer to Kagome, so he was mere inches from her. She turned her face up to him. "Kagome, I..." he trailed off; why in hell could he not just say it? She put her hand on his chest in a feather light touch, and slightly leaned into him. It was his undoing, he pulled her hard against him, and locked his lips onto hers, after a deep passionate kiss, he pulled back a little, her mouth still sought after his hungrily, but he pulled back a little saying, "Kagome, life is not worth living without you. It is an empty void. You make the sky blue, the birds sing, and the sunshine warm. I love you more than life itself, please be with me forever as my wife." Kagome gasped at his words, and tears began to stream down her face. Inu Yasha couldn't figure out what he had done or said wrong, and pulled farther away from her, stiffening at her impending rejection, but Kagome tightened her grip on him, and kissed him passionately again. Inu Yasha looked at her in bemusement, and listened as she said;" I love you more than life itself also, Inu Yasha, yes!!" Relief, then joy flooded his features, as he grabbed her under her arms and spun her around pulling her back into another steamy kiss.

The End

End Note ~ I hoped you enjoyed my short and sweet Inu and Kagome fic. I was sitting up late one night, and just couldn't sleep, I kept thinking about what Inu Yasha would do if Kagome died, and couldn't envision the end, so I had to write it. It took me about an hour to write.
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