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Preview: Mean Guyz

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Starring Mikey Way as Regina George. Based on the movie "Mean Girls". That's right, I went there.

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"Mr. Schecter, come quick. They've gone wild," Mrs. Christa Toro, the secretary, said breathlessly, rushing into the office. Her eyes darted about wildly. She clutched the wooden doorframe.

"The boys have gone wild."

Mr. Brian Schecter jumped up from behind his desk and grabbed a wooden baseball bat from a shelf. He turned to Billie Joe, Frank, and I.

"I'll deal with you three later," Mr. Schecter promised in a heavy voice, shooting us each a dark glare.

Billie Joe and Frank squirmed in their seats. I could hear Frank whimper in fear. I looked down, avoiding Mr. Schecter's dangerous eyes.

Mr. Schecter ran outside into the hallway, bat in hand. Ready.

Mrs. Toro was right.

The boys had gone wild.

There was simply no other way to put it.

Billie Joe, Frank, and I followed behind Mr. Schecter.

Mr. Schecter walked calmly and slowly through the mishegas, surrounded by screeching, supposedly-one-day-men, as though he were in a dream-like daze, as though he were walking through thick fog.

You could hear snippets of conversations.

"Did you write this?"

"I swear, it wasn't me!"

"Then you told somebody?!"

"He told!"

"You little bitch!"

"You're a bitch!"

Two boys dove down the stairs, each other locked in a death grip. Another boy with a bad bleach job shoved another dude with six lip rings against a locker, pinning his arms behind him. The guy being pushed into the locker began to squeal.

I backed away from them. Taking another half-step back, I bumped into someone. I turned to see who it was.

"Mom?" a guy was on his cell phone, one ear covered. "Can you come get me? I'm scared."

The boy was Mike Dirnt. I recognized his spiky blonde hair. He was in my first period class, Calculus.

Turning my head left, I saw Mika Penniman from my English III Advanced class. He bent down, picked up a paper, and read it. A look of pure disgust burned across his face.

"Made out with a hot dog?!" Mika spat. "Oh my God, that was one time!!!"

A little farther down the hall, Gerard and Amy were staring at a sheet of paper in uteer disbelief amongst the mosh pit.

"Amy Lee dyke?!" Amy cried. Gerard snatched the paper. "Too gay to function?!!!" Gerard cried in return. Amy snatched the paper back, reading the quote about Gerard. "Hey!" she cried once more. "That's only okay when I say it!!!"

There was a crash off to my right. Two boys had smashed into a collapsible table, bringing it--and themselves--to the floor.

"Yeah!" Lindsey Ballato cheered, standing with her friends Jamia Nestor and Alicia Simmons. They were all smiling. "Take your shirts off and make-out!!!"

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw a figure standing still. It looked so odd, so out of place with everyone moving around so spasmatically. I turned my head to see who this figure was.

It was Mikey.

He was standing on top of the stairs, arms folded, surveying the anarchy. Not a hair was out of place. His mouth was set in a straight line. His eyes. They were cold and unblinking.

His eyes.

Was he...was he...

Mikey's eyes.

Was he…

…was he…pleased?

I couldn't tell. I looked away.

Mr. Schecter could not believe his eyes. He turned his head slowly every which way, absorbing the scene. I knew he was in shock.

So was I.

I blinked. Once. Twice.

It wouldn't go away.

Boys were shoving each other, pulling hair. One boy jumped on another, screaming like... girls.

Coach Russell Brand appeared in front Mr. Schecter, holding one guy in each hand. It was Kevin and Joe Jonas. They were struggling, trying to break free from Coach Brand’s grip, still trying to get at each other.

“I pulled these two off each other,” Coach Brand explained.

“Coach Brand, step away from the underage boys,” Mr. Schecter commanded Coach Brand, pointing the butt of the bat at him.

Coach Brand slowly released Kevin and Joe, their eyes downcast and guilty. Coach Brand took a step back, raising his hands timidly as though he were innocent. An “oh-shit-I’ve-been-caught” looked etched across his face. This was quickly replaced by terror.

Coach Brand continued to back away slowly, staring at Mr. Schecter. Without warning, Coach Brand turned on his heel and fled down the hallway.

Mr. Schecter continued his hazed stroll down the hall through the masses of violence.

Me personally, I couldn't really call it violence. It was more like mass slap-fights. I almost started laughing.

Then I remembered this was all my fault.

One boy hung on the wall. "Here, let me help you down," Mr. Schecter offered.

The boy hissed--I swear--and kicked at Mr. Schecter.

"Aw, hell naw!" I heard Mr. Schecter shout over the racket. "I did not leave the south side for this!"

He rose the baseball bat and smashed the fire alarm system glass in, causing the sprinklers to go off.

Water blasted from the ceilings, saturating us in a matter of seconds. The water was cold. Ice cold.

Everyone began screaming like it was holy water. We sure were evil enough for it to burn. Billie Joe, Frank and I huddled together, the water soaking us. I could feel my hair plastering itself to my head. We screamed along with everyone else. My new outfit was getting totally soaked. I was so majorly P.O.'ed.

"Oh crap, my hair!" one guy shouted, raising his hands up to his now-wilting spikes.



I walked into the gym, my hair still damp from the sprinklers. Everyone was already seated. I heard everyone's heads shifting toward me. Cold, unreceiveing eyes greeted me.

Have you ever walked in a room and realized everyone was talking about you?

I have.

Has it ever happened to you sixty times in a row?

There was a seat left in the stands. I climbed up the three stairs.

When I sat, everyone moved away from me.

I glanced around, spotting Amy Lee and Gerard sitting next to each other. Amy had on a pair of sunglasses. She was the only girl in the gym. No one seemed to notice. If they did, they didn't care. Gerard and Amy were seated at the top of the stands.

My best friends.

I felt a little surge of confidence. They weren't mad at me.

I raised my hand, wiggling my fingers at Gerard.

Gerard smiled and waved back. Then his face suddenly dropped into a frown, as though he'd seen a rotted warthog carcass. He shoved his left arm into the air, hand balled up in a fist, pressing down his left arm with his right arm, basically flipping me off.

Amy turned her head to me and lifted her sunglasses, fixing me with a dirty scowl. Her green eyes were frosty.

I could feel the chill emitting from Amy's eyes. I quickly turned and faced forward, shuddering.

Okay, so they were mad at me.

That little surge of confidence I was feeling? Yeah. It burst into flame and shriveled up. I could feel the flame go out in my stomach.

Way to go, Ray, I silently fumed to myself.

Ms. Hayley Williams, my calculus teacher, stood on the gym floor. She held up the Burn Book.

My face grew hot.

I could feel rays of fury being darted at me, searing my back.

"Okay," Ms. Williams said, turning the Burn Book over in her hands. "So we're all here because of this book."

Sooooooo. Enjoyed the snippet? Do you want it? Do you want the whole thing? Hmmmmm? Let me know. I’ll only write it if you want me toooooo…;)
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*UPDATE 05.18.09 MONDAY 12:21AM CENTRAL TIME* I appreciate the reviews!!! At your demands, I've decided to do the story!!! I set a number as how many reviews I set to the do Mean Guyz, and the reviews surpassed the number I set. So stay tuned! But I REALLY need you guys to give me the ratings. I only need four more. Just four. Please give the four more ratings! PLEASE!!! I really need them. I love you all so very much, especially my bff Yaoi415 for giving me the title! And my other bff shehadtheworld12 for bringing me to FicWad in the first place! And MCR for existing, duh, that goes without saying. Rating please?
~mr gayestgoth.

P.S. I'm a queer/gay emo pastor. I'm 22 years old. I'm also black. (Why does that matter so much?) I was just putting it out there because one of my fans sent me an email asking. She couldn't believe it when I told her I'm a black guy. We had a webcam chat, and the look on her face was priceless. I hadn't seen someone's jaw drop like that since a 1990's Saturday morning cartoon. I swear I heard a 'clang'. A gay, emo, black pastor writing MCR fanfics. And my love for the word 'fuck'. I must be, like, rare or something. LOL. :P
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