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have a nice trip see you next fall

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The last thing I’m writing I’m giving up on the fan fiction stuff, its driving my boyfriend nuts, its so cute, but on a more serious note this is it the last one so I’m putting all my ideas into one so lets get to it.

I don’t own Hellsing; if I did there would be more DVDs of it.
Have a nice trip, see you next fall

Integra was sitting in a seat on a privet plane to South Africa, seated next to her was Walter, poor old dude was taking a nap, Integra began looking around in her memories, some how this trip gave her some kind of a de-ja-vu feeling, she shock it off

Flash back
The Hellsing house (11 years ago)
The room of Integra’s father, the poor man was on his death bed, surrounded by people who love and care about him, “Integra, the future of Hellsing is in your hands” he slightly coughed and held Integra’s hand in his own

“yes father” she said with a sob, there was also a girl that could pass for Integra’s double, just a bit older, standing behind her chair with her arms slung over Integra’s shoulders

“Walter, Illianna, I wish that you be a guide to my daughter” both Illianna ( the chick standing behind Integra) and Richard ( Integra’s uncle ) shot each other dirty looks, both Integra’s father and Walter noticed this

“Yes Sir Hellsing” Walter said as he took a step forward so that he was blocking their view from each other

She hesitated before answering “yes master”

“Illianna, can you refrain from eating my brother?” Illianna giggled

“Oh master, even on your death bed you’re still making jokes”

“On a more serious note, Rickard are you capable of looking after Integra, while Walter and Illianna are away to Africa for four days?”

“Any thing for you brother”

“good,” he turned to Integra “my darling Integra, remember, you are always loved, no matter where you are, you are surrounded by people that love you, in here” he points to her chest, holding her hand in his other, “never forget-” with that he died, holding her fathers now limp hand, Integra bust into tears, Illianna walked around the chair and kneeled in fount of Integra, she raped her arms around her and drew her close

“he’s right ya’no, now be strong Integra, your going to make me cry” Integra hiccupped but continued to cry, Walter walked over to the girls and put a hand on Integra’s shoulder

“There, there madam” End Flash Back
Integra was awaken by the overwhelming sadness, Alucard sensed he master’s sudden change of emotion, opened his eyes, a tear fell down Integra’s cheek, “Illianna” she mumbled Walter heard her

“Sir Integra, are you alright” Integra sniffed and wiped the tear away

“I’m fine” she looked at the worried man “thanks for asking though” she smiled, he was not amused, but some how he found himself smiling back, he new that she was hiding something, but what, he had no idea

“Sir you are upset, now, tell me the problem” she looked down at the floor

“There is no problem” she said in a cold and hollow voice

“ok, you feel threatened, I’m sorry, not my place to say” Integra looked at Walter, who was also looking forward, tears in her eyes, Walter looked at her “I’m sorry” he pasted her a tissue, she partly laughed partly hiccupped as she took the tissue from Walter and wiped her face, Walter was sure that he had done something wrong

“Its nothing you have done, its just…memories” Walter glanced forward then back to Integra for he new what was making her so upset now

“Sir, there is something I must tell you, it’s about Illianna” this caught Integra’s attention

“What about her?” Integra sat up right, giving Walter her full attention

“Where we are going, that is where she is”

“‘Is’, don’t you mean ‘was’ ”

“No is, she is still alive, sorry to have-”

“So you lied to me, you said that she had died protecting you and the rest of the team”

“that was for your own protection, Integra believe me, I didn’t want to lie to you, but it seemed to be the best thing, she would want to see you today because she is suppose to be released from the seal” Integra could not believe a thing he just said, for 11 years Illianna has been dead to her, knowing she’s alive and on a plane to see her made her gut turn.

“Sir Hellsing, we will land any moment now” said a hostess

“Walter, I…don’t under stand” Walter glared at her, she was looking forward “why tell me now, why not yesterday?, last week even”

“I couldn’t do it, I was not allowed to tell you now, I was suppose to tell you when we got to the seal itself”

“Why tell me now?”

“You have a right to be prepared”

“I had a right to now 11 years ago, Walter” she snapped back,

“I get that your angry, but-”

“There is no buts about it Walter, you lied and said that she was…and now you’re telling me that she is…and…and” Integra stood up “I need a drink”

“will you let me finish, Integra” Integra tuned slowly to see a not to happy Walter ‘no Sir, no nothing, dam his is pissed’ she sat down again “not the slightest thing could have stopped me from telling you but your father made me promise, so that you wouldn’t do something as stupid as going to south Africa to brake her out, but that didn’t stop you from going to Africa, did it?” Integra sat down, stunned, speechless and confused, not even able to look at the bloke, she just stared at the ground (she kind of looked like she was going to cry)

“No” she said with a weak smile

“Still you were as swift as her to get on the plane, and go there”

“I didn’t believe that someone like her die that way, not that she wouldn’t do it, it’s..”

“She was not and you were right, she didn’t die like that, but you did give me a big shock when you didn’t come to breakfast that morning”

“I know, but Alucard was with me”

“That is what scared me; you took him and not me”

“You needed your rest”

“um, not a wink of sleep madam, you see the not telling you the truth was kind of a hard thing to hide from you, and when I found that you had left, well lest just say scared for my life would be an under statement”

“Walter, not to be a bother, but where is she?”

“Down near, hag on why?”

“I ask the question” she looked out the window “it’s just I searched all over South Africa, not a sign of a battle or a struggle nothing”

“That’s because she did it on her own, not that she didn’t like this, but she was scared”

“Of what”

“She didn’t say, but she hated the dark dungeons, probably Alucard?”

“No, he was not around back then, was he?” as the conversation continued they discussed Alucard’s past, blank bits here and there, but a conversation all the same

Finally they touched down in South Africa

thats all for now.
thank god, I could not take much more of that! review if you want, i need 20 good reviews to continue
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