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End This Dream

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I find no need for a summary. Just read.

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why life is so confusing, why nothing ever goes your way, and why things that shouldn't happen, happen? I do, many times a day. My life was so fucked up, that i began to believe that i just wasn't meant to exist. I had my parents yelling that in my ears so many times a day that I began to think that it was the truth.

That leads me to why I’m here, sitting in my driveway, wishing for a miracle. Little did i know, though, that this miracle was coming sooner, rather than never. A few tears slipped from my eyes, as i listened to my iPod. I was listening to Green Day, one of my few favorite bands, and the song playing was Good Riddance.

I didn't realize my battery was flat, until the iPod shut off. It was only then that I could hear someone playing drums somewhere near. Looking across the road, to the house where people had moved into yesterday, it seemed that was where the drumming was coming from.

Curious, I decided to get up and wander over there. Earlier on today, my Mum had told me not to be rude and go say hello, because she didn’t want to do it. She was never the welcoming type, not to mention she was as lazy as anyone could possibly be.

Hesitantly I knocked on the front door. It swung open almost straight away, revealing a skinny, tall man clad in black clothing. I couldn't see his face, because it was too dark. He shut the door, and came out onto the porch.

"Can I help you?" He asked, softly. He had a strong American accent.

"Uh, I live across the street. I thought I’d come say hi, welcome you to the neighbor hood, because my mum told me to,” I told him, chuckling slightly. “Well, hello, welcome – all the rest of the mushy shit, minus the casserole dinner or chocolate brownies.”

“Hey,” I could hear the smile in his voice. “It’s nice to be welcomed. I like your shirt, by the way, they’re an amazing band.” He was referring to the My Chemical Romance t-shirt I was wearing.

"Thank you. They’re an amazing band, indeed. They’ve saved my life, numerous times. But everyone says that, so it’s becoming a little cliché.”

"They saved my life, too.” He told me, and I could almost sense the meaning behind it.

“I’ve never met anyone… older that likes them,” I laughed. “Well, I’m Hannah-Beth. Sorry for bothering you.

"It's nice to meet you, Hannah-Beth. I’m Michael." He smiled, but i still couldn't see his face clearly. "Why would you think that you're bothering me? Like I said, It's nice to feel welcomed. Hey, don't be a stranger, okay?"

"Okay, Michael." I smiled, walking away. As I was, I heard someone yell, 'Hurry up, Mikes. We've got songs to write.'

As soon as i got home, i went straight to bed, after brushing my teeth and putting my iPod on charge. My parents had friends over, and were drinking, and when my dad got drunk, he got violent, and I didn't want to be awake for that.

When i woke in the morning, the house was empty. There was a note on the fridge, and as i read it, i felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. It read: Hannah, your mother and I are going away for a week, with Aunt Millicent. There is money in your bank account. See you soon, Dad.

I jumped with joy, quite literally. A week with no parents, it was going to be amazing. As if on cue, my mobile started ringing. It was my best friend, Rose.

"Hello Love," I sang into the phone.
"Someone sounds happy. What's the special occasion, eh?" She asked.
"The parents have gone away for a week, with Aunt M."
"Seriously? That's brilliant. I’m coming over. I'll be there in a half hour." She said, hanging up.

Rose practically lived at my place. She was four years older than me, making her nineteen, but as she put it, she 'adored me, because i was one of a kind.' She was honestly one of the best friends i had ever had, if not the only one.

I opened the fridge, looking for something to eat, but nothing tickled my fancies. I grabbed a breakfast smoothie, and headed up to my room to get dressed. I decided on a black tank top, with a High Waisted Floral Print skirt, and black stockings. I straightened my hair, and applied eyeliner.

I never really cared how I looked, as long as my hair was done properly. Makeup wasn't very important, but i always wore eyeliner, and if I was going out anywhere special, I’d put on a bit of foundation and blush. As i finished off my smoothie, the doorbell rang. Rose never rang the doorbell, so i didn't know who it could be.

I ran downstairs to the door, swinging it open. There was a familiar looking man standing there. He was big, and had tattoos, and if it wasn't for his baby-ish sort of face I would have been scared of him.

"Hello. Can i help you, sir?" I ask politely.

"Uh, hello. Yeah, i was just wondering if you knew where the nearest Starbucks was." He asked. He had an American accent, too.

"Err, about 10 minutes away, near the Mall. I've actually got a map, i'll just get it for you." I told him, as i ran into the kitchen. It was in the 'Letter Draw' as my mum liked to call it. I ran back out, nearly falling over, and gave him the map. "It's pretty simple to find. By the way, have i met you before?"

"Not to my knowledge, no. I just moved in across the street with a few friends." He said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'll see you around." With that, he walked down the porch and over to his house.

Just as i was about to close the door, i caught a glimpse of someone looking out of the window, where Michael and that man lived. The person looking out of the window look extremely familiar, but i couldn't tell who it was from back here.

Sighing, i closed the door and went and sat on the couch. A few minutes later, the front door opened, and Rose waltzed in.

"Morning precious," She smiled, sitting down on the lounge next to me.

"Morning love," I smiled back, hugging her. "You look awfully happy today, too." I noted.

"Mm, do i? I wonder if it's because Dale asked me to be his girlfriend last night." She giggled, obviously thinking about it. "He's far too cute when he's nervous. You should of seen his face when he was asking me."

"I can only imagine." I chuckled. "Well, what are we going to get up to today?"

"Let's go shopping. I’m paying for whatever you want, petal. You know i've got enough money for the both of us. The pleasures of having a rich dad." She smiled. She always bought me things, even if i didn't want them. Her parent's adored me, too.

"Noooo, Rose. What have i told you? Use your money to buy things for yourself. Every girl loves to indulge." I told her.

"Exactly, so that's why I’m buying you whatever your heart desires. Hannah, you're the little sister fate never gave me, please just let me use my money to buy you things. It's the least i can do. You've inspired me to live, deary." She sighed, her eyes boring into me as i looked away.

"Fine, only because i love you, and don't want to hurt your feelings." I told her, getting up and putting on a pair of ballet flats. She walked out the door, and i followed straight after, locking the door, too.

We hopped into her car, and when she started it, the radio was blaring, startling me.

"Oops." She giggled.

AN: Well, there you go, the first chapter of an extremely shit story. I had a weird dream one night, where I met Mikey Way and he became my best friend, but that’s really all I remember from the dream. I don’t know which direction this story is going, but I will continue to write it if I do get enough reviews. I warn you,though, It may be a little cliché. Comments and criticism are very much appreciated. – Bee.
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