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Vodka shot's, Cigarette's and Confession's.

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Problem? too much to drink, too much fun, too much energy, too much substance, too late to care, too early to bother.

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My first story, I thought I'd give it a go. =) hope you enjoy.

I watched as the thin framed guitarist sat there starring blankly at the cigarette stained wall of our lounge room, unsure of why he wasn't moving and his intrest in it was behond me. I cautionsly made my way around the couch and stood about 6 feet away, still his posture didn't flinch. I stepped closer leaning down I franticly waved my hand infront of his motionless face, still nothing. Standing back up, I placed my beer down on the huge coffee table that nearly took up as much room as the couch, but Axl demanded it looked. Worried he may be dead, I wrapped my finger's around his tiny wrist, well that wasn't it he was still very much alive. Looking down he still hadn't moved, then it came to me.. Slash! picking up my beer, I was off to find the curly haired man.

'Slash!' I called, with no response I figured he'd be off somewhere with Axl.

I reached Axl's door in hope's he'd have an idea of were Slash would be. When I also got no response I decided It'll be no harm in second looking, a loud creak gave way as I slid the door open a little. Poking my head in, the room was quite dark the window's had been covered by sheet's and his wall's covered in band poster's, ashtray's laid everywhere and music dimly played in the background.

'Wanna come in? I could show you around, tho look's like you've taken that upon yourself.' I heard a stern voice ask.

Slowly turning around Axl stood there arm's crossed and a look between anger and confusion shapped his face.

'Um.. I was looking for Slash.' I smiled weakly, hoping he wouldn't make this situation more awkward than it was.

'Oh.' He simply said, I sighed with realif. 'And why would he be in my room?' He asked, tilting his head letting his red hair fall carelessly over his face that was held by his bandana.

'I just assumed..' I started.

'Ah, assumed.' He smirked, stepping closer. 'Assumed what?' He asked, stopping about 2 feet infront of me.

'That uh.. He was maybe drinking with you.' I replied a little nervous, Axl was alway's a unexpected person.

A smile shapped his lip's as he let out a quiet laugh.

'Drinking? nope.' He shook his head. 'Just having a little party.' He smirked.

Unsure of what he ment I just gave him a look of confussion.

'Your welcome to join.' He winked, reaching out his hand and placing it on the door handle. I wasn't sure weither he was referring to sexual intension's, which would cause alot of question's to be answered or drug's.

'Uh..' I stuttered, not really knowing what to say.

Axl just laughed to himself.

'He's down the hall, sweetheart.' Axl joked, laughing still. Not finding it as amussing as he was, I simply glared at the singer's remark.

'That wasn't funny!' I yelled as I walked down the hall, hearing the last's of Axl's laughter drain out.

Noticing a door slightly open with a light glow showing through the open space's, I pushed it open more and saw Slash stacking can's of alcohol into an esky.

'Hey.' I said walking in, glancing around the room.

I heard a mumble, I assumed it was some sort of greeting as he stacked the last of it away before turning and facing me, his hair flung over his face and his hat placed on top.

'Did you give Izzy anything?' I asked, Slash didn't reply for a mintue and then shook his head.

'He's starring into space on the couch, I tried everything.. He wont move.' I shrugged.

Under the mass of hair I only guessed was looking at me a smile appeared. I watched as his hand raised and was pointing to something behind me, turning around I saw a bong placed on a table.

'How could I have not guessed.' I sighed, hearing Slash laugh quietly.

'Hey sweetheart.' Axl repeated as he strolled into the room a huge grin across his face, I saw Slash's mop of hair bob up suddenly.

'God damn it.' I glared my eye's following Axl's move as he took a seat on the torn up couch.

'Wanna join?' He asked, patting his lap.

'You are evil Axl.. oh so very evil.' I replied only glaring at the red head's smirk plastered on his face.

I looked over to see Slash just standing there his head tilted to one side and a unusual expression showing.

'He's being a dick.' I explained shooting Axl another look.

Slash simply shrugged grapped a beer and took a seat next to Axl.

'What are you's doing in here anyway?' I asked confussed. 'It's 1:30.'

'Having a party!' Slash replied a grin showing as he held up his beer.

'At this time?' I asked shocked.

'Chill Duff.' A soft voice replied as a hand was placed on my shoulder. 'Relax.'

Slash laughed to himself as Izzy walked in the room. I only shook my head. Izzy grapped a beer and placed himself on the floor, I decided to give in as Axl threw me a can I rested agasint the wall next to Izzy. Axl cranked the music as vodka shot's, cigarette's and confession's were passed around.

'HEY!' Izzy yelled as we all turned to see what Izzy wanted. By now my vision was blurry and clearly I was drunk and since Slash hadn't moved and Axl was dancing I assumed they were too.

'Axl do you remember when I caught you and Sla-' Izzy was cut off by a can flying across the room and smacking him in the chest.

'Ow!' Izzy complained as I turned to see Axl and Slash glarring at Izzy.

'Nothing happened!' Axl replied.

'Your off your head.' Slash added.

I laughed as Izzy laid back and closed his eye's.

'Don't raise your eye, It's only teenage wasteland.' The lyric's sung through out the room.

'SALLY, TAKE MY HAND!' Axl sung, well rather loudly. Jumping to his feet and streaching his hand out to Slash.

Slash wasn't to amused by the proformance, myself on the other hand couldn't stop laughing.

'We'll travel south crossland, put out the fire and don't look past my shoulder.' Axl continued. Laughing harder then ever I glanced up too see Slash giving me the finger from behind Axl his mass of curl's lent to one said I guessed he was glarring at me too.

Once Axl finished and was quite happy with himself he sat back down next to Slash. I glanced over too Izzy who wasn't moving and his eye's wide as if he'd just walked in on Axl naked.

'Hey.' I laughed. 'Izzy's stoned again.'

I looked up at Slash and Axl who were just laughing.

'He's not?' I asked confused too drunk to understand. 'Did you give him something THIS time?' I asked, looking at Slash.

and behind all the hair I saw a smirk appear.
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