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Cedric's Return to Hogwarts

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Cedric's back... but where's Harry?

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Chapter 2: Cedric's Return to Hogwarts

In a howl of color and sound, Cedric felt his mind spinning for different reasons. He was worried about Harry; the Boy Who Lived just saved his life, and now he might be dead.

A moment later, he landed on solid ground again with a /thud/, which knocked some wind out of him. Opening his eyes, Cedric saw himself looking up at the night sky; the next moment, he could hear a torrent of sound as people rushed up to him from the stands surrounding the Quidditch pitch.

"Mister Diggory?" inquired an elderly voice from behind him. Lifting himself up off the ground, Cedric turned around to Professor Dumbledore with some concern on his face. Behind him, a blustering Minister Fudge came rushing up to them through the gathering crowd of people.

"Headmaster!" Cedric gasped. "Harry - he..."

"Take a deep breath, my boy," Dumbledore said, putting a hand on the prefect's shoulder. Cedric looked up at his mentor, and into those worried blue eyes, wondering what his Headmaster would think of Harry Potter's disappearance.

Dumbledore, in the meantime, used Legilimency on his prefect student, and could see the recent memories play through his mind... A short figure approaching in the darkness... Harry collapsing, clutching his forehead... an order to kill...

The recognition of that high, cold voice was the final nail on the coffin.


His grip unintentionally tightening on Cedric's shoulder, Dumbledore told him, "I think you ought to come with me, Mister Diggory."

As the old professor maneuvered his way through the crowd and lead his student back to his office, the crowd kept wondering about the same thing: Where was Harry Potter?

In the back of the crowd, Ron glimpsed Cedric being led away to the castle by Dumbledore while McGonagall inspected the Triwizard Cup, which someone had turned into a Portkey.

"Where's Harry?" Hermione exclaimed in a strangely muffled shriek (one of her hands was clamped over her mouth).

"I don't see him," Ron said, his voice strangely hollow. He turned to his mother and eldest brother, both of whom looked pale with worry. "Where could he have gone?"

"Snuffles was right," Hermione whispered. "They were waiting for the third and final task to spring whatever their plan was on him. The Triwizard Cup was what they needed to pull it off."

"Who's Snuffles?" Ginny asked.

Ron and Hermione exchanged glances, and Hermione assured her friend, "A friend of ours who doesn't like being referred to by his true name."

"I think we need to see Professor Dumbledore about this," Mrs. Weasley said calmly but with a strong tone she almost never used, which strangely unnerved the children present.

Sirius heard the commotion coming from the Quidditch pitch, and going against Dumbledore's advice, trudged up a hill to see whatever was happening better.

He saw in the center of the crowd was Dumbledore, the Diggory boy, Fudge...

But he couldn't see Harry anywhere.

'What the hell happened?' he thought as he growled.

He thought back to his last letter to Harry, warning him about the third task being the one where they - whoever "they" were - would finally try to get him. For a moment, Sirius thought that perhaps Harry didn't pay much heed to the warning... but deep down, he felt something beyond that, which implied that whatever this danger was, Harry didn't know or even expect it.

'Oh Harry,' he thought, 'Why can't things ever work out with you?'


A/N: This is more of a transitional chapter, so please bear with me; I promise it gets better... -Quillian
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