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It won't change a thing

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Archard makes a surprising move and Sara is left even more confused. R&R pleases!

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The Hotel, Saturday 3.30am 10.25.03

It was getting late but Archard wasn't tired any more and further confused by her not pushing him away or trying to offer him a ton of unwanted advice. His hand continued to idle over the bare flesh on her legs and Sara didn't move him to stop. When he kissed the soft flesh she found herself a little confused, he'd never even so much as looked at her that way before; she was sure he hadn't. Sara held her breath afraid that if she moved or reminded him she was at the end of it he might not carry on.

Archard looked up at her, the jade green eyes watching her for any sign he was making her feel uncomfortable. He also knew if he did go through with this it was going to open a floodgate of issues surrounding what she expected, namely a damned relationship. In the end he sat up and looked at her.

“It won't change anything.” He told her bluntly.

“I know.” Sara whispered softly watching his hand idle over her flesh.


He leant over and kissed her, a soft tongue rolling in her mouth and the gentle waft of his aftershave filled her nose. Sara knew it wouldn't to him, closed her chocolate brown eyes and made an internal sigh. Things had changed the first day she met him be it hate or love the damned arrogant son of a bitch knew he had magnetism and used it.

Archard's warm hands ran over her body and shifted the black dress up over her thigh, it ran over the silken skin and she couldn't help it, she moaned at the simple touch. This was all she had imagined from him and here it was. Her hands wrestled with the shirt, undoing his belt and wanting to free the growing bulge in his trousers. She needed to feel his naked flesh and it elicited a soft moan as she felt him for the first time.

Archard's fingers danced along her skin, brushing over the dress catching the hem as he bunched it up and pulled the lot over her head. Sara's body pressed against his, she pushed his pants down over the slender hips. Gods, how could she not want him?

His love making was tender, it was gentle and unlike the harsh person with so many walls surrounding him. His skin was flushed hot and his body slid against hers, every movement brought a fresh wave of pleasure and Sara realised it had changed even if he could ignore that she couldn't. When her release came it was so good she felt the tears ready to come. He'd never forgive it though and so she bit her lip, shuddering in the afterglow of their sex as he slid off the bed and headed into the en suite.

Sara lay back on the bed, what had prompted that? A desire to prove that even after the disclosure of his past a woman still wanted him? Or did he need to feel loved after all? Sara sighed, she was no closer to unlocking the way he thought. Archard didn't want her to know and then to tell her nothing would change? To her everything changed when he strolled into her life and then suddenly she ended up living with him. In fact when she analysed it he had done pretty much with Hisoka.

Maybe he was lying when he said they had never slept together, was this his MO? Pick what he saw as a hopeless cause and then make it something he wanted? She knew she was trying to shape herself into something he desired but unlike him she was not homeless and she was not going to get herself into... Sara groaned, she was already in the midst of trouble.

He was in there a long time and she had begun to doze off when Archard walked past her, he'd even showered and she opened her eyes to see him grabbing the room service menu for more wine. Her heart sank a little with the idea that maybe he was only touching her because of the alcohol. Sara took herself in the bathroom, turned on the shower and slid to the bottom of it deep in thought.

Sara watched the water crashing down over her toes and wondered if he had ever truly loved anyone or was he simply moving around lost? He didn't strike her as a person that got lost in anything he did. He was a man that knew what he wanted, took it and moved on. So why was she expecting anything more? She knew the answer. When he gave her that look, the off-guard one where he had a soft expression and when he wasn't fighting to keep things away from her, he was simply stunning.

Room service came and went and eventually she heard a rap on the bathroom door. Archard sighed, this was exactly the stupid thing he had to do to make it complicated and now he was angry with himself. Pissed off that he couldn't have kept his cock to himself or just... he wasn't someone to have a relationship with.

“I ordered some food and some wine. It's late and we're going to be too tired to make breakfast most likely.” He said quietly and sat down at the table.

“Okay.” Sara mustered her energy together, settled down at the table in the loose gown, she ate slowly finishing another glass off and then looked at him.

“Don't ask me why, don't analyse it.” Archard muttered and finished his glass. “Let's get some sleep.” And with that he slipped on to the bed and pulled the covers up without another word.

“You're still in your clothes.” She said sliding in next to him. “Is that a supposedly subtle fuck off?”

“No it's called I am tired.” He mumbled and on closing his eyes fell into a deep sleep.

Sara watched him sleeping for a while before she turned the light off and faced away from him, how could he have made something so damned enjoyable feel so empty already? He had made love to her, not had sex... with tears ready to spill freely she closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
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