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Calico Massacre

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A summer trip to Calico Ghost Town turns into a blood bath.

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It was a hot, dusty, dry day in Calico, California. Mickey, Brittany, Amanda, Wolfie, Brood, and Alexa got out of Amanda’s van and into the hot, dry climate of which was Yermo. “We are so going to the candy shop first!” smiled Wolfie.

“Uh, no,” said Brood crossing her arms. “I’m going to take pictures while the sun is just right.”

“Why don’t we all just go our separate ways?” said Brittany.

“Sounds good,” smiled Amanda.

Wolfie ran off to the candy shoppe, Amanda following close behind with a camera to record the sugar high. Brood bought Alexa and herself a train ticket around Calico while Mickey and Brittany snooped around the corset shoppe.

“After this, I would love to check out that candle shop,” said Brittany looking at a red bodice. Mickey just nodded as if she were in a trance. “And it’s nice and cold in there, so you won’t get sick.”

She turned and looked at Mickey who stared intensely at the bodice. “Tell me you’re imaging Ellen in this.”

Mickey’s blank smile turned into a giant smile. Brittany hung her head and sighed. Meanwhile, after Wolfie bought about two pounds of candy, she spotted the miner statue. “Let’s go make asses of ourselves by that miner statue then we can post the videos on youtube!”

“That could be so much fun,” smirked Amanda.

Brittany was in the dressing room trying on the bodice. “Now Hewitt, your camera isn’t aimed and ready is it?”

“No,” said Mickey. “You’re safe.”

Brittany looked shocked. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’m saving the memory space and battery for Amanda,” said Mickey. “With my luck, they opened up a hat shoppe here.”

“A real Amanda’s hell,” hummed Brittany. Mickey nodded in agreement. Brittany walked out of the dressing room and paid the lady. She handed her shirt to Mickey. “Mind carrying my shirt in your purse.”

“Not at all,” smirked Mickey. “Hey, you wanna go on that train ride that Brood and Alexa are going on?”

“Sure, but after that, we get to go into the candle shop, nothing else until after we do that,” said Brittany.

They got in line behind Brood and Alexa after buying their tickets. Amanda and Wolfie shrugged and went to buy their tickets too. The ride only lasted twenty minutes. They got off the train and saw that everyone in Calico had been slaughtered. Bodies laid up and down the main rode.

“Yermo just got a lot cooler,” smirked Amanda.

A sickle flew the air. The girls all ducked and the sickle hit the miner statue. “Who did that!?” cried Wolfie.

“He did!” cried Amanda. Amanda points to a mutant on the top of the hill. They take of running into the candle shop.

Wolfie and Mickey grabbed the two buck saws off the wall. Brittany went into the back and dragged out a drum filled with hot wax.

“We gotta figure a way out,” said Brittany.

“There’s no food or drink in here,” said Mickey.

Amanda leaned against the window as Wolfie and and Mickey began to block the door. The glass window shatters and Amanda is dragged out screaming like a bat from hell.

“Oh shit!” cried Wolfie.

The mutant held Amanda up by her black hair licking his lips. “This was only sexy when it was Lizard!”

“Let her go!” screamed Mickey as she began to wail on the mutant.

“Don’t make us saw you!” growled Wolfie holding up her buck saw.

“Why didn’t we just stop at Yellow!” cried Amanda.

“We have to get out here!” cried Brittany. “Do something horror girl!”

“Amanda is right!” cried Mickey. “Why didn’t we just stop at Yellow!”

Brittany sighed and grabbed a can of soda from Wolfie’s purse. She shook it up and sprayed it in the mutants face. Mickey took her buck saw and sliced part of his face off. He dropped Amanda and went back towards the mine.

“Yes!” giggled Brittany. “Mutant 0, Us 1!”

“Dude, the killer never dies,” said Mickey.

“We can escape him at least.”

“Where there’s one mutant, there’s 100,” said Mickey,

“Where should we hide!?” cried Wolfie.

“The corset shoppe!” said Mickey.

“No!” said Wolfie.

“There’s a tiny, tiny window, a bathroom and food!” said Mickey.

“And awesome clothes!” smiled Brittany.

They snuck out of the candle shop and into the corset shoppe across the way. They checked the shop first and then locked the door. They all sat around in the shop. “It must have been awesome to see those mutants go on a slaughtering rampage, livers and intestines flying through the air,” said Brood.

Mickey bit her lip and smiled.

“I wonder where they came from,” said Brittany. “Probably the mine that’s past the cafe.”

“The one off limits to tourists?” asked Amanda.

“Yeah,” said Brittany. “I hope we don’t get attacked again.”

“You can say that again,” sighed Wolfie.

The door crashed down and five mutants stalked into the shoppe. They all looked at the girls. “Out the back!” cried Mickey.

“I knew there had to be good reason for her Yermo obsession!” cried Amanda.

Mickey, Wolfie and Amanda escaped but Brood, Alexa and Brittany did not. Mickey, Amanda and Wolfie hid behind the gyspy wagon. They saw the mutants drag Brittany, Brood and Alexa into the saloon.

“Why are they taking them there?” asked Mickey.

Amanda, Wolfie and Mickey all snuck into the saloon. The three saw the mutants tying up the other three. “We have to save them!” said Amanda.

“But how?” asked Wolfie.

“I have an idea,” winked Mickey.
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