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Yukina. They shunned her, and it haunts her to this day.

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Author's Notes: Yet another Yukina drabble. Expect more of these, as I love her. This was created when I was toying with the idea of the Koorime not only seeing Hiei as an abomination, but also Yukina, to a lesser extent - hence the title.


Once, Yukina was a little girl. She used to be young, wide-eyed and innocent.

And they shunned her. It was long before she knew what words like discrimination and prejudice meant. Long before she knew that the dark cloud that weighed down her steps was called hatred.

They separated themselves from her, because she was the product of a Bad Thing. She was a daughter of the type of being they dreaded most. This was long before she knew she had a father.

Their whispered taunts and jeers. Their refusal to let their children play with her. Their "accidental" bump or kick. These things repeated themselves over and over, until the only thing she could do was sit in a corner and cry frozen tears that burned her eyes.

Her mother was dead in every place except her body. Her broken heart beat, but the jarred splinters would never come back together. Cold blood flowed through a being that had long since lost its will to live. There was no hate with her, but neither was there love. There was nothing.

The physical wounds healed. The emotional abuse stayed, imprinted in her mind like a horrid memory.

And Rui could hold her and love her, but light cannot always smother the dark. As long as she felt the sting of anger and neglect, it was never enough.

Now, she knows what hatred is - but she can't let anyone see. Others think her innocent. They find it adorable and endearing, this gentle maiden who knows not what anger and spite are. She has no objections.

But she /knows/, and it still traps her.

And this is why Yukina will never, ever hate.
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